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Two months ago, I posted an entry about updating my book, Watching Baseball Smarter, for the 2008 season.


The update is now complete. All the changes and additions (including 22 new glossary terms, hoo-haaa!!) have been incorporated. Vintage (my publisher) re-catalogued the book for 2008, which is great news.

Basically, all publishers put out their own catalogs that list their new books. The catalogs then get sent to book stores, where sales managers flip through them and decide which titles are worthy of being ordered and kept in stock. Obviously, if a book doesn’t even make it into the catalog, it won’t get seen, but if it IS in the catalog, there’s a much better chance that it’ll end up on the shelves of major book stores.

Anyway, I’ve been told that very few books get re-catalogued–in other words, put into the catalog for a second time. Watching Baseball Smarter was catalogued when it first came out last year, and because it sold well (thanks to MANY of you who read this blog), Vintage is putting it back into the mix. Therefore, a whole new crop of sales managers will be seeing it.

This is how Vintage is presenting it in the catalog:




    I am most definitely buying it. I loved the old one and I have misplaced the old one (oops) so you’ll be getting 14 bucks from me. When can I expect to order it?
    There is also a very good chance my mom and I will be visiting Ft. Lauderdale for 3 days (two of those days are for her business) so I’ll be seeing the O’s and some other teams. If the Twins vs Yankees game wasn’t sold out I’d be flying over to Ft. Meyers to get my Twins jerseys signed and watch the Twins beat up on the yanks (there is a chance!!). Does anyone know how teams are about signing various items during Spring Training? I’d like to get some autos while I’m down there. If I do end up going.


    Zack you will also be getting 14 bucks from me because I never owned your second book I just kept checking it out from my library (man I hate librarys).


    hey dude, congrats on that i look foward to purchasing the new copy and meeting you again to have this one signed as well…

    anyway i found out im coming home for a bar mitzvah from april 3-6…i dont think ill get over to yankee stadium but the drays are in town which means not one but two extra hotels for me! Wooh!


    Hey congrats-

    I’ve been following your blog for the last couple months, and really like your writing style and ability to tell a story. I’ll definitely be picking this new edition up. Keep up the good writing.


    wow its been awhile since i posted here. but i just got great news.

    my moms business partner lives in florida. he wanted me to go there for spring training but i cant cause i have hockey. so instead im going for the opening series of the regular season, against the mets. johans first real mets start. good trade off huh? i have a feeling were gonna come out trying to erase last season. revenge.

    you dont have any posts on dolphin stadium, or w/e its called now, do you? any tips, zack or anyone?

  6. Nick

    I had the once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting Cal Ripken, Jr. last week. I’m a student manager for the baseball team here (Virginia Tech) and Cal came for a season kick-off fundraising event. He’s such a great guy that he requested a private meeting with the baseball team. He came in to the room and said, “Well I don’t have anything planned for you guys so just ask me some questions.” It was a great and incredibly personal experience with him. We asked him everything from who the toughest pitcher was he ever faced (Goose Gossage) to what it felt like to get his 3000th hit at the Metrodome (I asked him that). My respect for him as a person quadrupled and I now understand why he is your favorite ballplayer of all time.

  7. Zack

    While I totally thoroughly absolutely appreciate the support, I don’t want to mislead anyone. If you already own a copy of my book…I’m not telling you NOT to buy the new one, but just know that it’s not going to be THAT much different from last year’s version. Perhaps, the thing to do would be to buy the new one for yourself and give away the old one as a gift. Just a thought. Anyway…


    If you’ve misplaced your old copy, that’s an excellent reason to buy a new one. I’m not sure when exactly Amazon will start selling the updated version, so to be safe, you might want to buy it in person. Know what I mean? I’d feel bad if you waited until Opening Day and then ordered a copy but ended up receiving an old edition that was still sitting around in the warehouse. I haven’t seen the new cover yet, but I think it’s just going to have a little banner that says, “Updated for 2008,” or something like that. If the cover looks the same, an easy way to tell if you’re holding a new one would be to turn to Appendix A toward the back of the book and check out the stats. If it’s been updated through the 2007 season, you’ll see that…oh, just a random example…Barry Bonds has 762 career home runs. If you’re holding an older edition, it’ll still say “755—Hank Aaron.” As for teams signing at Spring Training, I haven’t been there in such a long time that it’s hard to say, but from what I’ve heard, it’s still really easy to get autographs.


    Another excellent reason to buy the book. Thanks for supporting the cause. I really appreciate it.


    Thank YOU as well for planning to pick up a copy. Unfortunately, I might be going to Yankee Stadium that week (and beyond), all in the name of A-Rod.


    Thank you, not just for buying the book…and not just for reading the blog, but for the kind words. Don’t be a stranger.


    Wow, that would be amazing. At this point, I’m just hoping the book stays in print for many many years. If it doesn’t stay on the bestseller lists, I can live with that.


    As I mentioned on your new blog, it’s good to see you back here.


    That is an excellent trade-off. Take some pics. Get some autographs. Snag some balls. Wow, cool. That stadium is actually pretty tough, even when the crowds are small because it was built for football and the distances/angles/sections are all screwy for baseball. It’s tough (but not impossible) to catch home runs during BP because you’re either really high up over that ridiculous wall in left field or trapped in the right field bleachers where a huge tunnel splits the seating area and limits your range. Therefore, your best bet is to focus on getting balls thrown to you by the players and coaches while still, if possible, staying in a place where balls can be hit.


    That is AWESOME, and you have no idea how jealous I am. I’ve never gotten to talk to him for more than like two seconds…just a quick hello and a handshake after waiting in line for three hours at a NYC book signing. Great story, though. I’m really happy for you and glad to hear that Cal was Cool.

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