Last night

I did something pretty special last night at Camden Yards–something I’d only done twice before in 664 games.


Gimme a day (or two) and check back in. I’m about to get started on what will be a MONSTER blog entry…


  1. John

    Just looked at the video of Huffs game winner – please tell me that was not you in the Pink hat!

  2. John

    Ooops ….. it wasn’t the game winner …… oh well …. whatever you did I am sure it will be fun to read about!


    Hey Zack–

    Check your e-mail. I confirmed that Sept. 30th vs. Yankees in Baltimore is good. I have the money to pay NOW if you need it.


    Also, a few other details that I have in mind will be passed your way, but for now, I just want on confirmation that Saturday the 30th is good.


    Oh and I think maybe I can guess what you did: Did you play catch with a player on the field?


    you got 19 balls including 7 game balls, got a ton of autographs and you got a bat or a hat from a player.

  7. Zack

    I most certainly was not wearing a pink hat. :-)


    I’m about to email you. I’ve just been REALLY busy for the last 30 hours, and things aren’t going to slow down because I’m about to run out the door to write at from 8pm to 2am. We should talk on the phone to iron out all the details, but I think everything’s good…except for the fact that the 30th is a Sunday, and in your email you mentioned going to the game on Saturday. Anyway, I’ll email you, and we’ll take it from there. As for playing catch, I did ask a member of the Devil Rays if he wanted to throw…


    Definitely a possibility. There WERE some foul balls near me…


    I had enough opportunities to get 19 balls…


    Good guesses all around. I’m hoping to have the entry up by this time tomorrow.


    im going to guess that you got a bat, cuz i remember reading only twice that u had gotton one at the game…cliff floyd and ramon hernandez if i remember correct….


    I think you got 18 balls, and Zack and yanksfan: You might as well shoot me. I’m gonna be at that game, and I was hoping to have a nice last game of the season ball extravaganza (cuz the players give away tons of stuff on the last day of the year), but Zack shows up. Well, it should be fun. I’m going to the Saturday game as well, and seeing you two should be fun! Maybe a three way catch before the gates open?


    puckcollector: My family and I are more autograph people anyway. Not that a ball would hurt. Besides, competition is good and it’s not like you’re gonna get EVERY ball.

  11. Zack

    Maybe. Maybe not.


    Have I gotten 18 balls twice before? Anyway, Yanks Fan and I are still figuring out which game we’re going to attend, and I think it’ll probably be the second-to-last game: Saturday the 29th.




    Either way, Camden Yards is a glorious place to snag baseballs. Unlike Shea and Yankee Stadium there are many places to snag, so it’ll be easy for us to stay out of each other’s way and still get plenty of balls. Then again, the games will likely be sold out and packed with Yankees fans so there will be lots of competition no matter where we go. Three-way catch sounds like fun. Who’s bringing the ball?


    Hey Zack,

    From your last post about 5 teams in californiia, I envy you that there are 6 teams in east coast and DC to boston is not as far as from SD to SF, plus there is no team in central part of california.

    Another thing, I just had a weirdest dream last night. In the dream I was at a minor league ballpark of Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. There are so many balls and different kind(major league balls, all star balls, MiL balls from different league) outside of outfield wall I just go there and pick them all up in my dream.


    I was thinking about it last night and I realized that the last game I’m going to try to get like bats and other stuff from the Yanks, if thet are out of the race. And while I can’t get every ball, competition on Zack’s level is kinda like going to a game in NYC. I’ll also be at the Saturdaty game. I’ll bring a ball or 2.


    on watch the millar homer is that you zack like 10 rows behind where it landed in the white shirt? you didnt get it but you were close.

  15. Zack

    Good point about the geography of it all…and I love the dream. I’ve had so many snagging dreams over the years. Hundreds easily. Perhaps thousands because I used to dream about it almost every night for years.


    So you’re saying I’m only as good as all the crazy Yankee fans that cram into Yankee Stadium? Or are you saying I’m as good as all of them combined? :-)


    I was wearing a black t-shirt.


    I’m about halfway through the big entry. I’m hoping to have it up by 7pm. No guarantees though.


    haha sorry, it kinda looked like you…im guessing your big news is you got like 15 balls, 15 autos, a bat, and lineup cards. maybe a hat.

    i went to philly yesterday. i got like 8 autos but only 1 ball, in the middle of the game from the bullpen catcher in that ridiculous bullpen there. and it was an absolutely heartbreaking loss for my mets. again.


    It appears that I may be going to Yankee Stadium tonight. Just thought I’d let everyone know.


    Looks like you have a “Watch with Zack” copycat. I like how this guy even copies the same questions and answers you have on your site lol

  19. Zack

    No problem. The number of balls in your guess is pretty close. Stay tuned. The entry will be up within the hour.


    Good luck.


    Yeah, what can you do. (BTW, I removed the link you posted because…well…this other person doesn’t deserve a free ad on my blog.)


    Even if the last two games of the season are important to the Yankees, based on prior experience, Camden Yards is unlikely to sell out during football season. Orioles fans won’t show and a good number of Jints/Jets fans who travel to Baltimore during the Summer months won’t go to Baltimoer for the weekend. Even though the Jints play Sunday night at the Meadowlands (can I make both the Yankee and Giants game?), look for crowds on the weekend in the mid-30s.

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