9/5/07 at Yankee Stadium

The day started out great. I snagged six balls during batting practice, and my mom was there to witness it. Chien-Ming Wang tossed me the first. Edwar Ramirez tossed me the second (my 200th ball of the season). The third was a Hideki Matsui homer on the fly. The fourth was tossed by Willie Bloomquist. The fifth was flipped up by Ryan Feierabend, and the sixth was a homer by Ichiro which hit the Loge facade and dropped down. Ready for the bad news? I blew my chance to catch a GAME HOME RUN by A-Rod—his second homer of an eight-run seventh inning which made Joba Chamberlain a winner for the first time in the Major Leagues. But anyway, I was in the perfect spot in the wide aisle in straight-away left field when A-Rod crushed a 2-1 pitch from Brandon Morrow. Deep line drive. I knew right away it had the perfect distance. The ball was heading about 15 feet to my left, or so it seemed, so I sprinted to the spot where I thought it was going to land, and when I looked up, the ball was hooking back to my right, almost exactly to my original spot. It was too late. The ball flew into the seats, just over the main aisle at the perfect height for me to have made an easy reaching catch. The fans dropped it, of course, and I watched helplessly as a major scrum ensued. This is easily the biggest blunder in my 18 years as a baseball collector. Words can not describe how bad I feel. The End.


  1. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune tonight. I’ve been there too. Don’t worry, there will be other chances. You still have Barry at PETCO.


  2. zoopnova@aol.com

    Just found this blog. Great stuff, man. I was lucky enough to grab a Fenway ball while I was in Boston on business weeks ago, had the sweet green stripe from the fence on it. Any advice for my future trips to Busch?

  3. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Man, shortest game entry ever. I was bad luck for you. I got the ball from Jones(???), and you didn’t get a ball after I got to the Stadium.

  4. gregorybarasch@yahoo.com

    Wow, that really *****. I think I saw someone bolting towards the foul pole on the A-Rod homer on TV. Maybe it was you.

    Anyway, I have a full slate of Mets games next week. I’ll definitely be at Shea on Monday and Wednesday, and I’ll probably be there on Friday too. I’m trying to reach 200 balls for the season, but it’s gonna be tough. I’m currently on 153, and I have six (or possibly seven) games planned for September. That means I’d have to average 7.8 (or 6.7) balls per game for the rest of the year. All those games would be at Shea. Think I can do it?

  5. gtplaya1994@aim.com

    Zack that is a real bummer but atleast you got a decent amount of balls. Do u have any tips on trying to snag a ball at shea for bp or trying to get some autographs i will be heading to the stadium on the 16th vs the phils

  6. wcimons@optonline.net

    Man, you must really be depressed. Where are the pics with your mother? How about the picture of A-Rod testing his ankle in warmup shorts in RF just 45 minutes before game time?

  7. Zack

    Thanks, and yes…at least A-Rod isn’t in the twilight of his career, so hopefully there’ll be other chances. Then again, if he opts out of his contract and goes to play elsewhere, it’s gonna be much harder for me.


    Sorry you had to stumble across this blog when I was at my worst. But hey, welcome aboard. Have you seen my old entries on Busch Stadium? That’s the best info I can give you. Everything I could possibly tell you is there so check ’em out. Go to the following link…


    …and scroll down to the Busch entries and click the dates in the left-hand column.


    I have no idea who tossed you that ball. If I knew his name, I would’ve been shouting it before you arrived. :-p


    I’ve seen the replays (painful), and I’m not sure if I’m in the shot, and if I am, I can’t tell where I am. I might be seeing you on Monday. Definitely not on Friday the 14th, as that’s my birthday and I have other plans that have nothing to do with baseball, heh heh. It’s gonna be tough to average seven balls per game at Shea, but if it can be done, I’d say you’re one of the few who has a legitimate chance.


    Yeah, I was gonna write a whole rant on that word right in the middle of the (abbreviated) entry, but I figured I was already being pissy enough.


    Yeah, imagine if I’d gotten shut out in addition to messing up during the game. Ouch. As for the 16th, I don’t have any special tips beyond what I’ve written in my blog about Shea over the last few years. There’s probably going to be a huge crowd, so it’s especially important to get there early. Gate C should open at 10:40am.


    Ha. If there’s one good thing that can be said about this, it’s that I’ve reached my low point as a collector early in life. The next 75 years can only get better.


    I’ll get over it. Someday. Maybe. I’m actually thinking of posting a proper entry about the game later today, complete with pics and stats. Dunno if I’ll get around to it.

  8. dorfmunder@gmail.com

    Um yeah, I think I saw you on a highlights show. If you want me to snag it off tv for you for posterity, I’d be happy to do it. Saw a guy in dark backwards hat & tee run towards the main aisle and kind of throw his hands up in disgust & disbelief. :P

    Don’t be sharing too many of those Busch tips with anyone, I mean to get a ball before the season is out! I did get to meet Yadi & Wainwright last weekend though, so am still on a high over that. Yadi is so freaking hot, lawsy! (I’m a chick BTW)

    Oh and I’ve been reading a while, but haven’t commented thus far. Loved your WBS book, helped with explaining things to my daughter. She’s learned a lot about baseball this season since she at long last found an interest in it. (The brainwashing & hypnotism finally worked, muahahaha!)

  9. Zack

    I appreciate the offer, but I don’t want to own footage of myself NOT getting a ball…you know? Anyway, I don’t think the fan you’re thinking of was me because my hat wasn’t on backwards the other night. Funny that you mentioned you’re a chick AFTER you mentioned Yadi’s hotness. That threw me off for a sec. Thanks for reading my blog and for finally getting into the comment action. I’m so glad to hear you liked my book and that it (along with the brainwashing) helped your daughter.

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