2007 Mets playoff tickets

I don’t mean to traumatize any Mets fans with this entry. I’m just sharing these because I think it’s cool from a collecting standpoint. (BIG thanks to Clif and Gail for passing them along.)

Here are unused tickets from the National League Division Series:


Here are tickets from the National League Championship Series:


And from the World Series:


O’ what coulda been…


  1. joneli24@yahoo.com

    of course id buy the updated book…i mean it would really be just to support you. you do such a tremendous job with the blog and everything that you deserve it…and plus it gives me another thing to get signed by you and another reason to meet up and nearly get killed by jimmy rollins…O’ what coulda been…

    anyway yea the rox are gonna be insane at the stadium this year, thats why i wanna go down then…school is still in session and its during the week…anyway the hotels should be great tho, they’re a great signing team

  2. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    it would have been nice rooting for them to beat the redsox. i think the 06 team might have had a shot…
    but thanks for the pics.

  3. dorfmunder@gmail.com

    I don’t find those to be painful in any way whatsoever. ;)

    (I do admit that the Endy Chavez NLCS catch is one of the most sickeningly awesome ones I’ve ever seen)

  4. dorfmunder@gmail.com

    and I swore those said ’06 in my muddled brain, but in my defense was up with a sick kid all night, who I just settled down from crying for an hour because he couldn’t go to school. And my coffee is just now brewing. So I’m completely entitled to a brain fart.

    Still they don’t make me sad personally, and the Chavez catch still was awesome. :D

    *bowing out & getting my coffee*

  5. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    Hey Zack….

    Yeah, I have my useless 2007 Padres Playoff Tickets as well. Nice collector’s item I suppose. What could have been….


  6. Chris


    I went into Burger King today and a guy infront of me in line, looked like you 100%! On top of things he had the letter “Z” hair cut on his head. This was so funny, I though it was you.


  7. db3par@aol.com

    I’m not even a Mets fan and my heart got torn by the sight of those. I wonder how much money they used printing those. Just like the T-Shirts they make for the WS, do they just throw the T-Shirts away if the team loses?

  8. sldickinson@gmail.com

    The tickets are irrelevant, it’s the fact that it seems like they don’t want to win.

  9. gjk2212@yahoo.com

    ugh. stop.and omar isnt doin much to improve on that is he. trading milledge for church/schneider. come on. ahhh. this team is 99 % of my life and they can’t get their **** together.

    ok, off to read the great gatsby (which is NOT a good book, imo)

  10. goislanders4@aol.com

    the mets will make a lot of money cause its the last year at shea and the next year is the first at citi. minaya thinks that the job is done after that. he thinks that there is no need for getting good players to put fans in the seats cause he knows they’ll come anyway (last year at shea). why do you think they’re advertising the last year at shea thing so much. its at the top of the website, they made a logo for it, players will wear it on there jerseys, etc. minaya made a couple of good moves (martinez, beltran, delgado,) but that was just for everyone to think he’s great. ever since he made those moves and bought over the fans, hes done nothing except make excuses. Barry Zito, for example. everyone knows hes great. minaya gets the fans excited by starting rumors about him and only tries a little to get him for publicity, then, he comes up with some crappy excuse ike “hes overdue for an injury or he wanted to big of a contract”. OF COURSE! he’s a great player, so if he expects to get great players, he has to get used to long contracts. then this year. he makes up rumors about A-Rod and hardly goes after him. that wasnt a big deal. but the one thing that every single little mets fan should know is that the mets NEED pitching. i think relief more than anything. a good starter would be great. everyone knows the need pitching. what does he do? trades milledge for NO PITCHING. the only team in the majors that knows hes not as great as he was said to be is the mets. they could have gotten good pitching for milledge! also, in the winter meetings, he had plenty of options. plenty of pitchers, and when he is too lazy to get one, he makes up a story about how pitching isnt the top priority. DUH. hes not tricking anyone. he must think he is. and now relief pitchers are flying off the shelves that the mets could have gotten. Hawkins, gagne, riske, and torres. the brewers didnt sign torres, they traded for him, but that means he was open. omar could have offered a better trade to the pirates to get him. i hate omar. hes done nothing. hes garbage, case closed

  11. Zack

    Yeah, I plan to save them as part of my large collection of ticket stubs.


    You are too kind. Really, thanks.


    I’m still in shock that the ’06 Mets didn’t make it past the NLCS.


    Yes yes, you’re entitled. (Hope the kid’s okay.) Nice of you to admit the awesomeness of Endy’s catch. I’ll never forget that. At the time, while watching on TV, I com-PLETE-ly freaked out, as you might expect.





    There’s nothing to do except hang onto them and think about alternate realities.


    You didn’t happen to get a pic of him, did you? I’d love to see what this guy looked like.


    Thanks for feeling my pain. As for the t-shirts, I always assumed those were printed at the very last second.


    Aww, c’mon now. Everyone’s allowed to choke once in a while…


    I didn’t like “The Great Gatsby” either, but that’s not saying much. Reading has always been difficult for me (for several reasons), and I never liked having to read anything for school, until late in college when a certain teached happened to assign “Last Exit To Brooklyn.” One of my all-time favorite books. Very adult. I’m not officially recommending it to anyone who still lives with their parents.


    You go, Son! I don’t agree with everything you said, but you made a lot of good points and made them passionately. I like that.


    Thanks for all the comments. It’s nice to know that people are still checking out this blog as winter approaches.

  12. joneli24@yahoo.com

    go islanders-
    omar miniya is the only reason where this team is today. trading for delgado, signing beltran and pedro, how bout JOHN MAINE and OLIVER PEREZ? we gave up kris benson and xavier nady to get those two guys. how about signing billy wagner? how about all the prospects we still do have. carlos gomez, mike deveney, fernando martinez, mike pelfrey

    you say that when you put good players on the field that people come to the games…yea, thats the point of it dude. look at the royals…they average like 15,000 people a game…to watch who? emil brown and mark teahen? the teams that draw the most fans have the star players…and its not like kansas city is a bad baseball town. they won the 85 world series. george brett, bo jackson, david cone and bret saberhagen in the early to mid 90s…

    but to say omar has done a lousy job is just rediculous. yea he has made some bad moves, but so has brian cashman and theo epstien, and billy beane…every GM is gonna make some poor choices and let a prospect get through their hands…milledge is obviously not that great a player. his ego is higher than terrell owens and chad johnson’s out together. he has shown very little production in 350 at bats in the bigs, and yea he has speed, and he plays well on defense, but that doesnt always grant you immunity to being traded. BRIAN SCHNIEDER is one of the best all time defensive catchers. im not saying johnny bench or pudge or even brad ausmus for that matter, but he has one of the best caught stealing percentages in baseball since 2002, he isnt an automatic out when he bats, RYAN CHURCH is a young, solid outfielder. i think that he fits much better as a doubles hitter into this lineup especially at shea and then citi batting 7th or 2nd even if luis castillo doesnt play or struggles (who we basically got for nothing)

    anyway, the collapse has nothing to do with omar, it was clear that maine and olly were tired out and the offense just didnt do anything. but lets say they go into that streak in mid-june, and its a tight race the rest of the way. oh how different that looks.

    the bullpen is definately where they need the most help though, and i think any mets fan could tell you that. letting chad bradford go though was the worst. instead of signing him, for the same money we signed scott schoeneweis. they give guillermo mota even after the suspension a new deal, and then what is with willie not pitching aaron sele? aaron sele was on the roster the entire season and pitched less than guillermo mota did while mota was suspended 50 games. thats completely willie’s fault. the bullpen was completely over tired because he wouldnt use a guy like aaron sele.

    anyway, dont even start to say that barry zito is a quality pitcher. he is currently making more than any pitcher for this upcoming season and is currently being outpitched by guys like oliver perez, jake peavy, cc sabathia, josh beckett, all of whom are making far less than zito is. barry zito once was a top of the line starter: in 2002 when he won the CY YOUNG, but 2002 is not 2007. people began to figure his curve out and he has a mediocre fastball and slider and thats not good enough. most mets fans i talked to didnt even want zito here, cause they saw what he really was. dont even start talking about arod rumors started by omar because hes not the one starting any rumors. rumors come from writers and reporters, not from the GMs going around trying to be sly and getting the point out there that their team is interested in a particular player. and its not like omar is going to start rumors to “get people to come to the park” thats just not true at all.

    but what has to be done is getting another starter. maybe trading for bedard or haren or johan is the answer, maybe its not. the bullpen needs work. wether that comes from the farm or the free agent market, its clear that they need help there. anyway, its a long off season. maybe they try for some cheap(er) starters. freddy garcia, sure what he’ll be is unknown but for one mil a year its worth the chance…

    either way the mets still have one of the best teams in the NL and i dont expect either philly or atlanta to be AS good. but we will have to see

  13. goislanders4@aol.com

    ok. your right. he is the reason the mets are where they are today, and where they are today is in steady decline. starting with billy wagner. he was one of those guys like delgado, beltran, and martinez that minaya used to brainwash fans, i just forgot to mention him. then on to kris benson for john maine and jorge julio. to correct things, they actually traded anna benson and kris was a throw in (that was a joke) and minaya accidentally stumbled across treasure there because julio would later be traded for el duque who has had problems but again, that was the past. they got perez because the pirates GM is stupid. their in last place. any correlation? and mike devaney? you must be thinking of kevin mulvey because last i checked, devaney has a 6-9 record for a double A team and he’s not necessarily a prospect. im surprised that he hasnt traded all those other prospects for Jamey Carroll or other garbage. and yes, the point IS to get good players to make money because fans are entertained. the point is not to be cheap, forget about the fans and only make money off of a stadium. yes milledge ***** and every GM lets a prospect slip away but my point is, some teams dont know that milledge isnt productive and will maybe offer something better than a couple of bench players. maybe….pitching? back to letting prospects go. lets see, how about brian bannister? he looked good until his injury and omar trades him for a mediocre reliever, just because he can throw hard, and he keeps Pelfrey who is like the pitching version of milledge. AND,this will really **** off people that hate Guillermo Mota. Jesus Flores, a top prospect for the mets, remember him, now with the nationals? in the rule 5 draft a couple years back, minaya chose to use 50,000 dollars to resign mota rather than protect Flores in the rule 5 draft and now the mets dont have him! WOOPS there goes another one. these are stupid moves that couldve been prevented. back to the milledge trade. Brian Schneider? the best defensive catcher? call me when he comes close to winning a gold glove.and yes he is the closest thing to an automatic out. ever since 2003, which was his first year of playing (almost) everyday, hes averaged a .249 average. not that good. ryan chrch has potential but hes been around since the Expos. in that trade, the nationals traded away the last two position players that played for Expos. since then, church hasnt really proven himself yet. he had a pretty good year in 07 but he has to keep it up. i can see milledge doing better. and the reason that the mets got luis castillo for nothing is because the twins didnt want him. his knee was limiting him and he was too expensive for the twins who have a low payroll (9th in the american league out of 13 teams) which isnt TERRIBLY low but considering the type of farm system that they have, they dont want castillo. and like you just said about church batting 2nd IF CASTILLO STRUGGLES OR GETS HURT. the twins cant take that chance. now with zito. do you know why he is so bad? because he plays with the giants who pretty *****. and the ERA is a fluke. hes just adjusting to the National League. and mets fans dont want him? just like mets fans didnt want Delgado after he signed with the marlins. and how did omar get delgado? by trading Mike Jacobs who was nothing short of AMAZING with the mets. Jacobs isnt doing too well right now, probably because he has a bad hitting coach with the marlins, but now people are getting sick of delgado. and the collapse of the season wasnt willies falt because he wasnt out there playing as poorley as the mets were. omar wasnt playing either, but…. one of the reasons that the mets collapsed… you guessed it. relief pitching. the bullpen blew half those end of the year games and isnt it funny that minaya just so happened to trade bullpen prospects henry owens and matt lindstrom to the marlins for people that he said had potential but seemed to have disappeared after the trade. and also, minaya traded heath bell and royce ring away for john adkins and ben johnson, both are nobodies, and heath bell is doing GREAT for the padres, lindstrom and owens are doing good for the crappy marlins and ring hasnt been given a chance (now that he’s with the braves) but when he gets one, he’ll be good. and actually, minaya held a press conference about talks with A-Rod. and to finish this up, you say that we need a starter and a lot of help with the bullpen, thats right. guess whos not making any moves to do anything??? OMAR “no balls” MINAYA. and the mets cant get help from the farm. Minaya traded that help away. he’s garbage. i wish i could meet him and tell him this. and people say that i have an empty head.

  14. cubs0110@aol.com

    Zack- I have some cubs playoff tickets (including world series)

    Anyway, my question is: Since Kosuke Fukudome has just signed with the Cubs, how do you ask for a ball in Japanese? lol

  15. Zack

    You guys ROCK. You should have your own radio show. I’m seriously loving the debate. I laughed out loud reading both of your comments and also learned a few things. You guys both know way more about the Mets than I do. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, opinions, frustration, and humor.


    Maybe there’s one of me in every city? Cool blog. Thanks for sharing the link. I just left you a comment.


    I’ll teach you how to ask for a ball if you send me your playoff tickets. Just kidding. Do a search for my name on YouTube, and in some of my interviews, you’ll hear me make the request in Japanese.


    You should share your thoughts about Michael Kay. I wonder if everyone here would agree with you.

  16. joneli24@yahoo.com

    zack- thanks i wish we did- we would be great…PTI second coming anyone?

    anyway im not here to start trouble or the second coming of tyson and holyfield here but there are still some points and stats that need to be displayed.


    yo make some solid points-yea i kinda over rated schneider, but he has a career 38% caught stealing and as far as im concerned .249 is not bad for a catcher. it could be ALOT worse.

    anyway, zito is NOT A GOOD PITCHER. first of all, its a much easier transition to go to the NL than to switch to the AL. just the way the game is played, the pitcher bats, hit and runs, sacrafices, etc. anyway zito was 23-5 in 02 his CY season. since then hes 14-12 3.30 in 03, 11-11 4.48 in 04, 14-13 3.86 in 05, 16-10 3.83 in 06, 11-13 4.53 in 07. yes SF has no offense, but neither does oakland. but i would NEVER give him a 7 YR/126 MIL contract EVER EVER EVER if i were omar.

    yea mike jacobs had an amazing what 100 at bats for the mets? what has he done in florida? yea he hit 20 HR in 06 and 17 in 07, but he batted .265 and .262. delgado had better years than that. and sometimes you have to trade to win now, and they were one win away. sure 07 was different in both cases. delgado and a win in the regular season. either way, they were trades that any GM would have made so please dont start with that was a bad trade.

    yea he traded heath bell and royce ring for ben johnson and john adkins. royce ring is where now atlanta? john adkins is with the white sox. yea that wasnt a brilliant trade. i know, you know, omar knows that NOW. heath bell wasnt even regarded as a top prospect, but sometimes given the oppertunity a player shows that, and he wasnt going to get that here in NY.

    billy wagner- you kidding me? the man is one of the best closers of all time. the man saved 40 and 34 games here in 2 years and had a mid-2s ERA both years. he signed for 10.5 mill a year. closers are getting alot now and thats a pretty good bargain for a man with 358 saves.

    castillo- 3 time all-star, 4 time GG, giving up nothing for him = priceless, literally

    maine and olly, thats good on omars side. he traded junk for gems. thats the pirates and orioles GMs faults for making them. then yea, el duque is injured off and on, but he is still a big game pitcher and can still pitch in the league

    jesus flores is NOT a top prospect, so i dont know where your getting that from

    arod-no he expressed interest in AROD, just like ANA, LAD, CHC, SF, BOS as a GM you explore options and thats all he did. noone in NY got their hopes up that he was definately 100% coming to the Mets. most people thought he was going west. thats what GMs do they show interest they dont start rumors…

    willie- as the manager you cant just sit back and let your players take the blame. there are some many things he could have done to help that team win. david wright went out and played fine, so did reyes and beltran, delgado played poorly, he wont deny that. lo duca played everyday that he could, and so did everyone else. there is always going to be blame on the manager and GM. when teams do poorly, the fire the MANAGER and GM, so please dont say that they dont take blame because they werent playing. omar takes blame for making some crummy trades. BANNISTER for BURGOS.

    but also dont forget, the mets were also without Duanner Sachez the entire year, that was another brilliant trade that he made. jae seo and tim hammulak, neither of which are in the LA organization anymore

    the only reason that this team has won 83, 97, and 88 games is because of omar, you cant say anything other than that. from 2002-2004 that team won 75, 66, and 71 games. omar takes over in 2005 and there ya go. its clear that they have struggled, but thats why there is always next season, and yea right now it hurts and it stings what happened. i am still in dismay over the collapse, but the point is that as much as you look at it, everyone must take blame for the collapse. OMAR, WILLIE, DAVID WRIGHT, REYES, DELGADO, DAVE WILLIAMS, EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE, but omar is the only reason that this team has been successful over the past 3 years, and he is going nowhere fast any time soon regardless. you can only look back and try to figure out what could have not have been done. thats what happens. look at the cardinals they go from winning the world series to winning 78 games in a season.

    all you can do is look back and wonder what you could have been done. i dont think that there were any trades that broke that season. but all i can say is the only reason that they floundered, everyone must take and accept part of that blame, and you need to focus the attention on next year

    but with that being said, i do agree with you goislanders that they have done very little to bolster the pen. there were options outside, but omar knows what he is doing and he will find help somewhere

    good night folks

  17. puckcollector@optonline.net

    The MLB got a copy of the Mitchell Report!

    Second, It’s Billy looper, not Billy Wagner

    Third, Joneli and goislanders:

    Could you make the comments any longer? I feel like I’m reading a novel. 2596 words in 3 comments.

    Finnally, the worst book EVER is HOUSE ON MANGO STREET. I read it in school and it *******-E-D!!

  18. db3par@aol.com

    Can someone please make the water a little less muddy for me in the Johan talks? I have lost track of what’s going on ever since the Yanks got out of the deal. Are the Sox the only club in it still?

  19. gregorybarasch@yahoo.com

    Tejada to the Astros, Rowand to the Giants? Wow. Didn’t see either of those coming.

  20. cubs0110@aol.com

    Zack, I re-watched the youtube vid you’re talking about, and I definitely couldn’t make out exactly what you were saying. Could you please spell it phonetically? I would hate to insult Kosuke instead of asking for a ball.

  21. goislanders4@aol.com

    alright, zitos not great. thats not the big deal. the big deal is that minaya said he was persueing him but he didnt get him and made excuses about it. thats what he does. make excuses.
    jacobs may have only had exactley 100 at bats and 31 hits. 11 of those 31 hits were homeruns. he had 7 homeruns in his first 5 games. jacobs might have only hit .265 and .262 but in 06 delgado hit .265 and in 07 he hit .258. if jacobs were to have decent coaching than he would be better. plus, delgado is declining, getting old. his best years are behind where mike jacobs best years are in front of him. i know i do, but dont YOU get sick of delgados long harsh slumps where he doesnt hit anything, then comes back and hits a couple of homers and right when he starts to look good, he goes into another month and a half long slump. delgado also strikes out more than jacobs. minaya might have been trying to “win now” but that didnt happen. and not every GM would trade a rookie who hits a homerun in his first at bat which was a pinch hit and then hits 2 homeruns each game for the next 3 games, for an old first baseman that has a big name and will fill up a stadium. thats the only reason minaya made that trade. jacobs wasnt known that well so he wouldnt have persuaded any fans to come to the ballpark. but minaya knew that as long as he got a bigname ballplayer, even if he was old, that people would come to watch him, because he’s a “star”. your right about heath bell, although he could have stuck with him longer to see if he would be good at handling everyday bullpen work but he didnt. thats resonable.

    im sorry, but no matter what way you look at it, billy wagner isnt one of the best of all time. he might have a lot of saves and an ok ERA but no bullpen pitcher is worth 10.2 million a year, i dont care who it is. thats ridiculous to pay a closer that much. his ERA isn’t even that great. mid 2’s in era is good for a starter but not a closer. you don’t want a closer that only pitches 1 inning to let up an average of 2 and a half runs. Trevor Hoffman is and excuse because the padres bring him in in the 7th or 8th sometimes so its reasonable for his ERA to be a little bit higher. i love billy but he’s not worth 10 million a year especially since he has 10 blown saves over the only two years that he’s been with the mets. and they always seem to come against a rival or in a big game. dont get me started about that yankee game he blew last year.

    Castillo- aging, overpaid second baseman with a bad knee, hasnt been to an all-star game since 05 when he didnt even play. the only time he’s seen all-star action was as a pinch runner in 03, last gold glove in 05 and that doesnt equal priceless. they traded two people that are nobodies for someone with a salery that more than triples theirs and he sits out with a bad knee=exspensive. literally.

    What are you talking about? flores not a prospect?! i found this scouting report from scouts.com


    go there. yeah, he’s a prospect. better than mike devaney. how’d you even come up with him as a prospect? and if you have never heard of flores being a prospect, than i think its time to get your head out of the clouds. i dont even need to look at that site. i just remember back a couple years ago when people were talking about him at spring training.

    i dont even care about A-rod. that wasnt a big deal.

    actually, when you manage a team as well as willie has and your players still hit slumps and crash than you can blame your player. not publicly though. and reyes was 1 of the players that ****** for the last month of the season, so i dont know why you said he was good. lo duca might have played hard everyday but that doesnt calculate into winning. the main thing that blew it for the mets was the bullpen. they lost a majority of the seasons last games. willies not gonna go out there and pitch, hit and run. he’s there to manage players that minaya provides him. willie managed those players but minaya didnt provide him enough players to win. the reason the mets made it so far in 06 was the bullpen. bradford and oliver left and the collapsed. mota had a good year last year and so did feliciano who wasnt spectacular this year. its true. willie did all he could, minaya didnt, the players didnt play well and somehow the managers get blamed for this.

    duaner sanchez was good, but i dont think he would have completely transformed the mets. it wasnt a BRILLIANT trade. just because seo and hammulek arent with the dodgers anymore doesnt make the trade any better. that trade caused the mets nady. they got OP in return but it was risky. minaya made a dumb move and traded an everyday player for a guy to man the bullpen for half the year. oliver perez was just a throw in. rick peterson saved minayas *** by fixing perez.

    first off, the mets only got into the playoffs in 1 of those three “Successful” years. if you notice that 05 was the rising action, 06 was the climax, and 07 is the downfall. and the reason for such a change in record when minaya took office? the mets payroll had been slowley increasing and when minaya came, it was all set up for him. plus, willie is the manager now. if the mets are down in the dumps, he whips them in to shape. Art howe would just tell them that he was proud of them, win or lose, then bake them cookies and fall over. minaya got lucky. his place mat was set when he got to the table. something i dont understand is that you say “minaya is the only reason that the mets are ‘successful'” and then you say that the meltdown was everyones fault? nope. minaya built this building and now he’s taking it down, piece by piece. stupid decision by stupid decision. the reason the cardinals won the series is because they got hot at the right time. they had the worst record in history to win a world series. heck, you could put the royals in the playoffs when they’re at one of there “warm” streaks and they could go all the way. the cardinals only won 5 more games than what they had this year. wait, and what does dave williams have to do with anything? he only pitched two games.

    minay is finished looking back at what was wrong. minaya knows what was wrong. minaya just isnt attacking the wrongness. he is either waiting for oppertunities to come to him (which never works) or he knows that he makes money next year even if the mets do bad (last year at shea) so he could be giving up on new players until the stadium money isn’t pouring in anymore.

  22. db3par@aol.com

    I CANNOT wait until January when the schedule is released for the season ticket holders. In 13 days it will be official that my brother and will hold custody of 40 Nationals tickets for the ’08 season. Maybe the Twins will come to town and we’ll have tickets to those games. Ahh its driving me insane that i have to wait another month!!!!

  23. joneli24@yahoo.com

    goislanders-boy id love to have a show on WFAN right now…we’d be so **** good its not even funny. you make some good points in your arguments, and as mets fan, every fan wants something different from their team, thats the way you see it, this is the way i see it…so heres my rebuttal of your last statement:

    carlos delgado- are you aware that carlos delgado untill last year was a premier first basebman in the MLB? for 8 out of 9 years he hit at least 30 HRs and had 100 RBI…and the year that he didnt he had 99 RBI (2004) but only played in 128 games due to an injury? are you aware he has a .386 career OBP? 431 HR and 1374 RBI? he hit 4 homeruns in a game? you could put him in tampa or minnesota or even in montreal, he is a great player, and willie didnt trade mike jacobs for him because he was “going to fill seats” the man for 10 years was a premier player in this game, and yea he had a bad season last year. noone can deny that, not even him, but every player is entitled to a down year once in a while. and he still hit 24 HR and had 87 RBI which is not bad.

    mike jacobs- okay noone has ever hot 7 HR in their first 4 games in the MLB so i have no idea where you got that stat from. he hit 4 HR in his first 4 games…so there ya go on that stat. mike jacobs is not a premier player and he never will be unless he goes to colorado or philly and i dont see helton or howard going soon…anyway mike jacobs doesnt sell tickets so theres that one too. in 2005, the year that delgado was there they drew 22,000+, the next year was 14,000+, they kept dtrain and cabrera and then uggla and hanley surged, but delgado wasnt there and they didnt sell tix…so yea when you have a premier player like delgado he will sell some tix but the mets did not get him to sell tickets especially here in NY.

    billy wagner? you kidding me dude? 358 saves…number 7 all time? a bad closer? yea closers blow saves…that happens and 10 in two years is not alot at all. 5 per year is very good especially when you have 40-45 chances a year…and why not give him $10.5 a year? fransico cordero just signed for $11.5 plus incentives, mariano just got $15 mil, eric gagne just got $10 mil off a very poor season/ point is quality closers are very very hard to come by and to get one for $10.5 million these days is not bad at all. if you dont think wagner is a good closer, thats fine, thats your opinion and as much as i disagree and other people may…i commend you on speaking your mind and voicing your opinion.

    anyway…billy wagner has a career ERA of 2.40, which for a closer may be a tad bit high, but still is understood as respectable and accepted all around the league. do you know what mariano rivera’s career ERA is? 2.35, yep thats right just .05 lower than billys. and trevor hoffman’s era? 2.73, .33 points higher than billys. so before you start calling billy a bad closer and claiming his ERA is high, look around at the other closers in this game, and youll notice that he is better than most. trevor hoffman is 40 and rivera is 38, wagner is 36. sure his fastball only hits 92-96 now, but that is still good enough, and that stats dont lie, he is one of the best all time, and to get him at 10.5 million a year is nothing short of a bargain

    trevor hoffman- DOES NOT come into the game in the 7th and 8th inning regularly, and since hes been a closer out in SD, he probably has never been in the 7th inning. he is running short on stamina now he is like a greg maddux type closer. didnt blow people away, used his change and his smart tactics to get him where he is today. noone since the days of fergie jenkins has a closer pitched in the 7th inning. yea sometimes he comes in in the 8th for a 4 out save or a 5 out save, but every closer has to do that at times. but please dont say that any closer comes in consistantly in the 7th or 8th inning cause thats just not true…the padres have one of the most formidable pens in the game right now. justin hampson and kevin cameron have emerged to clean up that pen. cla meredith and heath bell man the end of it and then hoffman. plus they had doug brocail last year too (now with HOU) their pen was trmendous which allows hoffmans job to be easier…

    pitchers ERA…as a 10 year fantasy baseball player and champion 2 years in a row, and 5 time champ, i know what the needed stats are. i know we dont know eachother and you may not believe me, but a closer with a 2.50 ERA is very very solid. yea there are guys like papelbon and mariano who have a 1.75-2 ERA, and takashi saito 1.75 last year. but the accepted average is 2.50. for starters in the game today a 4.00-4.25 ERA is considered great, especially with teams that score alot now, greg maddux is getting 10 million a year to post a 4.30 ERA. yes there are exceptions but the point is that many pitchers are seeing their ERAs jump and what use to be the standard has changed to about 4.00-4.25 now.

    jesus flores. okay that report is a year old already, and at that point lo duca wasnt going anywhere

    the rule 5 draft has seen some impressive players go though its hands. johan santana, roberto clemente, george bell, dan uggla, christy matthewson, others who are there: scott podsednik, josh hamilton, jay gibbons, joakim soria, shane victorino. imagine being the astros and getting rid of johan santana…how bout that rotation in 05…johan, oswalt, clemens, pettitte so jesus flores getting to washington in the rule 5 is no biggie, and now he has lo duca in front of him again…hes basically a carbon copy of brian schneider only with a bit more power…but a .244 BA…that spells impressive

    oliver perez- he was an unkown player? really? just a throw in? yea that may be but the mets knew what they were getting? he was a top prospect with SD back in 2001-02, before he and jason bay got traded for brian giles. he went 12-10 with a 2.98 ERA in 2004 with 239 Ks. hes just 26 years old, and hes a power lefty. omar knew what he was doing? and why not trade nady in that case. he was injured on and off that entire season, and they had milledge (lets not go back to that, i think we agree we could have gotten more for him-although i dont think it was horrible) and he was on the verge of coming out (maybe out of the closet? joke) but they wanted to let him get a chance to play so that they could show him off and get some trade offers for him, unfortunately it didnt work out like that and they had to settle for schnieder and church, and do we really want any of the Nats pitchers anyway? olly was a throw in but thats just cause pittsburgh gave up on him, kinda similar to what the mets did with heath bell…perez didnt need to be fixed he just needed to start over, get another chance to prove himself. its not like hes 36 years old, hes 26, and hes got tremendous talent, and the mets did the right thing by trading for him, and at least then they realized they needed help in the pen.

    anyway i completely agree 100% that they need to get more relievers and the fact t hat theyre not concerns me as well as every other mets fan out there. in all honesty i kinda wish that schoenweis got suspended so we wouldnt have to use him for some time next year…

    listen, not every season is going to match up the same compared to the last. sure they collapsed and sure they played poorly all of septemeber and finally lost it, but that blame must be put on EVERYONE, the manager gets it the most because when the team doesnt win, HE IS THE ONE GETTING BOOTED. HE IS THE ONE WHO GETS FIRED. NOT CARLOS DELGADO. NOT JOSE REYES, NOT OMAR MINAYA. WILLIE RANDOLPH GETS FIRED IF THEY PLAY BADLY, AND I KNOW YOU DISSAGREE, BUT HE MUST ACCEPT THE MOST BLAME FOR THIS SEASON AND THATS HOW IT WORKS.

    anyway, i must say that i am really looking foward to this upcoming season. there are still plenty of things that can be done to help the pen. maybe dump estrada for a mid-reliever. there are still some guys out there for signing and trade. maybe someone in the organization steps up and performs well.

    anyway, the point is, they only need to look foward, beacause when you look back, its not pretty. they need to get help in the pen, and people need to come in to that clubhouse with the right attitude and they all need to believe that they are the team to beat, and honestly i think they are. philly is close, but i think they have a much worse bullben than the mets do, after ultey, howard and rollins, they dont have a tremendous offense now that rowand is gone. the braves are no longer up there minus andruw and edgar renteria, the marlins and nats are still 70 win teams.

    omar isnt going anywhere, willie isnt going anywhere, carlos delagdo isnt going anywhere. they are a team that can win 95 games and that division, and if they all do their jobs (not saying they did in 07) then they will be successful. i think this is more of the year that will have more of an impact on the futures of players and staff, and right now we have to worry about our pen. yea wagner, heilman, shoeneweis (ugh) are there still, yes we get duaner back (and im sorry that was a tremendous trade-he is a very very good set-up man…but those guys not being there show that they werent worth anything to the dodgers) but we need more pieces, and we need to go out there and get them, and as fans we need to trust omar and trust that he will get us the relievers that we need.

    ZACK- what are your thoughts on any of these situations as a baseball fan?

  24. fatherpuck@optonline.net


    Going back to your original post, I have a closet full of these tickets for the Yankees going back to the 2004 World Series. I’ve thought of using them as place mats, although I’ve heard rumors that some Yankee and Met fans have used them to slit their wrists after watching the teams’ collapse.

  25. Zack

    What are my thoughts as a baseball fan? My thoughts are that you know waaay more than I do about lots of these things, and I’m just enjoying sitting back and listening to your points of view.


    What’s wrong with long comments? If people got stuff to say, they should say it. You can always scroll ahead.


    I’ve stopped paying attention. The rumors finally got annoying. But hey, cool about your tickets being on the way. There’s still no name for the ballpark, right? I wonder how that’ll be handled on the tickets.


    Neither did I.


    Aw man. Well, you’ll have to use the phonetic spelling and read it with the video. Otherwise you’ll mangle the pronunciation. It sounds like:

    CHOH-toh, bo-OH-roo oh NAH-geh-teh kood ahh-SYE

    But that’s not all. The inflection goes down in the first two syllables, up for the next four, and then back down. HAHA! Good luck.


    I liked Mike Jacobs, too, when he came up with the Mets. If the Mets were the Royals, they would’ve stuck with him, but a big-money team in a big-money city has to go after a big-money player…so they got Delgado, and I think it was a good move. As for Wagner, I think he’s underrated because he’s not even the best closer of his city. And c’mon, Aaron Cook is now getting $10 million a year, so you really can’t say that Billy Wagner is overpaid. Good point about the Mets only making the playoffs once in the last three “successful” years.


    Are you willing to part with any of these tickets? I don’t think I own any for unplayed Yankees post-season games.

  26. cubs0110@aol.com

    thanks, with that spelling, along with listening to the video, I should be able to get this sooner or later, it’s coming along.

    Thanks dude, you rock. :)

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