Gustavo Watch, Part 15

You_are_jinxed_5Spring Training is just getting started, but the Hample Jinx is already in mid-season form.
Gustavo Chacin, the “man” who stole a ball from me on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium, arrived at Blue Jays camp yesterday and struggled right from the start. Basically, he’s still suffering from last year’s shoulder injury (which was also a result of the Jinx), and he’s way behind schedule–so far behind that he’s not just a long shot to earn a spot in the starting rotation, but there’s a chance he might not even earn a spot on the Opening Day roster.

This is what the news panel looked like on the Blue Jays web site…


…and here’s the article itself.

If Chacin ever gives me a replacement ball AND APOLOGIZES for the one he stole, I will rescind the Jinx. Until that happens, however, Misfortune will be his mistress.



    haha those cubs pitchers down in philly (yea thats right, i do remember it!) were smart when they stayed away from ******* you off

    in a way i feel bad for him…….yea right

    i hope to see in like 2 years gustavo watch part 48…Chacin still *****, Zack Hample still has not recieved ball or apology

    i hope he reads this at some point in time…maybe then **** realize why he is awful


    Would you count Spring Training Balls towards your streak and collection if you would end up going sometime? I also want to know from anyone who’s ever attended ST, is there BP that is open to the public?



    Spring training games usually have BP. In addition, many of the stadiums have grass berm seating areas allowing patrons much more room to move around.

    Many teams also allow access to their training camps, and some allow fans in for free, and take BP once or twice a day.

    However, because of the increased access they allow, and the decreased ticket prices, teams aren’t going to hand you any favors. The Rays for example, actually hire teenagers to catch balls and throw them back. Seeing as they let the public in for free everyday, it’s hard to knock them for trying to keep costs low.

    You’re also less likely to get baseballs by asking for them because: 1. Its a lot harder to familiarize oneself with Spring Rosters and faces, and 2. Most minor leaguers don’t feel comfortable enough about their spot in the organization to spend their time chatting it up with fans (completely understandable).


    for me spring training was always good…i never went to any games but i went to the training sessions in late august…usually the players were very nice and signed autos and i did alright ball wise (5,2,2)


    This video is hilarious!

    Last week, you asked how many people caught 2 HR in a game, when you reasd the article about TC. Last year, they showed a guy on SportsCenter who caught Matsui’s 100th HR, and a Melky HR in the same game. He was sitting in the first row, about 15 feet from where Jeffrey Mayer interfered.

    Also, with Pettite news conference today, I think it’s really upsetting that Bud Selig hired a man who owns part of the Red Sox. The report to me is biased, because there are probably many Bo Sox who took roids, but Mitchell didn’t want to investigate or name them (Big Papi?)

    Michael Kay also made a good point. He said that it’s unfair that 86 people were embarrassed and in Clemens case, their lives are dramtically changed, whenhundreds of players were doing steriods or amphedimenes, which weren’t even covered in the report.


    Hey Zack. It’s been a while since I’ve commented, but I am still alive, I promise.

    I’m getting really excited about the upcoming baseball season, and my father and I already have several trips planned. First off, we’ll be flying down to the west coast of Florida in the middle of March for four games at four different Spring Training ballparks (luckily/thankfully, we will be able to completely avoid the Yankees and Red Sox). Exactly 27 days until that happens! I’m really hoping I can snag 200 balls this season, and that includes Spring Training. So if I could find a way to get 30+ balls in the four games in March, I’d be well on my way.

    In addition, I’m going to SoCal for a three-game/three-ballpark swing in mid-May. This will entail a Friday night game at Angel Stadium (Dodgers vs. Angels), a Monday evening game down at PETCO (Cardinals vs. Padres), and a Tuesday nightcap at Dodger Stadium (Reds vs. Dodgers).

    And I look forward to getting out to Shea and crossing paths with you at some point in April or May. Remember, we have a streak of not letting the ball hit the ground during our catches outside Gate C. We’ll have to continue that…


    Zack, dropping by to see what’s up during the offseason. I’ve got a new Nats park to go this season, along with that I have a share of season tickets. Down the 3rd base side, just past the infield on the shallow outfield grass, about 14 rows back. Seems like good foul ball territory. I will let you know when I expect to have an extra available if you want to catch a game with me. I lost my connection who had the seats first row center dugout…*****…

    Anyhow, most likely we are talking commemorative ball season. And since 2005, I haven’t had a season without at least 6 gamers.

    I will be attending opening night on 3/30, hoping for an opening day gamer.


    My dad got 2 tix to the last regular season game in Yankee Stadium. I kinda hope they don’t make the playoffs now.


    Having been present to witness the birth of the Chacin Hample Jinx, I must say you are challenging my assumptions against sorcery.

    I’m looking forward to the season with road trips to see the Yanks in Baltimore and Houston, and a trip later this year to the Homer Dome. In Minneapolis. Btw, I was recently in Minnesota to see the Islanders and the folks I was with wanted to see the dome, so we went to the admin offices and they let us right in–while the U of Minnesota was practicing baseball. Incredibly any group can rent the Dome for an hour for just $400! Let’s get a pickup game together!

    As for Puck Collector, by rooting against the Yankees to make the playoffs, he should not make any assumptions that his father will give him one of the tickets. Don’t mess with the baseball gods!

  10. Zack

    I agree with everything you said. There very well might be a “Part 48” to this saga…






    I’ve caught Spring Training balls in the past, and I did NOT count them in my collection. The End.


    Wow, that’s a lot of great info. Thanks for sharing it.

    PUCK COLLECTOR-******, I don’t have the right browser, so I can’t view it. I remember that guy who got those two homers at Yankee Stadium. Don’t remind me. I sat out there for an entire season, back in 1992 when the place was empty and I only had TWO balls hit to me the entire time. And one of them ricocheted off an empty seat and bounced back on the field. I’m still angry about that. As for the whole Pettitte thing, he has nothing to apologize for. HGH was legal in baseball when he used it, just like andro was legal when McGwire used it. Pettitte should blame Bud Selig if anyone has a problem with it. As for your “last game” tickets, way to be a Yankee fan. :-)


    You’re alive! The Spring Training trip sounds like fun. If you find the time (whether during or after the fact), leave a few comments here and let us all know about it. California…also cool, and yes, we’ll definitely be playing catch some more in ’08 outside Gate C.


    I’ll have an update about that very soon.




    Thanks for checking in, and thanks so much for the ticket offer. I might just buy a ticket from StubHub sometime soon. Not really sure…so keep me posted. I’m excited about the commemorative balls. I’m hoping the Mets and Yankees will be using some as well.


    Nope. He’ll have to find out on his own or hear about it from someone else.


    That’s right! You WERE there for the unfortunate incident. Sounds like you got some great trips planned. Are you serious about the Metrodome? Only $400 for an hour? I mean, that’s a lot of money, but when you’re talking about fulling a lifelong dream—in this case taking batting practice on a major league field—it’s really not all that bad. Man oh man, I’m seriously considering getting a small group together. I’d really only need a handful of people: one person to pitch, one person to shag, one person to film it, another to take pics. WOW!!!


    The Jinx continues Zack!!! El Come Dulce strikes with an RBI double and an A Bomb from A Rod!!! Glorious!!!!

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