MY post-season

I was THIS close to flying to Chicago for Game 4 of the NLDS…but the Cubs got swept. I was probably going to have tickets to the World Series at Shea Stadium…but we all know what happened to the Mets. It looks like my season of snagging is done, and that’s fine. I’ve been watching just about every pitch of every game on TV and keeping busy with other stuff….like, for example…five days ago I gave an hourlong speech about my baseball collection for a “Learning At Lunch” program at ING. Two days ago I was interviewed for an article about my collection for the December issue of Sports Illustrated For Kids. Yesterday I was photographed for the article by Heinz Kluetmeier and then did a phone interview with a radio station in Binghamton, NY. Today I drove up to my parents’ house and fell in the lake…


Now I’m back at my place, watching Clemens struggle against Cleveland. He should’ve tossed me a ball last month when he had a chance.



    Hey, so if your season is done…. That means I beat you in a ball snagging category! 1 ball snagged in the 2007 postseason. (SHOULD have been 2, but I was too busy asking some coach for a ball, that I didn’t even see it coming, it almost hit my foot…)

  2. Zack

    So much for that sweep…


    I saw most of Game 3. Congrats on out-snagging me in the post-season (so far).


    Zack- ive commented on the blog once before (july 25th, yankee stadium)…but i couldnt find my mlb account #’s or w/e (stupid 14* yr old)…but ive read every single word of every entry you’ve written atleast 3 times since, i love it…its to the point where my family is watching a met game at shea and every foul ball we say, ” i bet zack got that one”…or every 3rd ball out…so you dont stop reading this, im just going to end by saying i respect what you do and the passion you have (im a writer myself-school sports section!!)…




    yes!!!!!!!! something was wrong with my account. i couldnt log in and comment but i fixed it. josh copied me….. i read your blog at least 3 times. just kidding, but i did say that. thats a nice lake! the best part of the offseason is that its finally time for the new nationals park! im goin next year.


    Nothing at the 20 min of BP. They ended early due to the pre game ceremonies. SI 4 Kids, Nice!


    Oh, and A Damon Dinger!!

    Joba should never have pitched two innings. Hughes was doin fine, and we need Joba for tommorow. And Mo should not have pitched the ninth Torre is a (how dare i say this) M-O-R-O-N!!!!!!


    yeah, he really should have thrown you that ball.

    puckcollector, you really should be managing the yanks!

  8. Zack

    Yeah, basically, but it’s good for baseball if the series lasts a bit longer. Also, if the Yankees somehow reach the World Series, I’m gonna try hard to go to at least one game, as I’ve NEVER attended a World Series game in NYC. (And I’m glad for Torre, and for A-Rod, who deserves to win and probably wants to win more than anyone.)


    Thanks sooooo much. I really appreciate hearing that, and don’t worry about leaving long comments. I always read everything. (Sometimes it takes me a few days if I’m really busy.) That’s funny about your family. Good luck with the sports writing for school. Hope to hear from you again soon…


    Now c’mon, you’re not the only person who loves this blog. :-)

    I’m sure my girlfriend reads every entry at least 23 times. (That might be a joke.) How is the Nationals new stadium part of the offseason? Are you planning to take a tour of it in January? I’ll definitely be there next season as well. Probably just once. Not yet sure when.


    Yeah, well, Torre probably managed differently because he knew his job was on the line. If Steinbrenner hadn’t opened his mouth, Joba and Rivera probably wouldn’t have seen action.


    I heard that after Mattingly and Girardi, the puck collector is next in line for the Yankees managerial job.


    i cant wait to see the new nats stadium! its gonna be nice but they still dont have a name. i hope the yankees get crushed in game 4 and torre gets fired. id love it. and the philthies got swept. and the giants beat the jets. im callin a redsox rockies world series. wow. who would have thought. do you know approximately when schedules come out? i wana plan my trips to nats stadium and fenway…

  10. Charlie

    Yeah, Rockies!!!!!and the sox….
    No, I’m not going to any of the rockies games, which is VERY unfortunate. They’re still gonna’ win the world series, so it’s fine.

    yeah, Clemens should have tossed a ball to you last month, because he’d probably of thrown a perfect game last night, or at least a shutout.


    Hey Zack, my spring break FINALLY matches up with opening day, So I think I’ll be going for the first time next year!


    puckcollector-i was wondering about something. email me, i dont wana talk about hockey on a baseball blog…


    Yankees lose.

    Is Torre gone?

    Is A-Rod headed to Chicago?

    Tune in next time to find out!


    thaaaaaaaaa yankees lose! thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yankees lose!

    torres gone, arods gone, posadas gone, abreu may be gone. their pitching needs help.


    Thank the lord that the Yankees lost!

    I may be a little biased, but they’re the most annoying fans on the planet!

    The rest of the playoffs should be interesting! I bet MLB is praying that Boston makes it, or else the ratings will be in the toilet this year!

  16. Zack

    You forgot about Mariano possibly being gone. Anyway…wow. It’ll be interesting to see how this offseason plays out. As for schedules, some teams already have VERY preliminary schedules ready for 2008. The Nationals haven’t released theirs yet. Just go to the teams’ web sites and click the “schedule” link, and if the preliminary schedule is ready, it’ll just pop up.


    No Rockies games for you? What’s up with that?!


    Opening Day…cool. I hope A-Rod doesn’t go to Chicago.


    Shoo-in? I wouldn’t say that, but they’ve gotta be the favorites to reach the Series.




    I don’t know if “annoying” is the word. I’d say “spoiled” and “hostile” would be more accurate.


    Sorry. You’re not annoying, spoiled, or hostile, and I feel your pain.


    If I make 7 mil as the manager then I’ll be happy.

    Mo will stay, Posada will stay, Abrue will stay. And i look at A-rod like this:

    He’s gonna get a 3-4 milion dolloar raise. The Yanks made 3 or 4 million by reaching the playoff, and he was the main reason that they got there, so he get the raise and stays.

    And go ahead talk about hockey. All Ny teams are out, so hockey (and football, and MSG harassment) is now the topic.


    A word on preliminary schedules. Last year, the Padres issued a press release in September announcing the sale of ticket plans for 2007 and that the Yankees were coming to San Diego in June.

    Later that year…no Yankees.

    Right now, the Yanks are supposed to be in Houston Father’s day weekend and Pittsburgh some other time. We’ll see, but I find trying to plot the full Yankee schedule for the year ahead is a fun chore.

    As for Puck Collector, if I may tip my hat–the probability of getting a puck at an NHL game is remote. Perhaps 2-5 pucks, if that much, make it into the stands for warm-ups–that’s not a lot. And there’s not much maneuvering room with lots of competition. Game pucks are much harder.

    It helps to befriend the equipment manager, but Puck Collector’s record of something like 25 straight games with getting a puck–including on the road is an incredible achievement. I tip my hat to the kid.



    You’re so right about MLB and the Red Sox. ESPN might as well change it’s name to NESN or The Red Sox Channel. My dream world series is the Kansas City Royals vs San Diego Padres. Screw the ratings and the East Coast bias.


    I need some ball cubes. Alot actually. Maybe 20 or so. Does anyone that posts on here recommend any specific brand or know of a cheap source?



    Puck Collector,

    I saw some good prices on Ebay. I thought someone may have an alternate websight or source? I do not have a ticket as of right now, but I’m going to wait and see what happens with the NLCS. I really would only go over for the World Series. I live close enough for it to be a last minute trip. I read somewhere last night there were 8000 tickets available in AZ for the NLCS games 1 and 2. That’s sad. SD, Chicago, Philly, both NY’s would be sold out for sure.


  21. Zack

    Cashman said the Yankees are not going to resign A-Rod if he opts out. A-Rod has a chance to be a HERO. All he has to do is not opt out. Everyone knows he could get more money, and lots of people are still pissed at him for taking that huge contract from the Rangers in the first place. It’s amazing how someone worth a quarter of a billion dollars has a chance to appear like he’s not interested in money.


    Wow, that’s awful about the Padres’ schedule. I wonder if they gave people a refund. I tip my hat to the kid, too. I didn’t realize it was that difficult.


    Funny stuff. A dozen balls for 20 bucks would be an amazing deal. Go for it.


    I have no idea about ball cubes. eBay would’ve been my genereic suggestion. I’m pretty sure all the playoff games are sold out in Phoenix. Maybe there are 8,000 tickets available on StubHub? Didn’t you see the crowds there during the NLDS? It was packed. Chase field averaged 40,000 fans per game when I was there for the Bondsless Giants in mid-September. You don’t think an additional 10,000 fans per day would be interestetd in the NLCS? Nonsense. Check your sources, and get back to me. :-)


    zack-padreleigh is rite, i heard that on espn too. there are close to 8000 tix left for the nlcs and u can even get an entire row for urself if u wanted….its pretty sad really

  23. Zack

    Thanks. Now I know which three days to stay the **** away from Pittsburgh.




    What?! Seriously?! Jesus.


    Zack, while you may have loved Arizona, I’m rooting hard against them. They don’t deserve a playoff team. Not only did they not sell out, but I kid you not, but a reasonably decent outfield seat sold for $3 tonight on E-Bay with no additional fees!!! $3 for the NLCS??? Something is definitely wrong down there.


    Hey everyone…

    I got a seat at the NLCS in Arizona for $3 on Ebay. Yeah!! Just kidding!! That is so sad Father Puck. I am with you on this one.


  26. Zack

    My apologies.


    Same to you. Sorry for doubting you.


    Fair enough. Let’s go Rockies, I guess…

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