Fan mail

Remember when I visited the Lexington Montessori School before Game 2 of the World Series? Well, look what I just got in the mail…one of the biggest thank-you “cards” you’ll ever see, signed by all the kids. (I put my Lansdowne Street ball in the photo just to show how big it really is.)




    I’ve started at new streak. I got one puck at the Garden tonight. And speaking of Gardens, my dad wants to know how many trees it took to make that card? Aren’t they teaching environmental awareness?
    Al Gore where are you?


    Well maybe it was made of recycled paper, puck collector? Anyway, that IS one BIG card! You feel nice and proud, don’t you Zack?


    Oh, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to skip Tuesdays for me. Chances are, of the first six Tuesdays, I’ll probably only go to one or two games at Shea. That’s because on Tuesdays, I get out of class at 11am, which means I’ll have plenty of time to get to Baltimore/Washington/Philly/Boston. Plus, I’m probably going to end up going to games like every other day during the summer, so again, don’t worry about avoiding Tuesdays.

  4. Zack

    Thanks. I got five batting practice balls combined at two World Series games: three the first day and two the second. Glad you had a good time at Coors.


    I don’t think it’s technically a “streak” until you have at least two games, but congrats nontheless. You want to talk environment? How many millions of gallons of water were needed to be frozen for the teams to play that hockey game you attended at Madison Square Garden? Hmm?

    DANNY ZHANG 312-

    Yeah, recycled paper! Of course. I do feel proud, but I’m mainly just happy that the students enjoyed my visit.


    Ahh, okay. I think we managed to stay out of each other’s way pretty well this past season, so things should be fine once again in ’08. How many games are you planning to attend at the new Nationals’ ballpark? More than one?


    Within the next week or so, I’ll be posting a big blog entry with pictures of some pretty amazing autographs. Don’t ask questions yet. Just wait, and you’ll see. I’ll also be posting other stuff before then, so keep checking in. I plan to keep posting stuff throughout the off-season, although my entries might be spaced several days apart.


    my grandparents have recently talked to my older brother (Nick) and my father about buying partial season tickets to the Nationals in their new stadium!!! Nothing is for sure yet but I hope they will pull through on the idea. The seats will most likely be in the upper deck, hopefully section 236 for those who want to look it up.


    according to metsblog, the mets may play in puerto rico next july vs the marlins. there are tentative games scheduled for mets @ marlins and the end of july, on the tentative schedule

    add to your stadium count?

  7. Zack

    You have the coolest grandparents EVAR.


    This is also pretty cool, and yes, I might have to attend one or more of those games. Keep me posted if you hear any updates, okay?


    Nice card Zack. Have you ever been to the Metrodome and what do you think of it. I was also have a question. I went to Spring Training this spring and I caught a couple balls. Would that count?

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