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Big thanks to Charlie (a longtime reader of this blog) for giving me a heads-up about ESPN the Magazine. The current year-end issue has a 49-page feature called “ESPN 100: The Biggest Sports Stories of 2007.” Way at the back of this feature, on the third-to-last page, there’s a teeny list called “TOP-SELLING SPORTS BOOKS OF 2007.” If you look really closely at that teeny list, you’ll see a familiar name.

First, here’s the cover of the magazine…


And now, a look at the page that contains the list (with my own red arrow drawn in)…


Finally, here’s the list itself (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in some pretty good company)…


In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the full list of media for my book–or at least the full list of things that I’ve seen. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so if you know about any others, please let me know.



    Hi Zack….

    Merry Christmas. I asked for your book as a Christmas present, but didn’t get it. Bah humbug. I guess I’ll have to buy it myself. I’ll be #19,730. So, is that number of books sold a good number for you? What amount of copies were you expecting to sell total?


  2. Scott

    I was definitely one of those people who purchased the book!

    I don’t know how it works in book publishing, but I spent ten years in a band touring the country and self releasing my own music. 20,000 CDs would be a great number for an independent release. I would venture to say 20,000 books is also great.

    Although I sold plenty of cds over the years, it was always pleasing to see people who cared enough to purchase something I created, even if the number was lower or higher than the expectation. Congrats Zach!



    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone in your family!

    Please keep us posted about your New Years eve plans for 2008 and don’t forget to take those exclusive photos from Times Square, riding the subway, and the celebration of people on the streets of New York…

    The National Enquirer will pay “big-time”, for those hard to get celebrity photos! Extra cash will come in handy for the 2008 snagging season — bring it on!


    For body building, just ask Victor Conte. He and Barry could help you out.

    I have some sports related pictures that i think you might like. Hopefully I’ll get them to you tommorow.


    i got a mets 5-pack…50 bucks a seat for 5 games..only one is weekend..then i bought the 2 $5 games and some of the $10 that are available on for the holidays.

    seeing as mets tickets are going up this yr,i grabbed the cheap ones while i could. i get my license may 20, so i can go lots more.


    I was looking around on padre website and found out about the friar fanfest. Have u ever been to one? If you have, what is it like? I know that angel have fanfest, too, but not the dodgers. Events like these seem like an awesome oppo. to get autos.


    I got so more in non-baseball season I think I gonna collect autos ttm. I definitely gonna get your book and have you autographed it when I visit NY next yr. When is the newest edition coming out?

    Another thing, in every first day of year, there is a Rose Parade thing going on in Pasadena CA. I live like 15 min away from it. The dodgers is having a float and some dodgers and former dodgers will be on there. I gonna try to get their autos after the event.

    Last thing, I think I just discovered the secrets to fan pack. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to receive them and how some teams send out pretty cool stuffs-ALL FOR FREE.

    Here is the link:



    Yes, I have been to Friarfest. They do autographs in a limited way. You have to pick up a card for certain players in certain time slots. You can only get one card at a time for any one time slot. Each card is usually good for four players sitting at one table. You have to check the sign at the entrance to see who is signing at what time. Then, you get your card. There are usually only 300 cards for each group/time. That sounds too complicated huh? I’m going to try to get Scott Hairston to sign his walk off HR I got in September. He isn’t the most popular player so I think I should be able to get a card for him. Most of the people will be going for Maddux, Adrian Gonzalez, Jake Peavy, Khalil Greene, etc. It’s worth the 5 bucks to get in. You’ll get some autos for sure.



    Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for the info. It did throw me off a bit at first. I am sure that I will go for Maddux first. Is it possible to get the whole team in one day and are the star players going to be there for both days? And how do I pick the time slots? I think I gonna drop some $ on jersey. I will be at the event both days. I don’t mind getting more autos. I will see you there hopefully.

    Thanks again!


    Hey Zack,
    Congrats on the book listing. In March I am planning a spring training trip that includes going to training facilities, games, and a possible tour of Chase feild.

    Any other suggestions for my trip?



    sammywu-thats pretty funny, i posted that link a month or 2 ago on here. it really does work. i spent a couple weeknights sending to all the pro sports teams.
    TIP-on that site he left our a lot of teams. if you only want baseball, i can email u links for all the baseball teams that i was sucessful for. i have most minor league teams also. its very cool, you get lots of awesome stuff. dodgers sent alot, redsox sent fenway dirt, and the indians, orioles, and astros were good also.

    in total, i think im up to about 125 fan packs since i started sending requests (early november)

    its really fantastic.



    That’s awesome. 125, that is crazy! I would love to have links for all the baseball teams that you were successful for. I guess now is too late to do it. I think I will wait up till next April.

    Thanks a lot

  12. Zack

    Sorry all your Christmas wishes didn’t come true. I’m actually confused by the number of sold copies listed in the magazine because I was given a different number by my publisher that was much higher. And at one point, I was also told by my publisher to keep that number a secret. So I have no idea what to think. But either way, yeah, I’m really happy with how the book has sold so far.




    Well then, thanks for supporting the cause. Although I write freelance, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that my book is “independent” because there IS a good publisher pushing it. Regardless, I like your attitude of just being happy that people paid for something that you created. I feel that way too.


    Happy holidays to you too. I’m still not sure what I’m doing for New Year’s, but it’s looking like I might go upstate with my girlfriend. No way I’m doing the Times Square thing. I’ve never done it, and I don’t think any real New Yorker ever has.


    Ha, that’d be funny if Victor Conte put out a bodybuilding book, or maybe just wrote the foreword to someone else’s. Looking forward to the pics, whenever you get around to sending them.


    Cool. I think Tejada might struggle with the transition to the NL, but he’ll more than make up for it by playing half his games in that joke of a ballpark.


    Vacation? What’s THAT? :-)


    Good thinking…getting a bunch of tickets in advance. May 20…a national holiday (as far as you’re concerned).


    The updated version should be out in time for Opening Day…BUT…when it arrives in stores, it might get mixed in with the older versions, so you’ll have to be careful to pick up the right one. Anyway, it’s not THAT big of a deal. The updated version is still essentially the same book.


    What do you mean by “other” suggestions? You mean stuff I didn’t mention in my entries about Chase Field in September? I hate to say it, but I don’t have any additional info for you. I haven’t been to Spring Training since 1995, so I don’t remember much.


    Sorry for neglectging your emails in the last week. I’m swamped with emails, and I’ll get to them eventually, but I’m just taking a little break right now.


    What’s up Zack, long time no comment. I got seven new hats for the holidays, so I now have 20 of 30 teams covered. Hooray! And I’ve basically planned out my first two months of the baseball season in terms of games I’ll be going to. At most, I’ll get to 16 games by the end of May, but chances are, it’ll be more like 10. Have you done any advanced planning for the season yet?


    Sammywu and gik2212 how does this fan pack thing work? Do you just send an email requesting one or whats the deal? Youve got me intrested haha! :)


    Hey zack its darron i havent posted in a long time but ive been grounded and busy but i was wondering if you plan on going back to st.louis this year i cant afford watch with zack becuase i spent my christmas money on baseball cards 10 ps2 games and an air soft gun so me and my brother could have a war with them his gun broke about 12 shots in and he tried to hide i found him and shot him about 13 times :)but then he got my gun and shot me about 15 times :( bye for now


    Hey Zack, I just wanted to say thank you for autographing my copy of your book. I really do appreciate it; it made my day. Keep up the great work.

    PS. Did you ever think that people would be asking for YOUR autograph?

  17. Zack

    I remember when I was going nuts to get all the hats. Man, that was way back in 1992 and 1993. Hats were a lot cheaper then. Everything was cheaper. Upper deck seats at Shea were $6.50, and Field Level seats were $15.00. Ahhh. No advanced planning for me yet. I keep forgetting to go on StubHub and buy a Nationals ticket. I might have a Watch With Zack client at the Red Sox home opener. But that’s about it. I’ll just wait for the season to start and then look closer at dates.


    Did you get grounded because of the gun battle? Or did you do something else? I’d have to say it’s unlikely that I’ll be back in St. Louis in 2008 since I was just there seven months ago…but you never know. Anything can happen. I might have a book signing there. Or some TV station there might want to interview me. Or someone else in St. Louis might want to fly me out for a Watch With Zack game…and then BAM, I’ll end up booking a last-minute flight. In that sense, I could end up at any ballpark next season.


    You’re welcome! Glad you got it back already. I always wanted to be famous when I was little, so I was definitely hoping that people would ask for my autograph. Part of that desire, I think, stemmed from the fact that my mother is an autograph dealer…and that I loved baseball and always wanted players to sign for me. So yeah, I always wanted to be on the giving end of autograph requests, but I wasn’t sure it would ever happen. Even when other kids in school asked me to sign their yearbooks (not because I was famous, but just because they wanted a small part of ME), I was truly honored. Now it’s a great feeling to be able to sign books for people every once in a while. I can understand how signing autographs COULD be a burden for A-list celebs, but I don’t think it would ever get old for me, no matter how famous I could possibly be.

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