My first book

I got LOTS of emails in 2007 from people who were trying to find a copy of my first book, How to Snag Major League Baseballs. If you’re one of these people, I have two pieces of good news:

1) As of this second (3:43pm ET on Saturday, January 26), there are 10 copies available on Amazon.

2) I have officially begun working on a new version of the book.



    A new version as in just putting and taking stuff out of the old one? Or a new version as in starting from scratch?


    on the topic of books…i have an interesting idea for you to do maybe when you retire or even during the winter…i dont know whether youd be interested but its certainly an idea

    i think a book that highlights each stadium in words and graphics, but not just from an overall perspective, but from you…a baseball enthusist. especially with all the new stadiums that have been built in the past decade and all the new ones coming out, it would be like a guide book for people who want to check out the ballparks all over the country. in addition you can talk about toher stadiums, no longer in use and share your memories and pictures with those who dont know too much about these stadiums of the past.

    you can talk about accessablity, and how the food is, and what there is to do besides just watching the game and going to the bathroom and concession stands. you can use some sort of rating scale on all aspects of the park too, and if i know you correctly you have a very keene sense for picking small different things out that make each stadium unique

    but what i think would make this book better is your great sense of photography. you have a unique style that i think captures things that a normal panoramic view of a stadium wouldnt come close to grabbing. the concorses, the way the ballpark is set up, what the stadium looks like from a distance and the entrances and whatnot

    also, with your writing style and the humor you put in, i really could see you doing an excellent job with this, and while there are books that basically go from stadium to stadium, they never really go in depth about the ballpark itself and all its unique features

    it would be a challange but i certainly think you can do it, and i think you would do an incredible job doing it too

    just an idea…


    Hiya Zack…cool news on your first book. I was able to find a copy for $2 on this past summer. I am glad everyone will now have a chance to get a copy with the new version. Maybe since mine is a first edition, I can sell it, retire and spend life at the ballparks, lol. Spring Training is coming….Jim


    I don’t know if I’ve already said this but I don’t care. I read on this forum that the new Nationals’ ballpark is going to be like Camden. Season tix holders get into other parts of the stadium for the home team’s batting practice (Nationals). While everyone else I guess has to wait in some concourse over left field. I’m not exactly sure, but all I know is that I’ll be able to get in before a lot of other people. 45 minutes of snagging with only a couple hundred of people to compete with.


    What ***** would pay 43 dollars for a 5 dollar paperback?(no offense to zack, or anyone who did spend 40 bucks)


    I just looked at the Stat Counter and viewed your stats. You’ve already had 2000 returning visitors this year to your website. That’s 1/3 of all of 2006. I guess your growing in popularity. Keep it up!!!

  7. Zack

    New, as in starting from scratch…but also using/rewriting lots of stuff from the old one. I wonder if that’s true about RFK letting in season ticket holders earlier. Wouldn’t surprise me. Lots of stadiums are moving in that direction. Thanks for checking out my blog stats and pointing that out. I was not aware…and I’m glad to hear it. I think (and hope) 2008 will be huge.


    That’s really an incredible idea, and you may or may not believe this, but I’ve actually been talking to my publisher about something quite similar. They want(ed) a book from me that focuses more on stadiums and watching baseball in person, but I’m really interested in redoing my original snagging book (and making it MUCH bigger and better), so I’m working on ways to combine the two. The book you’ve suggested would take a LOT of work, and I’m not quite ready at this point in my life to jump into a project of that magnitude. But it’s a really good idea. If you (or anyone else) have ideas for a new snag book, feel free to let me know.


    Good luck with that retirement fund, but I’m afraid you might have to look elsewhere. :-)

    But wow, I can’t believe you found it that cheap. Good for you. Bad for everyone else.


    Yeah, for some reason, my name got entered into the system as “Zachary.” That IS my real name, but I only use it on official legal documents. Weird.


    Some people really really REALLY want the book, but there are VERY few copies around. Thus and henceforth, some people do pay a lot of money for it. I know someone (from this blog) who paid over $100 for it recently, if you can believe it, but it made him happy and that’s all there is to it.


    Hey Zack this is my very first post here but I have been reading this for a while and I have also read your second book.

    I am looking very much forward to your new version of your first book because I hope to own it. Anyway, I think you are a great writer so keep it up.


    Hey Zack,
    sorry I have commented in a long time… I became kind of disenchanted with the whole collecting thing, most likely because I became so caught up with the high School mentality that nothing is cool except getting wasted and acting like an idiot… anyway I recently got a few autographs TTM, most notably a signed ball from the commissioner, and I remembered all the great afternoons I spent during last summer with my dad, running around Shea and Yankee stadium after balls and autographs and all the cool people I met, including yourself. Anyway I can’t wait for the season to begin and I look forward to seeing you and everyone else around NY and Shea and Yankee and hopefully it’ll be a great season for everyone


    new york going down sunday,boston will throw down any giants fan in the parking lot ,manning a girlyman


    I’m will guess that the person who paid a Franklin for the book erns his own money, cuz there’s no way I could come up with 100 dollars and not spend it on video games.


    Puck Collector-

    Your bad spelling habits and oversuse of text-slang have resurfaced. Clean up your act!


    I am surprised. The Twins gave up Santana for prospects?! I would want someone already ready to play in the big show than some prospects. Well, if the whole thing turns out the way the Mets are expecting, then you’re welcome for having Santana for no loss….


    if anyone wants the copy of zacks first book i would be to sell it for a reasonable price. i read it so much i basically have the thing memorized. its a great book as is his second book. i highly recommend zacks books in general. you know you will get your money’s worth. also sorry i havent gotten on much, been pretty busy but i hope everyone is well. if anyone wants the first book let me know at alright thanks guys


    Off topic.

    I’ve got two extra seats for the NY Islanders versus the Kings tomorrow night at the Nassau Coliseum. The seats are $60 each, but you can have the pair for $40 total.

    Zack, if you’re interested they are a freebie for you as a “Snag with Puck Collector” night, but I need to hear from you. Thanks.



    my goal is to get a ball from him. hes got nasty stuff. im so pumped to see him pitch.

    puckcollector-id be all over those tix if i didnt have to go to work and practice. and for the fact i have no way or getting there. sorry. good luck.

  17. Zack

    Thanks so much, and welcome to the comments section! I hope this isn’t the last time that we’ll all hear from you.


    I know what you mean about the pressure of trying to fit in. Let me tell you: fitting in is overrated, and as you get older and transition into college, that pressure will steadily decrease. The more people you know, the more people you’ll find who share your interests and mentality, so you won’t need to put on a show for anyone. Anyway, enough of that. I’m looking forward to seeing you and everyone in ’08 as well.


    Guess we’ll see…


    Video games? I truly believe that that is money well spent.


    You tell him! Way to lay down the law! Meanwhile (and as I mentioned in an email to you yesterday), I won’t be able to make it to the Coliseum because I have other plans, but thanks VERY much for the offer. Hopefully I can take you up on it another time.


    Finally, baseball gets some attention again.


    Carlos Gomez, while certainly not at his peak, is ready for the major leagues right now.


    I might need to hire you as my official spokesman. Really…thanks. I appreciate that.


    Don’t get me started.


    I have no idea if Johan is good about throwing balls into the crowd, but I’m with you…I’d really like to get one from him, not to mention an autograph.

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