LA Times follow-up

I mentioned in a comment late last night that I hadn’t heard from the LA Times writer for a while. Well, that just changed. He called. We talked for a bit. He said he’s working on a how-to piece about snagging baseballs, with a focus on Dodger & Angel Stadiums. He asked me a whole lot of stuff about general ball-snagging strategies and etiquette, and then, based on what I’d told him, he wanted to know a couple specific things. I wasn’t sure what to say because I haven’t been to those ballparks for a number of years, so I’m hoping YOU guys in California can help.

Basically, what I need to know is:

1) Does security let people stand on the staircases between the outfield wall and the bleachers? You know when you see home runs barely clear the wall and then people race down the steps and disappear from sight? Those are the steps I’m talking about. Can you stand there during batting practice? How about during the game itself?

2) What’s the best place(s) to go during games at Angel Stadium? Is security very strict there? Or can you get away with standing up and sneaking around?

In my last entry, I mentioned that this piece is going to run in the LA Times. Let me be more specific: it’s going to be in the LA Times Magazine. March 2nd. Look for it…

The writer got back in touch and told me that the piece is getting pushed back to April.



    i have the first comment!!!!! i think people would be allowed to stand on those steps during batting practice if they can race there during the game. i dnt know, but i would guess so


    No, you can’t stand on the staircases. There is an usher that literally walks back and forth the whole time telling people to get off.

    A good tip is to buy a ticket to the all you can eat right field pavilion. On a weeknight, the RFP is not so crowded. unlike the Left Field Pavillion,during batting practice and the game, ONLY the people with those seats can be in the RFP. It’s usually very empty.

    I don’t know 100% about Angel stadium. I’ve heard from many that you can be anywhere in the stadium except in the lower field boxes (the 100’s)

    A place to NOT be is in left field, behind two bullpens.



    Oh you asked for DURING GAMES?

    from my experiences:

    Security is REALLY strict on the lower levels. Your best bet would be to sneak down during BP and hope to find a seat that stays empty.


    Zack, I can probably hook you up with a pair of Nationals tickets when the Mets come down and play. I don’t think my brother (Nick) and I will be interested in going to all six of our Nats/Mets games. I’ll see what happens. Does anyone know when season tickets usually come in the mail? Or do they vary from team to team?


    Usually season tix come about a month before the season. I want to see the Yanks tix. They are supposed to be special for the final year. I’m goin to see the Reds and Nats this summer. One game is on Sunday, so if there is no Bp, I’ll just wander around the stadium and take 500 pictures that my dad will delete later.

    DEFINETLY go to Pittsburgh.


    Wow! Pettite backed Macnamee!

    I was leaning towards Clemens lying from the beginning, and to me, this proves that Clemens was on steriods.

    One Word Roger: PERJURY

    Have fun with Barry.

    So much for Roger Clemens day at the new Yankee Stadium.

    Oh, and I had a dream last night that a plane hit the New Yankee Stadium in it’s first game, but the players acted like nothing happened! The game just kept going on.

    All I can say is that I’ve got to stop playing Call Of Duty before bed.


    I went to like 20 games in Angel Stadium last year. I am the one to ask.

    Here is a quick runthrough on the snagging scene in Angel stadium:


    The home team take BP first before the gate opens. There would be some easterneggs among seats and some balls near side wall which can easily be glove-tricked.

    During visitor BP, a huge section in the field level is restricted. (Sec 105~131) Security is pretty tight upthere. I’d say it is pretty hard to sneak into. Ushers will YELL at fans who try to sneak there. The best place for foul ball I would say between section 131 and 132.Overall, Sec 131 to 135 are great place for BP foul ball. (Make sure to bring sunglasses, during BP, it is almost direct sunlight) A lot of ball got sliced there. Also, On the the railing near field foul pole. It is VERY easy to set up glove trick. I have asked the security ppl. He said I can use it as long as the ball is near the side wall but I can’t sling my glove to the ball and drag it back. The competativeness level is low. Many ppl don’t have glove. I rarely see ballhawk. I am the ONLY person use glove trick in the field level in Angel Stadium. I have seen only seen ONE ppl use glove trick other than me ONCE on right fieldin a yankees game last yr. But during weekend games. The place is got lots of kids, and there is no way visiting team players gonna throw ball to adult.

    The 3rd base (section 101~104, home team side) side is less conmpetative than 1st base side. Easy to set up glove trick, but less balls would get there.

    For the second deck behind homeplate, it is luxury box area. I belive it is restricted for the ENTIRE GAME. It is not really. possible to sneak down there.

    Right field: I say it is a good place. There is good number of BP HR Balls.

    Left field: it is dead. (it got 2 BULLPENS)

    DURING GAME: It is very easy to sneak around in the field level (except sec 114 to 122). The 2nd deck is still restricted.

    Seem like I am really screwing up my ball snagging chance. Oh, well.

    If you have any more specific questions. Feel free,email me or post questions on your blog, ask as many as you like. I will do my best to answer them at quickest time possible.

    *EXCEPTION: For noon games, there is no restricted area in the field level during BP.(except sec 114 to 122).


    LESS THAN A DAY PEOPLE, LESS THAN ONE DAY. FINALLY BASEBALL TAKES THE MAIN STAGE. I’m so excited, for now America’s past time is the future time!!!! I know that’s corny, but I cannot express my love for baseball in words.


    Sammy- I used the glove trick over the right field wall in Angel Stadium last year vs. the Boston Red Sox. I had the glove over the ball, and Dice-K came over and put the ball in my glove.

    It was a great moment.


    OK, last night, I was very bored at one in the morning, so I decided to make a website with the iWeb feature on the Mac. The theme is baseball and I just want some ideas from people on what I should do. I already made the homepage and post it up. I think it’s kind of cheesy, and yes, there are spelling mistakes in there. Just give me your input please. Oh, SPRING TRAINING HAS STARTED. I’m ready for the 2008 season.


    Good news Zack……

    You probably won’t have to bend down that much to snag at Citi Field…..

    From the NY Post:

    Like Shea, Citi will be a pitchers’ park and will also have the home-run apple. Citi’s closest seats to the field will be 45 feet behind home. Shea matches that distance, but Shea’s closest seats are 4 feet above the field, Citi’s are 6 inches below.

    Hopefully this will be a thing of the past……haha

  12. Zack

    Well, thanks, but I need facts, I tell you, not just theories. :-)


    Thanks! That’s really helpful.


    Thanks so much for the ticket hookup offer. Just keep me posted when you have a better idea of specific dates. Not sure when the tickets themselves will arrive. I’ve never had season tickets. I like your site. It’s pretty snazzy, actually. Maybe add a link or two? Some photos? Some info about yourself?


    Barry and Clemens as cell mates…I can picture that. I’m more curious about the balls that the Yankees will be using. I wonder if there’ll be a “farewell to Yankee Stadium” logo on them.


    Wow, this is fan-TAS-tic info. Thanks you, thank you, thank you. I don’t think you’ll be screwing up your chances too much. I doubt the writer is going to include specific section numbers. I think he just wants general areas and strategies.


    Below-the-field seating? Whoa. Cool. Thanks for letting me know.


    I just learned that the LA Times Magazine piece is getting pushed back to April.


    security keeps you (dodger)moving .you can walk slow up and down ,linger,you just end up retreiving beachballs ,in bp stand in row 1 aisle..go up or down ,see my stair catch vs ny mets in la//go to,07/james loney im in brown jacket// in anaheim-look for open seat on aisle usually 1 open ,ushers let you go to any outfield section anytime ,just walk fast like you belong ,say im back to usher,security is no where in outfield…


    Nah, I’m turning the website into a picture page for my grandparents who live in Georgia. My dad wants to share photos with his parents via that site. I also made that site because it was one in the morning, a school night, couldn’t get to sleep, and wanted to test out the iWeb feature on my new macbook pro. They are the best! Are there any Spring training games in Fort Lauderdale in Florida the week of the 4th of March? My mom is going down there for business on March 11th (a Monday) and is willing to fly me down there to see some games the weekend prior to the 11th. I’ve never been to Spring Training games, so it would be fun.



    Tickets to Tampa Bay Rays vs. Toronto Blue Jays at Disney World go on sale to the general public at 9am EST tomorrow, Feb. 15th. I already bought my tickets to all three games. Got to buy a day early as a Rays Insider subscriber. Cheapest ticket is a lawn ticket for $18.00. That’s what I got. I’m sure I’ll see you there. Tickets can be purchased at Have a good one.




    You are welcome. Glad I can help.

    Another thing, recently I have been exploring the world of TTM (Through the Mail). Basically I sent out cards or balls to players to get signed. It is actually lots of fun. I got 4 HOFer’s autographs through the mail within the first week. I had some serious beginner’s luck. Now I have been writing letters like crazy to send out stuff in ST.

    I got: Wade Boggs HOF 05, Phil Niekro HOF97, Bobby Doerr HOF 86 and Stan Musial HOF 69.

    Here is the pic:


    That’s SOME skill to use glove trick in right field. I was speechless when I first see someone use GT on right field. That’s quite some distant. Was that you in the Yankees game last year(Game 3 I believe, or game 1)? Also, just wondering, avg how many game you go to Angel game a season?

  17. Zack

    Thanks, dude. Very helpful. I like the “I’m back” idea. I can’t use that line at Shea, however, because everyone knows me.




    I hear ya about the family photos. Not sure about the Spring Training schedule, but I’m sure you can get all that info online.


    Are you serious?! It’s happening?! Ohmygod, so cool. I’m going on the site right now…


    Wow, nice pic…and congrats.

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