Even though I haven’t played in a sanctioned SCRABBLE tournament since the turn of the millennium, I’m still a member of the National SCRABBLE Association (and yes, the word “SCRABBLE” is legally required to be written in all caps).
Way back in 1999, SCRABBLE News covered my baseball collection, and just the other day, I got the latest issue in the mail and was surprised to see this.

By the way, the little bearded guy on the cover is named Nigel Richards. He just won the world championship. Five years ago he nearly won the national championship but lost to a guy named Joel Sherman. I worked at that championship (as a paid intern) which was filmed for a documentary called “Word Wars.” Even if you don’t like SCRABBLE, you’ll enjoy this film. Watch it at once. You’ll see Nigel. You’ll see Joel (who’s a true character). You’ll see lots of wacky stuff. And if you look really closely, you’ll see me…toward the end…standing in the background.



    zack z triple letter is bonds done? his last home run was coors field?that giants fan scrabmled for it /jake/brad was there/can barry be a yankee?


    I’m so psyched now. I was recently informed that our season plan for the half-season Nationals season tickets arrived. We are in section 222, so we have a great view of D.C. For the sake of Zack, we have 6 games against the Mets. Thank God for grandparents!!!
    Zack, did you ever win any kind of SCRABBLE championships?


    Is there anything you haven’t excelled at? Seriously!!! That is some sweet free advertising.

    Please, so I know you aren’t a robot, tell me something you are terrible at. ;)

  4. Zack

    I’d move the “B” under the “A” and make FA/AB for nine. :-)


    I hope so. I know you ballhawks out on the west coast love to chase his homers, but I’m sooooo sick of the guy. Plus, if he doesn’t play again, I’ll be able to say that I caught one of his last 50 bombs. That’d be pretty cool. I’m unusually aware of the controversy surrounding his final homer. More on that…at some point…perhaps.




    I suppose I could film the clip with my digital camera and put THAT on YouTube, but the quality would be terrible. And would I get sued? Hmm. Interesting idea. I might film it just to see what it looks like. I’m not worried about ticket prices. As the article says, there will still be tickets for under $10 for nearly half the games…and if the increase in other sections chases some people away…good.


    That’s seriously cool about the season plan. As for my favorite board game, I’ve won about $100 worth of cash and prizes at various small tourneys, but nothing major.


    I’m terrible at algebra…and understanding the reason why violence can be shown on TV but nudity can not.


    Yeah I’ve already seen it. Great movie, those guys devote so much of their lives to a word game.


    I remember watching that with my dad on MLB ExTRA Innings, and watching only TWO guys go for it. We both were like”that could be his last one”

    I heard they didn’t even mark (MLB Hologram) the balls after he hit 756.


    2 last things:
    I think I just heard on Sports Center that Mariano said that he had also used HGH to help injury recovery.

    Also, even though Pettitte admitted to HGH for injury use, when the reports came out last year, he denied it. Second thoughts on his apology?

  8. Zack

    I’m convinced that if something EXISTS, there are people in the world who have devoted their lives to it.


    Can you find any info online about Mariano’s admission? I still don’t blame Pettitte. It’s human nature to deny something for as long as possible and only fess up when necessary.

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