Balti-less? No sir. Balti-MORE.

Okay, that was lame. Sorry. It’s 3:09am, and I’m hyper. Too much sugar. It was healthy sugar, though. Lots of fruit. Blackberries, a peach, an orange, a banana. Vanilla yogurt. Granola. So I’m who_the_hell_are_these_guys_2007.jpghyper. And psyched. About Baltimore. I’m leaving NYC at noon. Driving down with my girlfriend. The weather’s supposed to be perfect. And if last night’s attendance is any indication of what’s in store for today…all I can say is “heh heh.” There were only 17,781 fans at Camden Yards. It’s all about the weeknight games against crappy teams–in this case Tampa Bay–when there isn’t a promotion. Fireworks are a killer. Bobbleheads too. Used to be Beanie Babies. Hated those things. Why do people need to be bribed with trinkets to go see Major League Baseball? Anyway, my goal for today is to snag at least eight balls. EIGHT in honor of Cal Ripken, Jr. I’ll leave you with a link to the latest article about my baseball collection: Voila! And good night.



    Your best bets are Navarro, Stokes, Gomes, and Jackson. Jackson usually appreciates being called by his name, rather than being confused with Crawford (even with his HOME fans).

    Look for Upton to toss one to right-center or left-center during warmups in the top of the 9th. Good Luck!


    Boy, that Devil Rays team looks like a bunch of Average Joe’s. I guess since they’re in last place, they are! Good luck Zack!

    I hope those Devil Rays sweep the Yankees this weekend! (hey, wishful thinking)

    Zack, gonna swing by Philly and go to the Mets/Phils game on Thursday at 1?


    Living in NYC gives you such close access to several baseball stadiums. Lucky! Since I don’t really know where all the stadiums are located and you’ve been to all of them, what city do you think is the best place to live. NYC?


    i dont know about that with morgan…apparently he was one of the toughest (like johan santana or alex rodriguez level) to get at a hotel…so i dont know, but hes really hilarious though, he was ripping on the hyatt and all this other stuff

    anyway enjoy baltimizzle…and if you get 8 balls exactly you should do something with cals statue outside of eutah street where they have all the retired nums



    Do you know what hotel the players stay at in SD??? Whats the best time to meet them??? Im going to tomorrows game against the d backs and than friday vs my DODGERS!




    Try the Hyatt Regency on Harbor Drive. That’s where most of the teams stay at. Try to meet them coming to the stadium between 12pm and 2pm at the corner of “L” St. and Tony Gwynn Dr. by the skybridge connecting the Omni Hotel to PETCO Park. Thanks for coming down and spending that Dodger money at PETCO. Be sure to buy a scorecard and pencil too so you can get the beatdown we are going to put on you on paper. David Wells starts for the Dodgers. I can’t wait!! If you go to batting practice on Friday come out to the outfield and say hi. I’ll be wearing a U.S. Border Patrol hat. Good luck on meeting the Dodgers.


  7. Zack

    Thanks for the tips. Although I’m answering you a day late, I did see your comment yesterday right before I left for the game.


    I don’t “do” day games, remember?


    Not a bad guess.


    Best as a baseball fan? Depends on what your goals are as a baseball fan. If you want to SEE good baseball, then yeah, New York. But this city has become awful for collecting baseballs. It’s hard to say. Chicago also has two teams, but the snagging situation isn’t great there either…at least not at Wrigley. I’m a California fan. FIVE teams in that state.


    Baltimizzle. Nice. I did not get exactly eight balls last night.


    I have no idea about hotels, except in Monopoly.


    Thanks for stepping in with that excellent advice.


    Hey Ethan,

    I will be there for the Fri and Sat game. I will wait under the skybridge before game. I will wear a Dodger cap and blue shirt. What will you be dressing that day? we can team up.

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