Finder’s fee

I’ve been thinking of ways to grow my Watch With Zack business, and I came up with an idea that can grow your wallet.

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is tell people about Watch With Zack, and if any of them book a game with me and mention your name, I’ll give you a 10 percent finder’s fee. That’s fifty bucks. Bam! Just like that. Right in your pocket. If the person books a second game (or a 17th game), you’ll get 10 percent of that too. Whatever the person ends up spending, you’ll get 10 percent, so think it over and start spreading the word…



    you should make sure you mention it everytime you do an interview. even if you have to squeeze it in. for example:
    interviewer: Zack, what is a balk?

    Zack: balks are difficult to explain, it’s best to see them live. speaking of that, my “watch with zack” is probably the best way to have a balk explained to you in person, as it happens.

    interviewer: i’ve heard that you have collected over 3000 balls, how did you do it?

    Zack: we don’t have the time here for me to explain how i got each of those balls, but if you or anyone listening to the show would like to get anywhere from 1 to 3000 balls, you should contact me about my “watch with zack” business, the place where you too can become a world class snagger.


    Zack, another idea is to wear a “Watch With Zack” shirt to the games. (It could be on the back, so the players couldn’t see it). Another idea is to mention something about it on your business card (although you probably still have a few hundred left from the original).

    Zack, also try to check out Gene Simmons reality show, Family Jewels. That guy is the king of promoting things! He could sell anything with the Kiss logo to anybody (even if they already had one)!


    hey zach
    ive collected about fifty balls and some of my friends want to get some too. Ive thought about telling them about your business but me and my friends live in austin texas, so my question is: would you watch a rangers or astros game, and how would i contact you?


    Interesting view of Vick. I didn’t know what to think because this is a first time offense. And in time (after jail) he might be sorry for what he did and not that he was caught.


    yeah, jail has a way of making people sorry for what they did. as well as being caught.


    the only reason that he is apolgizing now is because he knows he is going to jail and he wants to do this in an attepmt to make the judge look at him as a better person and possibly a reduced sentence….if he would have done this in the beggining saying “sorry for getting involved in something like dogfighting, i admit that i was a part of it and i would just like to apolgize to anyone offended” or something like that he would have a lot more support from everyone because then it would have been sincere, not just to get a lesser sentence……just my opinion


    You should pay concierges at hotels in NYC so that if a guest asks them about getting tickets to a game, they reply “you could just watch the game, or you could watch with an expert and learn things you never imagined about baseball.”


    Zack i havnt commented for a while Ive been away for a bit. Anyways though to help the Watch With Zack business I would start by lowering the price. IF your going to spend $500 to go to a baseball game you might as well by the best seats in the stadium and have a **** of time in them. For example in Toronto they have about 10 seats alogn the first and 3rd base lines. The tickets sell for $180 and come with free food drinks and a program.

    Anyways though good luck with it because it was cool reading about the last guy who you took to the Yankee Baltimore game.

  9. Zack

    Nice. I might need YOU to do my interviews for me. My main concern is that I don’t want to turn into a living/walking/breathing advertisement, you know?


    I like the idea of wearing a shirt. I wouldn’t want to do that all the time, though, because 1) the players would be able to recognize me more easily, and 2) as I said above to “tswechtenberg,” I don’t want to completely sell out (if it’s not too late). As for my business cards, the main goal with those is just to get people to my site. Once they’re there, the Watch With Zack business is pretty easy to find.


    Are you asking if I’d go to Texas? The answer is yes, as long as all my travel expenses are covered (along with the fee itself). A couple weeks ago, I heard from an Astros fan who wanted to fly me out to Houston for Craig Biggio’s final game, but now it looks like it might not work out. The point is…Texas and I are already talking. Send me an email ( and tell me more about what you have in mind, and feel free to pass along my email address to your friends. September is already shaping up to be a very busy month for me, so tell your friends that we can start thinking about 2008 as well.


    To **** with Vick. He’s not even worth the 10 seconds that it’s taking me to type this.


    Hey. Long time no comment. Hope all’s well. That’s a killer idea about the concierges, and actually, I know someone who runs a business that caters, in part, to tourists and deals with hotels, so I’m gonna ask how that whole world works. Thanks!


    They could also save a bunch of money on their car insurance by switching to Geico.


    Long time no comment for you as well. What’s up?! When I first started this business, I thought about setting the price much lower. I even considered doing it for free. Then I talked to a few friends who rent themselves out (speeches, birthdays, corporate events) for fees ranging from $500 to $1,500 per day, and I realized that I’m just as qualified as they are, if not more, so I went with $500. Given the amount of time I spend with people for a Watch With Zack experience, I actually think the price is a bargain. Some might disagree, and that’s their right. I appreicate your advice on this matter, but for now I’m gonna stick with the price I have in place. Next year, if the business picks up, I might even increase my prices. Or eliminate the 2-for-1 deal. Or charge more for games in other cities. Or charge more for extra people. This is all very new and unknown and exciting, and I appreciate what everyone here is saying.

  10. Zack

    I thought that might be the case, but I still wanted to take you (somewhat) seriously, just in case, so you wouldn’t get offended. :-p


    I’m goin to the Yanks game tonight and I get to see Dice-K, but no BP. Whatever. A DJ is like 900 bucks where I live, and thats only for 4 hours. Zack, you work like 6-7 hours right?

  12. Zack

    No BP at a Yanks-Sox game? That’s guaranteed death. But you’ll see some good baseball, that’s for sure. Good point about the DJ, and yeah, I put in at least six or seven hours if I travel with the client(s) to the game.


    Zack, when you started the business, didn’t it cost an extra $250 for BP, and an extra 200 for weekend or marquee games?

    Great Yanks game tonight. Did anyone see the squirrel on the top of the foul pole?

    B.T.W Yankee stadium security: Burn in h-e- double hockey sticks. I almost didn’t get in with a backpack (not a string bag) that meets MLB regulations, but then my dad started going like abayfrugjhdgf, so they checked it. Why can’t they just check bags like mine without a problem. NO balls, can’t get to BP early.


    i was at the hotel on thursday and both of the previous days i had stayed downstairs on the street and basically got the same 10 players the entire time and i really wanted to have a good day since it was my last day before i went off to college…so i went down into the subway to get wally joyner and then my friend dan and i got back up into GCT and he wanted to go upstairs and i wanted to go back and wait a bit for morgan ensberg…needless to say i wasnt even there a minute morgan walks out with his wife comes directly over to me signs 2 and heads off (i got him 10 times for the series) so i went upstairs to the park ave entrance…my friend was stunned to learn that he came out that quickly…anyway, we were there about 10 mins and michael barrett came out and signed and right at 2:00 maddux walks out wearing a black suit, 6 o’clock shadow. he didnt say anything at all, but he knew how it went sharpies for cards and pictures, pens for balls…then one guy tried to double up on him and he knew and said “im done” and got in cab

    hope the game goes well tomorrow night in baltimore if you end up going…i saw highlights of the game tonight and there was literally noone there

  15. Zack

    Yeah, I had some extra costs at first, but I got rid of them all. Now it’s just one flat fee. Simple. Better. And yes, I saw the squirrel. (And people still wonder why I don’t like to go to Yankee Stadium.)


    Ensberg was probably showing off for his wife. “Look honey, the kids love me, and I’m so niiiiice to them.” I’m psyched about Baltimore. The weather’s supposed to be great, and there were only 17,000 people there last night.

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