Go ahead, hate George Steinbrenner. Hate the Yankees. Hate their fans who booed A-Rod out of town. Hate Tom Hicks for paying him $252 million. Hate A-Rod’s parents for making him handsome. Hate the Blue Jays for whining when he outsmarted them on the field. But don’t hate A-Rod. He’s done nothing wrong. You’re mad at the guy for announcing during the World Series that he’s opting out of his contract? Please. Get over it. I wasn’t offended by the timing of the announcement. As a baseball fan, I was just happy to get the update. The end. A-Rod is under the microscope because he’s Godlike. Sure, he sometimes says and does irritating things, but the fact is that he’s one of the best players in the HISTORY of baseball. All the haters should shut up and leave him alone and stop being jealous. You think he has a big ego? Fine, he does. So what? Why should everyone be humble? We all have different personalities and psychological needs, and that’s what makes the world go ’round. You got a problem with A-Rod’s performance in the post-season? He went 4-for-15 in the ALDS. Yeah, that’s really terrible. One more hit—a broken-bat bloop over the second baseman’s head, or a swinging bunt down the third base line—and he would’ve gone 5-for-15 which, by the way, is a .333 batting average. You’re gonna bash the guy for missing out on one stupid hit while Derek “Mr. Clutch” Jeter compiled an on-base percentage of .176?! Whatever. I’m not here to argue about numbers. You can break down stats to make anyone look good or bad. All I can say is that if you have a problem with A-Rod, you might want to take a look in the mirror. We should all be thankful for having eyes that allow us to watch him play.


  1. goislanders4@aol.com

    leave Britney alone! just kidding, but yeah, everyone was talking about how a-rod *****, in school today. it was dumb. and all these stupid kids are coming up to me (all mets fans, i am ashamed to say) think that the mets will get a-rod and move wright to right field…….?????????? and someone else said the mets would trade delgado and pelfrey for johan santana…. i think everone at my school is dumb

  2. dodgerdude511@aol.com

    Well said.

    Im a yankee hater, but I love A-rod. It’s not like he is even a bad guy,

    and when your that good, get cocky. Cocky players lead teams, and there are many teams that need leaders.

  3. db3par@aol.com

    Well, I think the Yankees will end up with Tori in center. As for A-Rod, I don’t want to hear another word of his contract. I know he is godlike, but in the post season, getting your first RBI in the post season since 2004?!?!?!?! That is just ridiculous. Hopefully the Twins won’t pick him up, even though they don’t have the money even to afford Tori and Santana on the same team. Also glad to hear you had a fun time at Fenway Zack.

  4. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    take a look in the mirror?
    please can the dime-store psychoanalysis.

    and thank you for the Zack Hample approved list on whom it is, and is not, OK to hate.

    i could say more, but …

  5. redsox342445@yahoo.com

    this was a great post but at this point nothing can stop me from hating arod. I realize that he is great but the guy has zero class whatsoever. I mean the least he could have done is show up to get his hammerin hank award. Some of the stuff he does just really bugs me. But we are all entitled to our opinions and i respect yours. by the way, when do you think your blog about game 2 will be up??? GO SOX!!!

  6. puckcollector@optonline.net


    An unitended consquince?

    Give me a break.

    **** you Scott Boras.

    Also I dind’t realize that George Mitchell was part of the BoSox organization. I’m appauled that someone in baseball is conduicting the biggest investigation since Pete Rose. That could easliy bias the report. Shame Shame Bud.

  7. gjk2212@yahoo.com

    joe girardi was offered the managerial job for the yanks. don mattingly announced he won’t be back next year. a-rod is gone. torre is gone. posada and mariano could be on their way. not looking good for the yankees. and im loving every second of it. i live in north nj, and mostly every yankee fan is an arrogant frontrunning jerk. not saying all yankee fans are like that, there will always be the diehards, but come on. what is the mets had 26 championships and the yankees had 2. it would be very much different. youd see much more wright and reyes shirts than jeter and damon, or whoever.

    just my 2 cents

  8. allmarsh@aol.com

    Arod had in his contract that if anyone in baseball was paid more than him he would receive a rasie of 1 million dollars above that player.

    It has always been about the money! The Yankees are spinning the media to explain to their idiot fans why they won’t resign the greatest player of this generation (the generation after Bonds) after the greatest offensive season in my lifetime

  9. allmarsh@aol.com

    correction – raise

    KOBE , TIGER WOODS, GRETZKY, all the great ones… would do no different

  10. Zack

    Ha, yeah, I thought of that whole “Leave Britney Alone” nonsense. Maybe I should’ve filmed myself shrieking all of this stuff…in a tent. (If anyone doesn’t know what we’re talking about, go to YouTube and do a search for “leave britney alone.”) Tell the kids at your school to get with the program.


    Thanks. It could be argued that players lead quietly by example (look at Jeter), but it’s true, there are many ways to lead. I’m not sure if A-Rod was a leader on the Yankees, but when you have a team full of superstars, it’s tough for any ONE guy to stand out.


    I’d be shocked if A-Rod went to the Twins. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Torre replaced by Torii.


    Ouch. I was waiting for that. Thanks for continuing to put me in my place. A-Rod could use your guidance, too.


    Thanks for respectfully disagreeing…and I agree with you that it was lame for A-Rod not to show up for his award. I mean, you don’t know where he was or what else he might’ve had to do (I’d imagine he’s pretty busy, even when he’s not playing), but still. Look…I like Manny for his skills as a hitter. I don’t care that he’s lazy and stupid. I also like A-Rod for HIS skills. I don’t care that he’s lame in other ways (although I’m arguing that he’s not as lame as everyone makes him out to be). Not everyone can be Jeter or Ripken, although even THOSE guys have done some shady things, or at least have been rumored to have done them. No one is perfect, but it seems A-Rod is picked on more for his imperfections than others because of his high profile. That’s all. As for my Game 2 entry, I still have at least a few more hours of work. It might be up late tonight, but if not then, hopefully by late-afternoon tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but I had a bunch of things come up last night and today that pulled me away from blogging.


    Torii isn’t THAT old, but it’s true the Yanks have enough outfielders. They should invest in a quality starting pitcher and let Melky do his thing.


    You think? I don’t see it.


    The Yankees are eroding. There’s no other way to describe it.


    Wow. And did you (or anyone) hear Michael Kay today on ESPN Radio? I learned why A-Rod got $252 million from the Rangers, as opposed to $250. It’s because at the time, the highest paid athlete was Kevin Garnett who had a contract worth $126 million. Scott Boras wanted to say that he DOUBLED the highest contract in pro sports, and voila! Two-fifty-two for A-Rod. Incredible. It doesn’t make me hate either one of them, though. EVERYONE has a right to go for as much money as they can get, as long as they’re not cheating or hurting anyone or anything.

  11. cubs0110@aol.com

    I want the Cubs to sign him. the money issue just tags along. We have the opportunity to sign one of the best players ever to play the game, it would be foolish not to.

  12. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    I know this will never happen, but I will welcome A Rod with open arms as a member of the San Diego Padres.


  13. puckcollector@optonline.net

    You’ll welcome A-Rod with opem arms, until someone provokes him and he gets that “I have do good” attitude then he *****. The Yanks need a 3rd baseman, 2-4 starters, and 2 QUALITY relievers.

  14. last-pm@hotmail.com

    Red Sox details 10-30-07
    Written by Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

    I wrote a letter to the Red Sox blog yesterday. The response has been out standing. I even appreciate the people that complained about my “whining”. Veterans gave our lives just so people that do not care about others can live a great life here in the U. S. For your information I was not “whining” I asked base ball if they would help a disabled veteran make the facts of this case known. I silently volunteered helping others since I returned in 1974 from the Vietnam Conflict. I volunteer out of respect for those veterans that never returned from our many conflicts and wars. I volunteer thousands of hours a year to make life better for others. The news has censored the truth that my Veterans medical care has been stopped for political self gain. This is an illegal act. I am a no-body. I received three injuries while serving. Two came during separate combat support missions. I can not forget my time over there, you see I have flash backs of my first kill every day. I am not whining. I am proud of my actions as a United States Marine. What I did may not have been morally correct but I did it for my country. (YOU)

    In 1999 a family from Madbury NH called me out of the “blue”. They had read a letter to the editor that I wrote. The Madbury selectmen use government powers to force families that the selectmen do not like out of their town. I as a America citizen could not allow this so I volunteered to help this family. Judge Peter Fauver violated the law to protect these selectmen. The NH Supreme Court refused to hear a case that questioned the integrity of the courts. The NH governor used the state police to harass my family at work and home. I got arrested under the Patriot Act as a terrorist. I lost my freedom for 6 months before the bogus charges were dropped. NH Congress woman Shea-Porter did not like a letter to the editor so she filed a false police complaint against me. I was arrested until the complaint was determined to be false. The Dover and Lee NH police refuse to allow me to file a complaint against anyone. She then had a VA Dr file a commitment order with out merit to take my freedom. Now the NH VA director Levenston stops my VA medical for injuries received in the line of duty. I volunteer to help American citizens and judges and government officials use medical care to stop my volunteer help. From President Bush down to the lowest political official all refuse to help me. News Papers censor the truth. Where do I go.

    Base ball as well as those that say I am a “whinier” have your freedom because our children risked their lives to become Veterans. Is it so much that I ask base ball to just ask publicly why the State of New Hampshire has allowed these criminal acts to be criminally inflicted on a disabled veteran. The State of NH is wrong for what they are doing and I am Proud to stand up to my death to help this Madbury NH family. This is why I wrote the Red Sox blog letter.

    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

  15. Zack

    I don’t blame you for wanting A-Rod.


    I don’t blame you for wanting A-Rod.


    Are you seeing a trend here? Fans of many other teams would looooove to have A-Rod. And you’re still bashing the guy. You’re all gonna miss him when Wilson Betemit is your starting 3rd baseman.


    Yeah, but what do you think about A-Rod?

  16. ceetar@gmail.com

    I tend to agree, I like A-Rod, and I think he wants to win more than anyone else on the team. Especially Jeter who, if he never won another championship, would probably say he was happy with his career when it was over.

    Do we forget that A-Rod was willing to accept a pay-cut to go to Boston? It can’t be all about the money.

    A-Rod also had clauses in his contract that would make him the highest paid player in baseball should someone else get a bigger contract afterwards.

  17. johnmcrae1@hotmail.com


    While I ordinarily respect your opinion and most definitely your knowledge of the game, I must respectfully take exception with your pass on A-Rod’s announcement timing. I am by no means a Red Sox fan, but you must see how timing such an attention grabbing announcement would grab some of the spotlight from a team that worked their butts off for 162 games, plus a difficult field of AL foes in the postseason to make it to the WS!! Honestly, what would one day’s difference have made in the large scheme of things for A-Rod? In terms of his performance, there’s no denying that he’s the most daunting offensive juggernaut in the game… perhaps ever.

    Enjoy your “offseason” :),


  18. redsox342445@yahoo.com

    hey in regard to your comment to me. I can definitly see where you are coming from and i know that arod is a great player and that is what really matters on the field. Not what you do off the field. I can understand it better now. Im off to read your latest post. Later

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