Honesty, anyone?

This whole steroids mess keeps getting more disgusting. Want to know what’s making me sick now? Among ALL the players who have denied it, I have not heard ONE of them cite “honesty” as the reason. A-Rod said he never felt like he needed an edge. Justice said he was afraid of needles. Mariano said he was simply naive.

PinocchioGreat. So A-Rod WOULD have cheated if he weren’t as good, Justice WOULD have cheated if he weren’t a wimp, and Mariano WOULD have cheated if he weren’t clueless.

It’s unbelievable how little our culture values honesty. I used to see people in school cheat on tests like it was nothing. Am I allowed to point fingers at them now? Yeah, because I never cheated. I preferred to fail honestly than succeed dishonestly. In fact, I was SO concerned about being honest that one time while taking a geometry test in ninth grade, I happened to glance off to the side and see the answer that the kid next to me had written for one of the questions. I hadn’t answered that question yet, and I knew his answer was right, and it occurred to me that I MIGHT not have thought of it on my own, so I left it blank.

I realize there’s more to gain by cheating with steroids than by cheating on a high school test, but still. What the hell?! When am I going to hear a major league baseball player come out and say, “I never used steroids because I’m honest, because I don’t cheat, because I have integrity and respect for the game, and because drug-aided accomplishments are meaningless.”


  1. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    just because honesty was not the reason cited by the above mentioned players shouldn’t imply anything.

    i think you’re reaching here. i’m sure you are understandably upset about this whole affair, but there is no need to project an answer you would prefer onto players who, in fact, didn’t use PEDs.

    you know perfectly well that mo didn’t use them because he was clueless.

    i will say that justice’s excuse was a poor one however.

    i’m not sure what to make of your phrase “drug-aided accomplishments”

    what about the guys that use cortisone ( a steroid) shots to keep them on the field? they then become drug-aided.

    the thing that makes me most angry is that america seems utterly indifferent to the rampant use of PEDs in the NFL. why is baseball the scapegoat?

  2. puckcollector@optonline.net

    I thought I heard the thing about MO, but I’m not sure. I was typing. My dads ticket prices rose 47% just because he sits behing home plate in the Tier Reserved. The Yankees are ridiculus!!

  3. Zack

    Good point. I’m feeling more comfortable about ‘Tubing it.


    Okay, fair enough, I might be reaching, but I’m still pissed off. Good point about cortisone shots, but by “drugs” I was implying illegal drugs. I know it’s all arbitrary, especially because a specific drug can be legal one season and banned the next. The NFL better watch out.


    That’s awful about your dad’s tickets. Wow. So he’s keeping them?


    I hadn’t seen that. Thanks for bring it to my attention. My respect for Pujols has just tripled.

  4. sldickinson@gmail.com

    I’m convinced ARAH took them… First of all, he’s huge. He used to be small.
    Second of all… well, he said he was never tempted to use steroids? Come on, really? Seriously? NEVER? Psh…

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