8/29/07 at Camden Yards

My girlfriend Jona is a good sport. She had the day off from work and chose to spend 15 hours of it with jona_zack_babe_ruth_statue.jpgme, driving down to Baltimore, waiting outside Camden Yards for the gates to open, following me around with her camera during batting practice, listening to me complain about every ball I didn’t catch, moving from seat to seat during the game, letting me wander off in pursuit of foul balls, straying from her healthy vegan diet, staying for extra innings, and pretending not to mind the oldies I was blasting in the car on the ride home. (In all fairness, I pretended not to mind the R&B she was blasting on the ride down.)

Jona had gone to a Mets game with me on June 18, so she knew what to expect, but still, I found myself explaining why we’d gotten there so early.

“Every ten or twenty games,” I said, “I’ll find a ball just lying on the ground when I run inside. It’s pretty rare, but still, that’s why I need to be the first one in.”


Sure enough, when we ran inside at 5:05pm, I found one (and since I had such a big head start on the next fan, I had time to pull out my camera and take a pic before snatching it).

A father and his young son had made their way into my section when a lefty on the Orioles hit a home run that got wedged in an empty seat. As I scurried over and grabbed the ball, the father pointed at his son and called, “Little kid! Little kid!” so I pointed at Jona and called, “Girlfriend! Girlfriend!”

The father laughed and let it go, and his kid got a ball tossed to him a few minutes later.


I ran all over the place during the first half-hour (Jona’s camera could not contain me!), but only got one other ball. Kurt Birkins was standing near the warning track. I was standing next to Jona in the aisle at the back of the right field seats. He tossed the ball over 20 empty rows.

Jona and I jogged to left field when the Devil Rays began taking BP. I was looking forward to seeing Dan Wheeler and wondering if he’d remember me from his days with the Mets. I spotted him in the outfield and headed down the steps, and before I reached the front row or even said a word, he looked up and pointed at me.

“Where ya been?” he yelled.

“What’s up!” I yelled back. “It’s good to see you. How ’bout a ball for old time’s sake?”

“How many are you up to?”


“Three thousand, one hundred, and forty-eight.”

“That’s pretty good,” he said.

“Don’t tell any of your teammates, okay?”

He nodded and asked what I’ve been up to and signed a few autographs for some kids in the front row. I told him I have a new baseball book.

“Where’s my autographed copy?” he asked.

“Where’s my ball?” I demanded, then quickly realized that this wasn’t the time to be stingy. He was asking for my autograph. A major league baseball player was asking for MY autograph. It had never happened before, and I wasn’t sure if it would ever happen again so I told him I’d send him a copy. I also told him I had to keep moving because there were balls to be snagged.

“Go do your thing,” he said. “I’m sure I’ll see you later.”

We shook hands and I ran into foul territory just in time to get Scott Kazmir to toss me my fourth ball of the day as he finished throwing. I could’ve asked any of the other pitchers for a ball, but I specifically wanted one from Kazmir. I know he’s young, and I know he could get hurt, but he has a legitimate chance to win 300 games or at least end up in the Hall of Fame, and I wanted to be able to add his name to my list.

Moments later, a left-handed hitter on the D’Rays sliced a line drive over the 3rd baseman’s head. The ball rolled all the way down the line and curved into foul territory. I didn’t have to move my feet. All I did was lean over the low wall and scoop it off the rubberized warning track.


I’ll admit it: the stadium was empty, and the competition was a joke. Whatever. I don’t need to apologize. For all the miserable batting practices I endure at Yankee Stadium where I don’t even have a single row to myself, I deserve a few easy games like this.

I caught two homers on a fly in the next ten minutes. The first was hit into my row, about 20 feet to my left, so all I had to do was scoot through the empty seats. The second was hit right at me, and I quickly determined that it was going to fall a few feet short, so I climbed over a row of seats and lunged over another row for the catch at the last second. I felt good about that one (in part because Jona was watching), but of course I misplayed a few other balls later on.

I got an incredibly lucky bounce several minutes later on a long home run. I was a bit too far back in the left field seats so the ball landed half a dozen rows in front of me and skipped directly up in the air as fans were closing in on it from both sides. As the ball hung up in the air for split-second, I was hoping against all odds that it would land on the concrete between the rows and that the extreme backspin from the deflection would cause it to bounce back in my direction…and by golly it did. I leaned far forward and caught the ball in the tip of my glove just before the other fans got there.

Dan_wheelerWheeler saw me make the catch and called me down to the front with a wave of his arm.

“How many have you gotten today?” he asked.

“Eight, but shhhhh,” I said quietly.

With just a few minutes remaining in BP, I cut through the seats and headed toward the 3rd base dugout, stopping briefly along the way to get ball No. 9 from Juan Salas. Soon after I reached the dugout, I got my 10th ball rather unexpectedly. Someone on the Devil Rays–might’ve been Jon Switzer–jogged in out of nowhere, and without my asking or getting a look at his face, he flipped me a ball. I have no idea why. Could Wheeler have had something to do with it?


I got Devil Rays manager Joe Maddon to sign my ticket stub after BP. Then I talked to three kids who recognized me from YouTube, and I gave them contact cards. Finally I got to sit down with Jona and label the last four balls I’d snagged.

Five minutes before the national anthem, Josh Wilson tossed me his warmup ball after playing catch in shallow left field. (For those of you keeping score at home, that was my 11th ball of the day and 100th lifetime ball at Camden Yards.) Moments later, Wheeler and a few relievers walked past my section on their way to the bullpen in left-center.

“Dan!” I shouted.

He looked up.

“Eleven,” I said.

He knew exactly what I meant.

I don’t want to incriminate anyone by mentioning names or section numbers, so let’s just say there’s a certain usher at Camden Yards who takes good care of me. As fate would have it, he got sick and wasn’t there the other night. Not hospital sick. Just sick enough to miss the one game I happened to attend, so I had to find another spot. If I’d been there by myself, I would’ve run around all night for foul balls. Or maybe I would’ve camped out in the standing room only section for home runs. But Jona was with me, and this was only the second game of her life, and I didn’t want to make her run around any more, and I wanted her to have a good view, so we walked down the steps to the Devil Rays’ dugout and sat in the third row. The ushers didn’t say a word, and no one came for the seats.

I picked that spot, not for the foul balls, but for the third-out balls that were going to be tossed up after every inning. Second batter of the game? Carl Crawford. 2-1 pitch from Steve Trachsel? Popped up into Carl_crawfordfoul territory 30 feet behind me. I was sitting on the end of the row, so I jumped up and raced up the steps while keeping my eye on the ball as best I could. I was a bit too slow and the ball landed just out of my reach, but the other fans dropped it, and it rolled onto the steps where I grabbed it. Crazy! You may recall that I snagged a foul ball in almost the exact same way on August 7 (at 7:09pm) in Philadelphia.

I really wanted another foul ball. I mean, I always want foul balls, but now I had a chance to extend one of my lesser-known streaks. In every season since 1999, I’d had at least one game in which I snagged at least two game balls–and by “game balls,” I’m not simply talking about game-used balls that get tossed into the crowd. I’m talking about balls that are hit directly into the seats.

Miguel Tejada struck out to end the first inning; Devil Rays catcher Dioner Navarro rolled the ball back to the mound. Melvin Mora grounded out to end the second; first baseman Carlos Pena tossed the ball to a well-endowed blonde. Nick Markakis grounded into a double play to end the third; Pena tossed the ball to a little kid.

It wasn’t happening. Jona and I were hungry. We headed to the concourse. She got on line for food. I used the bathroom. She bought a pretzel and a bag of peanuts. I held the food (and took an obnoxiously large bite of her pretzel) while she used the bathroom. There were two outs in the bottom of the fourth. I raced back to the dugout. She waited in a tunnel. Mora walked on seven pitches. I felt bad about leaving her on her own. Ramon Hernandez flied out to end the inning. Right fielder Delmon Young tossed the ball two sections over. I hurried back to Jona. We headed back into the concourse. I got some pepperoni pizza. We walked back into the seats as the fifth inning started. I wanted to sit in the empty row below the press box, but two ushers were standing nearby. Jona and I crept up the steps behind the aisle. We cut through the back of the section toward home plate and stood next to the press box. The pizza box was in my hand; my glove was in my backpack. I was waiting for both ushers to look the other way. Akinori Iwamura slapped a one-out single to left field. Crawford stepped up to the plate, and I said, “I’m gonna drop my pizza and go for the ball, if need be,” and on the very next pitch, a laser of a foul ball came flying right in my direction. I dropped the pizza without thinking and heard the box smack the concrete half a second before I made the bare-handed catch. Jona was in jona_zack_during_game.jpgshock. The fans around me applauded. The ushers looked up. I sat down in the nearest seat and pretended I’d been there all along. An old woman asked me if my hands hurt. “Nah, not at all,” I told her. Then I looked at my hands and saw that the base of my left thumb was bright pink. “Actually, yeah, it hurts,” I said and she laughed. It was a good hurt. A Big Hurt. A hurt of joy and satisfaction. A hurt of knowing instantly that what had just happened was insanely cool and that I’d be telling this story for decades. The pizza was still in the box.

Two foul balls and it was only the top of the fifth! The first thing I thought was: “I need to get two more.” I’d snagged three foul balls in a single game on two occasions. But never four. I explained all of this to Jona (and also explained that it was okay to throw her peanut shells on the ground) and asked her if she minded if I headed over to the first base side for the right-handed hitters. She didn’t mind, and my official pursuit of foul balls was underway.


Of course nothing came anywhere near me for the next few innings, but it was still fun to run around. It was fun just to have a chance. The game itself was meaningless in the standings, but every pitch carried serious weight for me.

The Devil Rays scored two runs in the eighth to cut the Orioles’ lead to 4-3. One inning later, I was positioned behind the Orioles’ dugout and hoping that the game would end…when Brendan Harris muscled a two-out line drive into left field to plate B.J. Upton with the tying run.

The bad news: It was going to be a very late night.
The good news: More chances for foul balls.

Navarro put the Devil Rays on top, 5-4, with an RBI single in the top of the 12th, and in the bottom of the frame, Corey Patterson hit a towering foul pop-up in my direction. The stadium was so empty at this point that I was standing in the middle of the main aisle, and no one cared. Not the ushers. Not their supervisors. Not the Baltimore police. It was truly beautiful, and the wind nearly screwed me. I moved zack_three_foul_balls.jpg10 feet to my right while keeping my eye on the white speck against the black sky. That speck ended up drifting 15 feet to my left, and I recovered by drifting back with it and making a last-second lunge over my head. As empty as the stadium was, I wouldn’t have gotten that ball if I hadn’t gotten leather on it because it would’ve bounced a long way off the concrete.

Getting those three foul balls seemed oddly easy, and after the final out, I found myself wondering why I didn’t get more, and why I don’t get three at every game. There were several other close calls that could’ve gone my way. One foul ball that was heading for me didn’t quite make it over the protective screen, and another could’ve easily been dropped by the fans sitting directly above me in the club level. There’s so much luck involved. Sometimes I try to play it off like it’s all skill, but it’s really not. How three_foul_balls.jpgmuch skill? It’s impossible to say. If a ball comes right to me, is that luck? What if I skillfully chose that spot? Am I lucky to have been born with good hand-eye coordination? Was it luck that the paid attendance was only 16,944? Was I lucky to be the only fan who was dorky/obsessive enough to be going for foul balls in the 12th inning? I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. It’s hard to make sense of it all, but I can tell you that I’m still buzzing.


• 198 balls in 28 games this season = 7.1 balls per game.

• 483 consecutive games with at least one ball

• 100 consecutive games outside of New York with at least one ball

• 68 lifetime games with at least 10 balls

• 9 lifetime games with exactly 14 balls


• 3 lifetime games with three game balls

• 12 lifetime games with two or more game balls

• 9 consecutive seasons with at least one game in which I snagged two game balls

• 103 lifetime balls at Camden Yards

• 3 stadiums with at least 100 balls (Shea = 2,018, Yankee = 464)

• 107 lifetime game balls

• 21 lifetime game balls outside of New York (pizza foul = 20th)

• 3,159 total balls…moves me ahead of Paul Waner (3,152) and George Brett (3,154) and into 15th place on the all-time hits list. Next up is Cal Ripken, Jr. (3,184).


  1. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Was that the first ball that you caught bare handed? And change the ball total at the top of the blog. 3,155, not 3,145.

  2. ramones18@cox.net

    Wow Zack, when i thought you couldn’t surprise us anymore with outstanding ball-snagging abilities you have three foul-ball game snag!!! I mean whats next…. a 25 ball-game snag, psh (i know you can do that one day ;)

    Anyway congrats on the snag again. Oh by the way the first foul ball that you caugh tthat game when u were close but people dropped it and it rolled down the stairs, is EXACTLY how i caught the Chone Figgins foul ball i told you about two years ago. Keep on snagging, always fun to hear your stories.

  3. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Zack, if the game on the last weekend means something to the Yanks, the it will be just like Yankee stadium for the first half hour. Lots of crazy Yanks fans and you in 2 sections. Cool. I think.

  4. sparky19@zoominternet.net

    Wow, what a great game!!!I can’t even get one tossed from a player during batting practice!!!!! Also, where do you get those pictures with the players last names under them? Thanks!!!

  5. yanksfan61293@aol.com

    Got back from Yankee game a few minutes ago…

    Terrible game. I got Grant Balfour of the D-Rays to sign a stub. That was it.

    It’s good to know that you know an usher in Baltimore Zack…

    I’ll speak with you on the phone tomorrow (Saturday).

  6. joneli24@yahoo.com

    wow dude, many congrats on that tremendous feat…4 would have been nice, but you can complain about 3

  7. padreleigh@hotmail.com


    What a great post!! That is a snagging game I could only dream of. The Padres seem to always draw 20K+ and our ushers are strict. I could never get that many balls in a game. You’re the man. I got two today. A toss up from Oscar Robles and a nice catch of a Russell Martin line drive homer. I thought I might see Dodgerdude today in BP, but he never showed. Saw Sammy Wu for a sec. Glad to see the west coast snaggers are hanging in SD. How did you do today Sammy? How many balls and autos and from who? How did you do Ethan?


  8. johnjamahoney@hotmail.com

    Nice job, Zack…I now know what it feels like to get hit with a ball, coming of a bat. Went to Yankee Stadium last night,53,00 people.. yeh i have mental issues.. anyway 2 autographs not so bad, with like 85 kids standing within 10 feet of me and a Carl Crawford foul during B.P came flying towards where I was down the 3rd base line but took a bad bounce so I misjudged it and only have a bruise to show for my efforts…

  9. surfnusa@ij.net

    Great post – loved the part about Dan Wheeler. This is great news because I can go to a game now, look for Wheeler, and yell “Zack sent me!” ;)

  10. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Sounded like a long, but great day.

    This year I’ve just tried to focus more of autographs than balls, got one last night against the Mariners from Ryan Roland-Smith, the rest of the time I tried to help one of my cousins to get a ball, however I did get a pretty sweet auto of Kenji Johjima who only signed for 3 ppl.

  11. Zack

    Thanks. Gimme a few years…


    You must’ve read the entry RIGHT after I posted it because it always takes me a few minutes to update my ball total at the top. Meanwhile, it’s pretty much corfirmed that I’ll be at Camden on Sept. 29 (with “Watch With Zack” clients).


    25 balls?! Since my record is only 19 at the moment, let me just go for 20 for the time being. Anyway, thanks.


    Thank you! I get those player photos from each player’s bio page by clicking the names on the team roster (which can be found on the team’s official site). And then I just Photoshop the name in there. It takes about a minute overall.


    Well, at least you got ONE autograph. Nice talking to you today. I already emailed my friend about the crabcakes, so hopefully I’ll have an answer for you soon.


    Thanks, duuuuude. :-)

    Don’t worry, I’m not complaining, and some day I *will* get four.


    Thanks (on her behalf) and you’re right.


    I appreciate it. I suspect that the attendance at PETCO will eventually drop below 20,000. It’s still a new ballpark, and the Padres are kicking heinie, so give it a few years. I might be in San Diego next year to be filmed for the local news. Is Steve Smith, the sports caster, a well known guy? Let me know when next year’s schedule comes out.


    Aww man. That s*cks. Sorry. The upper deck at Yankee Stadium is much lower and closer to the field than the upper deck at Shea.


    Heh. I’m not sure if he even knows my name…but he will after he gets a copy of my book.


    Long and great. Yes. That’s a perfect way to describe it. Congrats on getting Kenji.

  12. yanksfan61293@aol.com

    Thanks. It’s actually pretty good considering I got there at 6:00. There was really bad traffic. I have a spot at Yankee Stadium that I like but I couldn’t get there b/c when I arrived it was packed.

  13. yanksfan61293@aol.com


    I noticed on your blog that you got Grant Balfour last night too. Do you know where you were? We may have seen each other.

  14. johnjamahoney@hotmail.com

    yeah I don’t know exactly what you look like but I have a feeling we were standing right next to each other.

  15. anne_doula@yahoo.com

    Hey johnjamahoney
    i noticed on your website that youve gotten two autographs through the mail. Ive been trying to get one through the mail for 2 or 3 years andive never gotten any response. do you have any tips to get a reply?

  16. yanksfan61293@aol.com


    I collect atographs through the mail too. Hall of Famers (or retired players in general) are much better than active players, usually, because they have more time. I’ve had successes in the past MONTH with guys like Duke Snider, Bobby Doerr, Bob Feller, Don Larsen, and Al Kaline. You can buy books with home addresses of players. I recommend Harvy Mieselman’s. Some players also charge a fee. Feller charges $10 per card. I’ve had success with Snider sometimes free, and sometimes $5 per card. Don Larsen I’ve seen people say he’s for $10, but I’ve had success with him for $8.

    Also, do you include a “SASE” (self-addressed stamped envelope)? If you don’t, you should, because that way the players don’t have to buy a stamp or write your address on an envelope. It sounds small and stupid but it really is sometimes the make/break whether or not you get the autographs back.

  17. johnjamahoney@hotmail.com

    Yeah exactly what yanksfan said. But that doesn’t mean that active players don’t sign, just you have to go for the lesser known guys, not the All Stars. If you send requests to active players just be patient, it can take up to a year or two to get the signature back. Keep checking back on my Blog because I’ll be posting Tips or something on collecting TTM and IP, soon.

  18. db3par@aol.com

    HOW DO YOU GET SO LUCKY AT CAMDEN?!?! Whenever I go it’s not as bad as yankee stadium, but its still enough to actually work for.

  19. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Clay Bucholz with the no-hitter!!! Man Balti-less has been on the wrong side if history these past two weeks.

  20. soxsuxyanks@yahoo.com

    Of all the diffrent good food you can get at camden yards and you get pizza , mean while you live in nyc where they got the best pizza.

  21. sammywu17@hotmail.com

    Hey Zack and Leigh,

    Sorry Zack I counter your monster entry with my monster post.

    DAY 1

    I GOT: Matt Kemp, Juan Pierre, Roberto Hernandez, Takashi Saito, Milton Bradley, James Loney, Estaban Loaiza, Joe Beimel, Mike Lieberthal, Scott Proctor

    MISSED: Russell Martin (So many kids did an awesome job of ruining my chance near dugout)

    JERK OF THE DAY: Jeff Kent (Refused to sign for anyone after game, even a fan in wheel chair)

    DAY 2:

    I GOT: Luis Gonzalez (on 2001 official world series ball) , Olmedo Saenz, Dan Warthen, Bill Mueller, Shea Hillenbrand, James Loney, Mike Lieberthal, Manny Mota, Mariano Duncan, Jonathan Broxton, Grady Little, Takashi Saito, Hong Chih Kuo and Chin Lung Hu(Future game MVP this year) (I asked for their auto in Chinese since we all came from Taiwan. Got them signed on Dodger replica jersey. Both signed in Chinese very nicely. First time ever I got Taiwanese MLB players autos.)

    MISSED: Russell Martin (I ran to the perfect spot when gate opened at seat directly behind the dugout entrance. But Martin seemed to sign only for kid. A kid threw a Spiderman cap and got signed)

    JERK OF THE DAY: Fernando Valenzuela (Just waved us off)

    ONE SNAGGED BALL: First ball in 9 games attended in PETCO PARK. I don’t know what the hack was wrong with me. I was able to get balls in Ranger Ballpark and Minute Maid first time there with no BP. I asked Matt Kemp for the ball when BP finished. I raised my glove, I had Dodger cap on and wore blue shirt. Kemp threw me the ball. A bleeping fan in the age between kid and teenager with Padre shirt reached over my glove and tried to grab the ball. I mean I asked for the ball and the ball was direct to me. I ended up wrestling for the ball. He tried to trick me by saying something like: “I am letting it go.” Instead he would loose his grip a bit and then pulled the ball full force. I was so ticked off adrenalin rushed though my body I got the ball. It is just wrong to mess with someone who is much bigger in size. I ended up scolding him after the incident.

    Most of the players who signed were very nice to fans. I am really impressed by some fans’ ability of recognizing a player quickly and flip their book of baseball cards to the exact page to get signed just in time before player left. I saw that some players got to the park by walking the sky bridge. I heard they just start doing this last Thursday. Last thing, I finally know what going on with Tony Gwynn. Local fans said that he loves to fool around with fans, sometimes he would go a bit overboard but eventually he would end up signing for everybody. Because Gwynn is some kind of boardcaster/analyst in PETCO Park, fans would hound for his auto when he walked from parking lot. A fan said that when he approached him on Sat. Tony said: “you, again?” and then said a lot of thing making the fan wants to leave. After Tony finished fooling around, grab the fan’s HOF card and SI cover and pull out his own blue sharpie (the fan has black sharpie at the time) and signed both. The fan said he has about 10 to 11 of his auto. I have seen Tony telling little kids don’t use maker for ball. And he always signs on sweetspot. I would say he is really a nice person.

  22. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    Hi Zack….

    Steve Smith really isn’t that popular as a sports guy here in SD. He’s on ABC Channel 10. Not the number one guy but he’s working at least. What kind of gig would he have for you? Our schedule should be out by November. I need to get both NY team’s schedules as well. Trying to plan a combo Mets/Yanks trip in the final year of the stadiums. Maybe when the Padres are in town. Anyway, it would be good to see you next year. Looking forward to it.


  23. padreleigh@hotmail.com


    That’s cool you got Milton Bradley. Was he nice? Man, has Tony Gwynn got you fooled. He must take pity on you because you’re Taiwanese or something. I can’t believe you fought a “tween” for a ball!! Ha ha. Well, I’m glad you finally broke your PETCO Park jinx. Looks like you went auto crazy with the Dodgers. Too bad about Jeff Kent. That would be a good one. See you next year…


  24. edeckarizona@gmail.com

    HEy Zack,

    Great job by the way… takes a lot more effort than most people realize to get more than 1 ball lol. Anyways i went to shea for Yesterdays Mets-Braves game, not really expecting to get anything because it was likely to be a sellout… and i wasn’t wrong. The Braves took BP and both royce ring and buddy carlisle refused to throw anything into the crowd. Then i found that they didn’t even let you into the visitors section until 2 hours till gametime. Anyway, i got in then and sprinted to right next to the dugout. That ended up not working so well, as the Mets didn’t take BP, and the relievers that did sign signed for the people way down the line, and then ran past all the people that had actually gotten there early to try and get something. This included Billy Wagner, Oliver Perez, and Phil Humber. I did manage to get Pedro Feliciano by getting past security and running to where he was signing. Other than that though it was a great day to be a Met fan, Pelfrey pitched amazing. However after the game, I went down to the players exit/entrance hoping to get someone. I did get Chuck James

  25. edeckarizona@gmail.com

    Sorry bout that, anyway i got chuck james, but missed out on Beltran who didn’t sign. I then saw Lastings Milledge walking out a side door with his girlfriend. I ran over to him and asked him to sign, but he said he wasn’t signing anymore. He then proceeded to walk down a street with 100+ people without getting noticed. I was kinda mad about that. BUT… the whole purpose of me writing was to ask if you could drop a Hample jinx on Luis Castillo. Although i’m a diehard mets fan, castillo was absoulutly a jerk. I saw him leaving with Guillermo Mota, and ran over to him, attracting two other guys who got there first. They both asked him to sign in spanish, not too politely i might add. He signed for them and then walked off. I coudn’t believe it. I am throughly convinced that he is racist now, as there were only three of us, and i am white. The other two men were Black and hispanic respectivly. Anyway that put somewhat of a damper on the day but it was still great.



  26. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Sammy: I thought that you got Wang’s auto in LA. Wouldn’t that make him the first Taiwanese MLB player whose auto you have? Or were the two guys in SD the first MLB players who signed in Chinese?

    Leigh: When do you leave for Denver?

    The stupid Yankees changed the time of the last home game of the season to a day game!!!! Of course I’m in school so I can’t go to an empty game!!

  27. edeckarizona@gmail.com

    before i said that i thought that castillo was racist now. I didn’t mean it like that, i mean to say that i feel he was mean to me. I used the wrong word, and i am sorry if i offended anyone.

  28. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Zack, I was at a street fair in my town, and my dad was talking to the mayor who said he heard you on the radio.

  29. sammywu17@hotmail.com


    It has been great meeting you and I had lots of fun at PETCO PARK. Bradley looked pissed for no reason when he came out of the exit under the sky bridge on the Saturday game that he just hit the game winning run. He seemed on a rush I need to chase him to get signed. Tony Gwynn didn’t need to take pity on me because I am Taiwanese. He didn’t fool around with me at USC. He just signed. Seem like he has gotten you fooled over the years. See you next year.


    No, I didn’t get Wang’s auto when he was in Anaheim. (Anaheim actually does not locate in LA) I did shout out his name in Chinese and show him the flag when he walked out the dugout when BP started. He saw me he just waved his hand. I was hoping he would sign after BP. Instead he was in the bullpen in the left field he just sprinted to the dugout when BP ended. Plus it was so crowded that I did not have the chance asking for his auto. I know that his auto is hard to get since his agent would discourage him from signing in public. I gonna try to get his next yr

  30. puckcollector@optonline.net

    I got Wang last year in Baltimore, but he didn’t sign on the sweet spot even though I asked. And I know the Los Angles Angels of Anaheim do not play in LA, but it comes first in the name, and was easier to type.

  31. Zack

    I’m curious to know about this so-called “spot.”


    C’mon now, it’s not like I did ZERO work.


    I was out all day yesterday, so when I got home at like 3am, the first thing I checked was these comments, and your mention of the no-hitter was the first I heard of it. I can’t go to the last home Yankees game either, but not because of school. It’s because I have Watch With Zack clients that evening at Shea Stadium. What mayor? What town? That’s cool.


    Good point. And it was baaaaaad pizza, too.


    No need to apologize. I like long comments. Sorry you missed Martin, and WOW, I knew Kent wasn’t too friendly but not signing for someone in a wheelchair?!*****. Good job with the ball at PETCO, and good job with scolding that rude kid. Interesting info about Gwynn. I’m still not sure what to think.


    Thanks for the info about Steve Smith. I really don’t know much about him, but we were in touch recently, and I think he just wants to film a TV segment focused on me running around for balls at PETCO. It might end up being more than that. Not sure. It’s still a long way off from actually happening. Hope you can make it to NYC next year. Keep me posted on your plans.


    Thanks very much, but I think you meant to say Turner Field, right? Interesting run-ins with all the players. Sorry to hear that about Luis Castillo, but I’m afraid the Jinx only works on people who do something bad to ME. Castillo actually threw me a ball last season in Baltimore, so I like the guy…but of course I can see why you don’t. I can understand why you might’ve felt like there was some racism involved, and perhaps there really was. Who knows? I wasn’t offended. Hopefully no one else was either.

  32. sammywu17@hotmail.com


    I am pretty sure I will visit both stadiums in NY for the same reason as Leigh’s and HOF next year. I am kind of inspire by you that I want to be the first taiwaese to visit all 30 MLB parks and write a book about all my ballpark visits. So far, 5 down, 25 more to go.

  33. padreleigh@hotmail.com

    Puck Collector, Zack and everyone….

    I have an early morning flight to Denver via Phoenix(ughh) on Friday. I’ll be at Friday’s and Saturday’s night games vs the Padres. Coming home Sunday morning for the Chargers/Bears game. The plan is going to be sit in left field and wait for the eventual Coors Field homer. I’m meeting fellow snagger TC from San Diego there. Look for me on TV in the highlights. I’m thinking about something bright and recognizable to wear, but not anything like the Where’s Waldo shirt Zack wore in San Francisco. I’ll let y’all know what I’ll be wearing when I’ve finalized the wardrobe. Thanks to everyone who gave me tips about gates, etc. in Denver. I’m REALLY, REALLY looking forward to BP in that thin air.


  34. Zack

    Cool. Let me know when you figure out your plans, and maybe we can meet up. I’m so glad to hear that I helped inspire you. Good luck getting to all 30 ballparks. Make sure you take LOTS of notes and photographs.


    I think you should wear hot neon pink. Then it’ll be really easy for all of us to spot you. If you see T.C., tell him I say hey. Finally, when you’re getting ready to catch home runs in the seats, be prepared for the ball to carry WAY past the spot that it’d normally land because of the thin air. Play deep and stay back as the ball is coming to you.

  35. tracycollinsbecky@yahoo.com

    its hard 2 catch beer balls silver bullets in coors i got 2 out of about 20 in my zone

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