9/29/07 at Camden Yards

QUESTION: What is Camden Yards’ nickname when the Yankees are in town?

ANSWER: “Yankee Stadium South.”

I’d witnessed the takeover on TV, but I’d never experienced it in person. Why would I have? For me, the point of driving to Baltimore is to escape the mayhem of Yankee Stadium, not to follow it. But this scott_zack_adam_outside.jpgday wasn’t about me. It was about my Watch With Zack clients–a family of four from New Jersey: Scott (age 14), his younger brother Adam (age 12), and their parents Jeff and Enid.

In the days leading up to this game, Scott (aka “yanksfan61293”) and I had been blog-commenting back and forth to figure out the plan. Basically, he and his brother were dying to get A-Rod’s autograph, and they wanted my help, even during batting practice.

This got me worrying about two things–first, that A-Rod’s unlikely decision to sign autographs was beyond my control, and second, that I wasn’t going to get to snag a single baseball.

Fast-forward to 4:45pm on the day of the game. Camden Yards was set to open in 20 minutes, and I was worrying about something else, namely one of the BIGGEST pregame crowds I had EVER seen at ANY ballpark. I literally could not believe my eyes, and I jogged to the end of the line with Adam to take a lines_at_gate_09_29_07.jpgphotograph. Back in July, the crowd outside AT&T Park for the Home Run Derby might’ve been as big, but as far as regular season games are concerned (excluding Beanie Baby Day at Comiskey Park in 1998 when people started showing up with lawn chairs at 7am), I’d never experienced anything close to this.

Quick reminder about the rules at Camden: the place opens two hours early, but for the first 30 minutes, fans have to stay in the right and center field seats unless they have season tickets. We didn’t have season tickets. We had regular box office tickets, so when we ran inside, we ended up being trapped with 1,000 other fans while the half-dozen season ticket holders who bothered to show up early got to run wild and snag like maniacs across the stadium.

To make matters worse, I got brutally outsnagged within the first five minutes by a young fan from New York. His name is Brian. (If you read the comments, you’ll know him as “puckcollector.”) He’s a regular at Yankee Stadium. I knew he was going to be there. He got two balls tossed to him pretty much right away and then beat me in a battle of glove tricks for a ball that some other fans had dropped into the gap behind the outfield wall. Ouch! He put me to shame in front of my clients–but the day was young, and at least I was getting a brief opportunity to even go for balls.

Scott (who didn’t bother bringing his glove) and Adam spread out in right-center field while I tried my best to make something happen down the line in the standing-room-only section. The place was so crowded that I couldn’t stand in my usual spot where I can see the batter. Instead, I had to hang out in the middle of the section and look for the little white speck emerging from the invisible field down below–not an easy way to judge and then catch a home run. After 20 minutes of solid stress, someone sent a ball flying high in my direction, and by the time I raced back as far as I could, I realized it was going to sail 10 feet over my head, so I moved forward a few feet and turned around for the carom (just like left fielders at Fenway play balls off the Green Monster). The ball smacked off a brick pillar and shot back at me so fast that I didn’t have time to get my glove in position, and the ball deflected off my left calf and shot back through my legs. After a split-second of severe frustration, I noticed that the ball had bounced back toward me because it hit the padding at the bottom of one of the flag poles, and I reached down and lunged for it and snatched it with my bare hand amidst a mad scramble with a dozen frenzied Yankees fans. Thank GOD. My streak was alive, and I had a ball to give away in case Scott and Adam didn’t get one on their own. I hurried over to the side edge of the section and looked down into the seats below, and way off in the distance, practically drowning in the sea of fans, I saw Adam looking in my direction. I held up the ball, and he pumped his fist.


That was it for the first half-hour, and if that wasn’t tough enough, we nearly got screwed when the rest of the stadium opened five minutes early. We’d been planning to make a beeline for the left field side, but by the time we ran over there, hundreds of fans had already flowed into the seats, and the entire first row along the foul line was practically full. As for the seats behind the Yankees’ dugout? Forget about it. There was a mob of fans 10 rows deep. Thankfully, Scott and Adam autograph_seekers_09_29_07.jpgwere able to slip into the front row behind third base, and since there wasn’t anyone signing autographs yet, they let me wander back out to left field. I was hoping to snag a second ball so I’d have one to give to each of them, but I had no chance. It was too damn crowded!


Competition can be fun, but there was nothing fun about this. (The fun part was being at a baseball game and getting to hang out with a great family, including two baseball-obsessed kids.)

It was a lost cause in left field, so I wandered back to the foul line, and to my surprise, A-Rod actually started signing autographs for the people in our row, about 50 feet closer to home plate. I didn’t think he’d sign for more than a minute, so I ran over with Scott, and of course we couldn’t get near him. Then, when Scott returned to his original spot in the front row, someone else had taken it. The good news was that A-Rod was still signing, making his way along the front row in Adam’s direction. Meanwhile, a few other Yankees were playfully trying to distract A-Rod by throwing/rolling balls at him from the bucket in shallow center field. These balls rolled right up against the low wall in the front row, and there wasn’t a single fan who bothered to reach down and scoop them up. If I could’ve somehow squeezed in and then moved three feet to either side, I would’ve had five balls within a minute, but the wall of people was impenetrable. The only thing I could do was to climb up on a seat as Edwar Ramirez walked over, and when he picked up the first ball, I asked him for it in Spanish. Because I was so high up, he pretended he was a basketball player and that my glove was the hoop, and he flipped me the ball by way of a perfect jump shot.


A-Rod was approaching fast, and there was no way to get back into the front row. Adam was in the perfect spot. Scott and I were completely boxed out, and we watched helplessly as A-Rod walked right up to Adam…and then moved right past without signing for him. (In the pic on the right, you can see Adam in the green hat, reaching out and getting ignored by A-Rod.)

I turned to Scott and asked, “What would you most like to get signed by him?”

“My ticket,” he replied.

“Give it to me,” I said. “I’m gonna go further down the line and try to squeeze in, and hopefully he’ll make his way out there.”

Scott handed me a Sharpie and an old ticket from May 5th and seemed depressed to have missed A-Rod but amazed that I was still scheming of a way to possibly get him.


I bolted through the seats (which were so crowded that it was impossible to run straight across) and then cut back down a crowded staircase to a spot in foul territory in shallow left field. A-Rod was STILL signing, and though I wasn’t able to find a spot directly along the wall, I was able to climb over a row of chairs and stand IN the front row, directly behind the people at the wall. I tucked my backpack between my legs and braced myself for the crushing wave of humanity. A-Rod was only 15 feet away, and there was a mountain of people right in front of him, clawing and climbing on top of each other to get closer to the arod_approaching2.jpgfront. Everyone was frantic and out-of-control, and I was a bit concerned for the safety of the small woman standing directly in front of me.

“I just want to say,” I told her, “that I’m not going to push you, but I’m probably going to get pushed into you, so I apologize in advance.”

She appreciated what I said, and we waited together as The Man kept coming closer and closer, and finally, the moment arrived. I stuffed my camera into my pocket, pulled out Scott’s ticket, and uncapped the arod_approaching3.jpgSharpie. I was afraid that A-Rod was going to ignore ME as well, so I engaged him in conversation.

“A-Rod,” I said, “I should’ve caught your 48th home run this year, but you hit it too hard and I misjudged it.”

He looked up and mouthed one word at me. It was either “when” or “where” so I told him it was the second homer he hit during that one big inning at Yankee Stadium. He nodded and reached out for the ticket I was holding and signed it with his black Sharpie. SUCCESS!!!

I’d once gotten A-Rod to sign three autographs in one day at Yankee Stadium, way back in 1995, so it didn’t bother me to get this one on Scott’s behalf. Still, I couldn’t let it go THAT easily, not without messing with him for a bit, so I walked slowly back through the seats and pretended to be all bummed out.


“What happened?” asked Scott.


“Yeah,” he interrupted, “I figured you wouldn’t be able to get him.”

“–I was only able to get you A-Rod’s autograph once.”

I held up the signed ticket, and Scott looked like he was about to faint. I was stunned that A-Rod had signed for such a long time. Everyone was stunned, really, and we all showed our arod_autograph.jpgappreciation by applauding as he jogged back to the infield. The rest of batting practice was predictably frustrating. I was standing within 10 feet of two homers that normally would’ve been easy catches, but with the seats so crowded, I didn’t get to move more than five feet for either one.

After BP, the whole family convened in deep left field, and we discussed our next move. I was starving. Jeff and Enid also wanted to grab a bite, and we were all ready to head up to the seats–but I noticed joba_signing.jpgthat Joba Chamberlain was signing in the left field corner and working his way along the front row toward the infield. The mob of autograph seekers was nearly as intense for him as it was for A-Rod. I didn’t think there was much of a chance to get him, but hell, there wasn’t anything else to do (except not starve to death) so I zigzagged through the seats with Scott and Adam and used the same plan as before. Don’t try to penetrate the mob. Go past it, find some space, and hope he keeps signing.

Once again, I wasn’t able to make it to the very front, but I was able to stand in the front row, just behind the fans at the wall. I had to think fast…would it be better to give my spot to Adam and have his use his youth to get Joba’s attention?…or would it be better for me to stay there and use my longer arms to reach further out?

Adam wanted his glove signed on the outside of the fingers, next to a couple other pitchers’ autographs. Time was running out. I grabbed the glove and his Sharpie and reached it out as far as I could as Joba approached. Joba reached out and took it. I told him where I wanted it signed, and he did it! Of course adam_with_joba_autograph.jpgit would’ve been better if Adam had just gotten A-Rod in the first place, but still, this wasn’t a terrible consolation prize. Scott, unfortunately, wasn’t able to get Joba, but that’s how these things go. Everyone was happy. Everyone was even (for the most part) and I still had a baseball in my backpack for each of them.


We got food. Enid treated me to a bottled water and an order of chicken tenders and fries. Adam drowned his hot dog in ketchup. I thought I was gonna puke. We all headed up to the upper deck.

The seats were–how can I put a positive spin on this–really close to the action…if you’re an astronomer. Seriously though, you know what? It was actually kinda fun to leave my glove in my bag and just focus on my food and the game and the company. One of the things that I’ve gotten to love about taking people to games is that it truly IS a new experience every time. I mean, how else would I get to watch an inning from the left field upper deck at Camden Yards? Okay, so I couldn’t see the on-deck hitters putting pine tar on their bats, but so what? The bird’s eye view was actually pretty cool.


The view from the eighth row behind the Yankees’ dugout was also pretty cool, and that’s where I sat with Scott and Adam starting in the third inning.


Tike Redman grounded out to end the third, and I was already down in the front row by the time Shelley Duncan caught Robinson Cano’s throw at first base. Duncan tossed me the ball on his way into adam_scott_during_game.jpgthe dugout, and in reverse Hample Jinx fashion, he ended up hitting a single and a homer, both in the top of the fourth, as the Yankees batted around and scored TEN runs.

One inning later, it was Redman’s offensive futility that once again led to our gain. This time, he grounded out to Duncan, Andy Pettitte took the throw at first base, and I stayed in “my” seat. Scott and Adam raced down to the front row. Pettitte paced off the field slowly, and just before he disappeared below the dugout roof, he flipped up the ball. There was a scramble for it between my two guys and a couple other kids, and I was thrilled to see Scott turn around with his glasses in one hand and the ball in scott_with_pettitte_ball.jpgthe other. (Before I got contacts, my glasses used to get knocked off all the time, and it always annoyed me, but not as much when I ended up with the ball.)

That was Pettitte’s last batter. He left the game with an 11-9 lead, and I told Scott that if the Yankees held onto that lead, the ball he got would be the ball that made it an official game and qualified Pettitte for the win.

Scott and Adam ran down to the dugout after every inning, but the rest of the third-out balls got tossed to other sections. The Orioles scored a run in the bottom of the eighth to make it 11-10, and that’s how it ended. Pettitte picked up his 201st career win. Jose Veras notched his third career save. And even though my girlfriend has some bizarre crush on Duncan and would’ve loved to own a baseball that contained a molecule of his DNA, I gave it to Adam. That way, both he and Scott went home with a game-used ball.



• 306 balls in 38 games this season = 8.05 balls per game.

• 493 consecutive games with at least one ball

• 105 consecutive games outside New York with at least one ball

• 5 consecutive Watch With Zack games with at least two balls

• 3,267 total balls


  1. evan.bizzz@gmail.com

    Cool, looks like fun despite the crowds.
    Are you going to be on the west coast anytime next season? I am thinking about a watch with Zack but I do not want to deal with the transportation fees for you.


  2. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    Hi Zack….

    Very cool post!! What a great day for the clients/kids. GAME balls for each and autos for each including an ARod. Worth every penny, plus you got it accomplished in that insane crowd. Too many people to effectively snag, but you got it done. Good job.

    By the way, TREVOR TIME my (blank)!! What a choke that guy pulled this week. Let’s just throw BP fastballs (83mph) to the hottest hitting team in baseball at Coors Field. Jeeze Louise. Maybe it’s time for Trevor to take a look in the mirror, face reality and hang em up. I doubt he will though, because his option for 2008 has already kicked in based on games finished over 2006-2007 combined. What a wasted chance this week, huh?

    Well, I’m thinking about doing some possible ALDS snagging in Anaheim. What about Sammy Wu and Ethan Shapiro(Dodgerdude)? You guys going to Anaheim at all? It would be cool if you guys are going. Any other West Coasters going to any Anaheim games?

    Zack, have you ever done the Arizona Fall League? We make a trip every year. It’s a snaggers dream come true. About only 100 people in the stands. Easy autos and foul balls. Good baseball with top prospects. I know you don’t count minor league balls, but you can get a ton. Just curious.

    Hey Puck Collector, how did you do in Baltimore? How many balls? Gamers?


  3. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    Puck Collector,

    Never mind about the update. I just read the previous post’s comments. Nice job.


  4. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Leigh: Seeing Mariano’s arm fall off cuz Torre is a *****, is just as painful as Trevor.

  5. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    jona has good taste. it sounds like you guys had a blast…ten run innings seem to be somewhat rare.

  6. dodgerdude511@aol.com

    Padre- I can’t make any of the Division series games, so, If there is an ALCS or WS, i’ll try to make those.

    Also, Im so sorry about the Pads… As much as I dislike them, I think it really ***** that they aren’t going to the playoffs and, (no offense cubsfan), the Cubs are. As long as thier bats are working, The Padres are the strongest team in the NL. You can never count them out of a game, even if they are down by 10. I think loosing thier outfields cost them the Season.

    gahh it’s so frustrating, but it WAS the best game i’ve ever seen.

    Zack- Thats so awesome. I love the feeling of getting something signed when there is a huge crowd.


  7. Zack

    Thanks, yeah, it WAS a good time, but imagine how much better it would’ve been if 30,000 of those fans hadn’t been there. (Of course, if that were the case, then A-Rod wouldn’t have been there either.) Where on the West Coast do you live? Maybe you told me, but I forget, so please refresh my memory. I’m gonna try hard to make it out to PETCO next season. Would you be able to meet me there? Maybe I can line up a few other West Coast clients and then the trip will pay for itself.


    Thanks! I was nervous (as I mentioned in the entry) about several things at the start of the day, but in the end it all worked out great. Trevor-Schmevor. I still love the guy, but he’s turning into a joke. I’ve never attended the Arizona Fall League, but my friend Brad knows all about it, and we’ve been discussing a possible group “Watch With Zack” trip out there. (Anyone interested?)


    Stop with the Torre bashing. He’s a baseball genius as far as I’m concerned. And stop cursing. How dare you use a word as offensive as m-o-r-o-n -?-!


    Oh Dear Lord, YOU like Shelley too? The man looks like he got beat up and lost a few chromosomes in the process.


    Yeah, it was pretty cool. I don’t collect autographs THAT much so the buzz was still pretty strong for me.

  8. joneli24@yahoo.com

    you must have been so excited for these kids getting Arods auto cause i know how much the ones you got in 95 or whatever year means to you. Anyway, i know the balls were tough to come by but 3 is solid and its nice to see them both walk away with GAME balls…

    thats what piazza did at shea earlier this year. he started all the way down the line and then came down towards the camera well and i waited and got a first row spot and got him and then got him to sign over the dugout again.

  9. evan.bizzz@gmail.com

    Zack, I live 40 min from dodger stadium,which is the only stadium I’ve ever tried snagging at. Although it has a bad rep. among snaggers I still enjoy the feel of the old stadium and have lots of experience there. I can make it to SD but its about 150 minutes away in a car and farther by train. Plus, I would much rather prefer Dodger Stadium because of my familiarity with it.

  10. sportsman1616@cox.net

    Zack- I’d be interested to go to one of your “Watch with Zack” games if you came out to Arizona. The Arizona Fall League is great! Future all stars are there every year. Last year I got a glove signed by Troy Tulowitzki. You always get the autographs or baseballs that you want!


  11. edeckarizona@gmail.com

    why would anyone want arods autograph? ugh… haha gotta have the love for DWright. I hate all these talks about Reyes for Santana. The man stole 80 freaking bases and hit 280! Average dropped tremendously at the end of the year, but he’s an awsome player, really fun to watch.

  12. Charlie

    8 balls per game for the season?! wow.

    Are u going to any playoff games? sorry if you’ve already answered that question a billion times.

    Though I’ll never have as many MLB balls as u, I might have out-collected you in an MLB item. It’s pretty odd, but how many packs of sunflower seeds have u collected from major leaguers? I have 2: one from Jorge Julio and one from a devil Rays relief pitcher.


  13. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    hey i thought scott proctor was named ‘missing chromosome” i didn’t know there was another one. i just like shelley duncan, but not that way.

  14. Zack

    As excited as I still get as an experienced collector at the age of 30, I remember getting 10 times that excited at the smallest things when I was first going to games. When I take kids to games now, I know exactly how they feel, so I’m right there with them, trying like crazy to make something special happen that they’ll always remember. I vividly remember the first autograph I ever got. It was a guy named Terry Leach at Shea Stadium back in the 80s. He was a total nobody…a submarine-style reliever…but at the time, it was THE COOLEST thing that had ever happened to me at a baseball game. Also…at that time, I had never come close to snagging a single ball. If I could’ve run around with a “big kid” and learned where to go for balls and have him snag a few for me, I would’ve died. Right there on the spot. Boom. Dead. Goodbye everybody. So I realize how cool it can be for the kids I take to games, and for their parents who get to see them so happy.


    I think I could swing it for Dodger Stadium next season. My oldest brother lives in LA, and I’m sure he’d love it if I visited, so I wouldn’t need to pay for a hotel. The only issue would be the flight. Maybe I’d fly to San Diego since I might need to be there for a few games anyway, and then take a train to LA to meet you for a game. Maybe I could go to a game in LA on my own the first day in order to re-familiarize myself with the ballpark, and then you and I could go the next day. Are the preliminary 2008 schedules out for both the Padres and Dogers? Take a look and let me know if they’re both home at the same time, or if there’s a week when one team is home for a few games and then the other team is home right after. Weeknight games are always best, and the crappier the visiting teams are, the better. Pirates? Reds? Nationals? Marlins? Let’s make this happen. April or May would also probably be best because the crowds are smaller then.


    Sounds amazing. Not yet sure about all the details for an AFL trip, but I’m working it out. Stay tuned. I might post a whole entry about it before long.


    Well said. Reyes is being bashed by Mets fans, and he doesn’t deserve it. He was an MVP-caliber player for most of the season. Unfortunately, he happened to slump down the stretch run so it looks worse than it is, but the Mets’ wins before the All-Star break were just as important as their wins (or lack thereof) in September.


    You have definitely out-collected me in the seeds department, although Josh Beckett (when he was with the Marlins) once threw me a handful of seeds over the dugout roof. Congrats to your Rockies for making it to the playoffs. You must me PUMPED! Are you planning to attend any of the games? I might be heading out to Wrigley Field for Game 4 of the NLDS on Sunday, October 7, but it’s only 50/50 at the moment. The one issue is that I’d have to wake up sometime between 4am and 5am since it’s a 1pm game. (I’d be flying out on the day of the game from New York.)


    What…there can only be one “missing chromosome” player in the majors? I think not.

  15. cubs0110@aol.com


    Having the Cubs not make Zack’s “Crappy teams that he hopes to see to snag the most balls” list is almost as good as seeing them make the playoffs! :)

  16. sammywu17@hotmail.com

    I think I will drop 100 something dollars on stubhub for a game in ALCS since I might not be in US after graduation. I hope that Indians will make it and angels got butt kicked at the game I attend so I would have the slightest fighting chance for line up cards. I am having such a ridiculous workload right now as a engineernig student.

  17. gjk2212@yahoo.com

    arizona fall league sounds like sooo much fun. especially if i could see the mets team down there for some autos, snagging. i wouldnt do a watch with zack but i might try to get me and trevor down there for a weekend and meet you there. ill keep you posted.


  18. memiller67@netzero.net


    Awesome job on the “watch with Zack” at Camden yards. You do not have to be a season ticket holder to take BP on the field at CoMerica. As matter of fact former 84′ Tigers WS pitcher Dave Rozema pitches the BP. Just go to the Tigers web site during the season, sign up and away you go. I will definitely be doing it next year. BTW, have you ever thought about playing in an over 28 hardball league. I play for the 35+ Rangers in Detroit. It is awesome. For a quick look, go to http://www.detroitmsbl.com…Very cool.

    Mike in Detroit

  19. sammywu17@hotmail.com

    let me know if you come to LA or SD next year. I will most likely take summer class at my school. I can drive you around. I would definitely love to meet you. And I will go to NY for sure.


    why not drive to anaheim. It is way easier to snag balls and get autos there. I don’t go to dodger stadium even though my school is like 7 min from the ball park.

  20. fatherpuck@optonline.net

    Here’s a tip for Camden Yards.

    Outside the RF gate, there is a scalp-free zone, where sellers cannot sell for more than face value. Lots of season ticket holders unload their tix by paying messenger types to stand in the zone.

    This can be tough if the O’s are playing well and a big team is in, i.e., many more buyers than sellers. However, by September, even for the Yankees, when the O’s are dead there are far more sellers than buyers. Expect to pay close to face value if you want to get in for BP, but if you wait until 15 minutes before game time, you may be able to score seats just a couple of rows behnd the dugout for $15 to $20 as I did last season for three different Yankee games. If a team like Tampa Bay is in town, you’re in even better shape.

  21. Zack

    Not only are the Cubs great right about now, but even when they’re bad, they have a huge following. I always try to avoid seeing the Cubs on the road.


    I will definitely let you know about San Diego and Los Angeles next year. Just keep checking the blog. I promise to let everyone know about that trip well in advance.


    Your parents wouldn’t let you skip a day or two of school? Tell them I said it’s okay. Seriously, this is important business. The no-Sunday thing does make it tough, though.


    I’ve thought about playing in an adult hardball league, but I’ve always decided against it. Basically, what always made it so much fun for me to play was knowing that I might someday make it to the major leagues. At this point, now that that dream is shot, there wouldn’t be any motivation for me to bust my butt out on the field. I know that might be a bad attitude, but that’s just the way I am. Sometimes I avoid things if I can’t be the best in the world at them. If/when you see a direct link next season to the Tigers’ BP, would you kindly give me a heads-up and pass it along?

    FATHER PUCK-******! That’s one helluva tip. Thanks.

  22. cubs0110@aol.com

    I guess you can blame WGN for that. I wonder how many “Cub fans” are just fans because of WGN?

    And Ohman was left off of the playoff roster, So I’m back to hoping that a foul ball during BP happens to go my way, or that I can get someone to toss ME a ball instead of all the little kids….

  23. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    Hey Zack…

    Wow, what did I start with the mention of the Arizona Fall League huh? It is a fun trip for us every year though. I will keep an eye on the blog to see if you do an actual trip with any of the regulars on here or anyone else. If it happens maybe I can coordinate my trip with yours and say hi. I’m not going to pay you though….haha.


    That’s funny about the seeds. I got a pack from Heath Bell the last home game of the season. Ever get a pack of seeds signed?


    I have a friend that’s a WGN Cubs fan too. Remember when the only baseball on TV was WGN Cubs and TBS Braves? Even though Ohman isn’t on the NLDS roster he’ll be at the game and in uniform. Kind of an overpaid cheerleader, but he’ll be there. Everyone makes the trip.


    Still working on the ALCS Anaheim ticket. Let me know what game(s) you’re looking at. Hey, can you design and build Trevor a new arm? By the way, you’re wrong about Panda Express. It’s NOT fake Chinese food. It’s the BEST!!


    Come on down to Sunny San Diego for your game with Zack. Take the Pacific Surfliner train and enjoy the fresh air. Ha ha. No, just kidding. Dodger Stadium is great to snag in. I’ve always had good luck during BP in the LF Pavilion. Just clear out before all the chollos show up and you’re ok. Hey, what actual city do you live in by LA?

    Puck Collector…

    Mariano Rivera will be the All Time Saves Leader passing up Trevor Hoffman in a few years. Thanks for your sympathy about the Padres. It was an exciting game and we just didn’t get it done. It makes you appreciate what it takes to get to the playoffs in the first place. We’ve been two years in a row and I think we were all getting spoiled out here. That was our wake up call. Now, maybe our owner will spend a little more money to put us over the top so there won’t be a play in game to worry about.


    Thanks for the sympathy as well and maybe I’ll see you at an Angel playoff game soon. I’ll let you know if I score some tix.

    Peace out everyone…


  24. cubs0110@aol.com

    Leigh, are you sure? I REALLY want a ball in the playoffs, and most of the rich people that get most of the tickets have no idea what happens during batting practice, so I’d think it’d be pretty easy t get the ball he throws in the upper deck. I’ll tell you what happens after the game.

  25. padreleigh@hotmail.com


    I’m pretty sure. What do you think Zack? If he’s hurt or not playing well and wasn’t included on the NLDS roster he should still be there in uniform since he’s on the team. They don’t use special balls during bp in the playoffs. I’ve only caught one ball in bp during the playoffs and it was a Busch Stadium Commemorative ball from the Cardinals. I’m not sure if they use special balls during the game itself anymore? Maybe Zack can answer that one? I did BP before game 7 of the 2002 World Series in Anaheim. I didn’t get any balls, but all the balls they used were regular MLB balls. I was hoping for some kind of special ball.


  26. memiller67@netzero.net

    I will definitely send you the link for BP at CoMerica next season when they start to advertise it.

    Mike in Detroit

  27. Zack

    No doubt that WGN has a lot to do with people being Cubs fans, but people also like history and underdogs and the splendor of Wrigley Field.


    Heh, no need to pay me if you’re booking the trip on your own and taking care of your own flight, hotel, rental car, games, meals, etc. As for Ohman and other players left off the roster, I think they’re given the option of whether to hang out with the team, right? I think he’ll be there. And as for the balls, there are no longer commemorative balls used during the first two rounds of the playoffs, but game balls DURING the World Series have a special logo.


    Cool. Thanks.

  28. psu532@yahoo.com

    Zack, any postseason predictions?

    I think it’ll be Red Sox, Indians, Phillies, and Cubs that emerge victorious in the divisional series games. Like all Mets fans, I hope the Rockies knock off Philly, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  29. anne_doula@yahoo.com

    hey everyone
    do you know that Will Ohman was born in germany?I doubt he speaks german though.

  30. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Liegh, if Pads fans are spoiled than it doesn’t take much to spoil you west coasters. The Yanks have made the postseason for 13 years in a row!

    Predictions: Yanks in 4

    Sox in 3

    Rockies in 5

    D’backs in 5

  31. gjk2212@yahoo.com

    no they would let me take off, but thats not the problem. i have thursday friday off on november 8 and 9. they just dont wanna send me to arizona by ourselves, and neither of my parents wana go to arizona with us. my dad coaches my other brothers hockey team, and cant miss that. it would be tough. i need a flight, a room, and transportation. im hoping to get a room near the parks so i can walk.but id need a ride from the airport. but in general it will be hard. plus im not old enough to check into a hotel yet i dont think. but im definitely trying as hard as i can.

  32. Zack

    I don’t know if it’s fair for me to make an official prediction about the Rockies-Phillies series now that Game 1 is already in the ninth inning. I was originally thinking that Philly would crush Colorado, but if the Rockies can hold on and beat Hamels *IN* Philly, they’re going to have a huge advantage. At THIS moment, I’d have to go with the Rockies. I’m not gonna try to predict the number of games that each series will last. I think the D’backs, Red Sox, and Yankees will move on.


    I was not aware of that. I know he speaks English without an accent.


    You think the Angels are gonna get swept?! I think not. And I hope not. That’s the organization I worked for (when I worked for a minor league team in 1995), so I still root for them.


    How old are you? I forget. You’re in high school, right? Couldn’t you just take taxis to and from the airport?

  33. gjk2212@yahoo.com

    I guess. I’m still workin on it, not sure whats goin on. Almost done with 9/30/07 at shea stadium? phillies just lost. i won phillies nlcs tix raffle and aready am selling them.

  34. fatherpuck@optonline.net

    Oops, the Scalp-Free Zone in Camden Yards is ata LF gate, not RF–it’s across from Russell street and the bars.

    I never mentioned it before because I just assumed you knew.

  35. gjk2212@yahoo.com

    afl is gunna be tough


    Individual game tickets are available for purchase day of game at the stadium box office. Tickets will be on sale one hour prior to game time. Cash and checks accepted.

    Individual Game Ticket Prices:

    $6 – Adults

    $5 – Seniors (55+), Children (17 and under)

    $3 – Groups (20 or more)

  36. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    Lightning does strike twice!! I just won the Angels ALCS ticket lottery. First the Padres NLDS ticket lottery (Won’t need that one any more!!) and now the Angels. Sweet.
    I got the email kinda late and I was only able to buy a single ticket to one game. I picked the Angels home game 4 for the heck of it. If they make it that far, that game should be exciting. Maybe the Angels can beat the Red Sox and make it. Who knows? So, any west coasters going to the ALCS in Anaheim for snagging purposes….I’ll be at home game 4 if it happens.

  37. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    Puck Collector….

    A little Padres history. Padres hadn’t been to the post season since 1998 World Series spanking by the Yankees (Mark Langston *****). Since then, we have stunk until 2004 when we moved into our new PETCO Park. We just missed the playoffs in 2004, then won our division two years in a row, 2005-06. Now, this year we just missed again. For us Padres fans, just going two years in a row was outstanding with the payroll and talent our team has. If the Padres spent 150-250 million in payroll every year like the Yankees, I would say there would be a good chance we could have made the post season 13 years in a row. We have a much more competitive division to play in as well. If we got to play so many games against the likes of the Devil Rays, Orioles and Blue Jays every year, then that would help getting to the post season as well. All you guys really have to worry about are the Red Sox. Every year, it’s a dogfight between the Padres, Dodgers and Giants. Now, even the Rockies and Dbacks are good. Get my point? So, any post season appearance by my team is a special event. I really think the pain the Padres felt just missing this year will tranform into our owner and GM getting us the talent we need to get to the top. It will make them finally start spending some money. Our payroll was something like 58-60 million this year. What was the Yankees?


  38. joneli24@yahoo.com

    for a fan of a team whos boss is a money hungry winning freak, its nice to see other teams now making it. the dbacks, rockies, indians, phillies make it. the yankees go so far out of their way to bring in washed up overpaid players as well as overpaying for the players they already have just sums up why when other teams make the playoffs its a special event. if every team had $239 million (thats including luxury tax) to spend on players EVERY TEAM would make the playoffs and thats kind of tough to do when theres only 8 spots. the point is for a team that has a simple $50 mil payroll its not as easy to make the playoffs as a team that spends $19 mil/yr on Mike Mussina, $20 mil/yr on Jason Giambi, $20 mil/yr on Derek Jeter and $27 mil/yr on A-Rod, when you look at it the Yankees should be winning 110 games a year and winning the world series every year, but they dont. Did i mention $18 mil/yr on Bobby Abreu, and Damon and Matsui are making dub digits a year too. If the Padres had that money…id be very scared especially with Jake Peavy and Chris Young, and a solidified BP, something the Yankees would love to have all of.

    Anyone remember the 90s? When the Yanks won 4 of 5 WS? 96, 98,99,00…why did they win those years? They didnt spend over $83 million in a single season. They won because they had players that played to win and players who wanted to win. They had players who knew how to play their positions and played them effectively and played with that fire that any manager would dream that every player had. BUT NOW…does anyone think that A-Rod or Bobby Abreu or Jason Giambi actually care about winning? NOT ENTIRELY…im pretty sure after all those loosing years in Philly he only cares about his paycheck in his mailbox…and thats why the Yankees will never win another world series AGAIN…or at least until Steinbrenner drops dead.

  39. joneli24@yahoo.com

    and i AM NOT a yankees fan,i think i may have inferred that i was but i AM NOT


  40. sammywu17@hotmail.com


    I just found out a few hours I won the lottery,too, also one of my friends. We have the same code. I think everybody register won the lottery. Or just that no one thinks Angel gonna beat BoSox. I say Angels win WS this yr.

    I bought GAME 1 AND 3. (He gave me his) Seems like I won’t be able to go to the same game with you again this year.

  41. cubs0110@aol.com

    for me that is, not the game in this blog…. in fact the game in this blog was AWESOME!

  42. Zack

    Too bad there isn’t going to be an NLCS for the Phillies. (Too bad for your wallet, that is. Not too bad for them.)


    Aha. Thanks for clarifying.


    I don’t think the Angels are gonna make it that far. Interesting history of the Padres. You really captured the competitive nature of the NL West and explained it well.


    It’s now looking a little more likely that I’ll be going to Wrigley on Sunday for Game 4 of the NLDS. Of course, the Cubs actually need to WIN a game first. AWEsome that you got tickets to the NLCS.


    Well said. I would argue, though, that A-Rod cares more about winning than anyone. He’s got enough money. He’s got the MVP awards and the Gold Gloves. He’s already a guaranteed Hall of Famer. But the one thing he’s lacking is a ring.


    Congrats on getting tickets.

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