I met a guy from Hungary yesterday, so naturally the first thing I asked him was if he could teach me how to say, “Please throw me the ball” in Hungarian. He did, and I wrote it down phonetically (with little slashes over the syllables that get the emphasis), and here it is:

Now I know how to ask for a ball in 29 languages. Yay.



    how long did it take you to memorize this? Just got back from Camden after a Twins 4 game sweep!! 5.5 back still :(. My dad and I worked Jason Tyner for a ball all day in left field. We were right there when Tori Hunter made a Golden Glove rob of Millar(?). Then Garret Jones came into left field for Tyner and Tyner went to center for Tori. My dad and I were planning on getting there an hour and a half before game time. But then we remembered that there is no BP on a day game when there was a night game the previous day. But when we got there (hour before) the hitting net was out there?!? So I missed an unusual BP I guess. Twin’s sweeping the Orioles is all that mattered. Plus, we saw Kevin Millar break the Orioles record for consecutive bases reached (49). His streak ended today against Scott Baker going 0-4. Final base total: 52. Plus we saw Bedard break the single season strike out record today with 219 K’s. He ended the day with 221 or 222.



    It looks like your calling the player a “lazy dope”

    Any Idea for the next game??


  3. Zack

    Not yet.


    I had to google that, but yes indeed.


    About 30 seconds. It’s only eight syllables, after all. Glad you got to the see the Twins kicking heinie. For Millar, you’re talking about a consecutive games on-base streak…right?


    I hadn’t thought of that. Next game will probably be Wednesday in Baltimore.


    The guys on ESPN have been mispronouncing names, then they referred to CitiField as CitiPark. They have tons of people giving them facts. Is it too much too ask of them as to get the facts correct?

    And I have started a new collection. All-Star baseballs.


    Yes i am talking about the consecutive-on-base-safely streak that the TWINS thwarted.


    Puckcollector – The ESPN guys are annoying the **** outta me! You’re right! Between Joe Morgan mixing up Marlon Byrd and Marlon Anderson and Jon Miller pronouncing Rudy Seanez’s name like see-AHN-yez, I can’t stand it!


    Hmm..maybe “Would you like me to sign your t-shirt?” in Hungarian might have been more useful? ;)


    Did he just mess up Beltran’s last name, or have I been pronouncing it wrong?

    Beltr-an(rymes with on), or Beltr-An? And I think he mispronounced Mota’s first name.

  9. Zack

    That “Citi Park” reference was terrible. It was Jon Miller, right? I think he’s great in general, though, so I’ll let it slide this time. For your All-Star Game ball collection, I assume you’ll be buying balls and not just snagging them, yes?


    Which team thwarted it? I can’t hear you. :-)


    I missed that mix up. (I have company, and the volume is down.) Yikes.


    Oh jeez.


    Yep, I’m buying them, and I’m also thinking about All-Star Game pucks, and other commerative balls. I should snag some ASG balls next year, however.


    greg, joe morgan also called shea hillenbrand sean. it’s not like he’s some kind of rookie.

  12. Zack

    Are you gonna look for old All-Star balls on eBay?


    I thought I heard that!!! But I was like…no no, he couldn’t have said that. My God.


    Yep, Im looking on Ebay, and at the local sports cards and collectables shows in my area.

    Anyone see the Mike Vick press confernece. He looked sorry, then told all kids to use his bad judgement as an example. He didn’t use notes, and had alot of pauses where it looked like he was really thinking about his actions. Hmmm. I still don’t know what to think of him.


    you don’t know what to think of a reckless and cruel animal killer who only apologized so as to get a lesser sentence? !
    he also, by coincidence, “found jesus” this week.

    how convenient.

  15. Zack

    Ha. How could I have forgotten?


    Good luck finding old ASG balls. I assume you’ve seen the few that I have on my site, right? As for Vick, I can think of a few words that rhyme with his name that would be appropriate.


    Couldn’t agree more. I think he should be put in a cage with a lion and forced to fight.


    Hey Zack,

    When do you think you are going to your next game? Also, do you think that the Mets or Braves will take bp for the 4:00 game? Its kinda a day after night, but its not the 1:00…any help?



  17. Zack

    Nice to know I can fall back on comedy if “Watch With Zack” fails.


    My next game is probably going to be Wednesday the 29th at Camden Yards. I’m pretty sure the Mets & Braves will take BP before the 4pm game…as long as there’s no rain delay or extra-inning game the night before.


    i think i might be able to get my friend to tell me how to say throw me a ball in Taiwanese in case you dont know it.

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