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My girlfriend reads this blog, and when she saw the previous entry, she got a bit jealous and wanted me to sign her shirt too.

I have a few more links to share, starting with three stories I wrote last week for For the first one, I interviewed a former Major Leaguer named Paul Runge who’s currently managing the Danville Braves of the Rookie Appalachian League. For the second, I talked to a minor league pitcher named Kyle Schmidt who made a dominating start for the Class A Delmarva Shorebirds. The third is just a brief recap of a Mexican League playoff game. Nothing fancy. Just kinda cool that I got to cover it.

More links…
There’s a site I recently stumbled upon with news updates about everything related to the world of sports memorabilia. It’s called Sports Collectors Daily and you should definitely check it out.

My book got a nice plug from an unlikely source: Vera’s Crafty Blog.

In case you never got to see a hard copy of the “USA Today” article, here it is on my web site.

I didn’t go to Philadelphia yesterday, and I’m not gonna make it to Shea today. Stupid sore throat. I’m not getting enough sleep.



    The sports collectors daily site looks interesting. Any idea of when you’ll next go snagging?


    Too funny Zack. I guess “Chicks Dig Snaggers”. Huh? (That doesn’t really roll of the tongue that smoothly, but oh well)

    I’ll be at Shea tonight, but unfortunately not until 1st pitch. My friend can’t get out of work early. Oh well. I’ll be in the Mezz level unless I can try to move around.


    Greg, I got 8 balls in the first game, and I’m heading out soon for the 1:00 game today. I could’ve had more, but I was an idoit, and didn’t go to the second deck to use the glove trick for the bullpen. I’ll post a full report and tips for Leigh on Saturday. Sorry Pittsburgh was so tough.

  4. Zack

    No idea. Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday at Yankee Stadium?


    Funny you mentioned that. Just last night, I told Jona about the “chicks dig the longball” commercial. Hope you’re having fun at Shea. I wish I were there.


    I look forward to the report.


    3 balls at shea tonight-dave racaniello, aaron heilman, and brian lawrence. i hate shea security so much. after 6 mins of bp i was almost kicked out of the rf loge as the old security guy from the bullpen said bp didnt start yet. i could not believe it.i asked him how id get in if bp didnt start yet. he checked his watch and realized he was wrong. anyway, i thought the padres were not a great team to snag. i asked wil ledezma, and someone else(not sure who) and they both said these balls are not your possession, there ours. like they rehearsed it. weird.


    Just got back from weirs beach( I love that place) Ahh theese mets are killing me. It seems like every time they do something memorable a 6 run inning or endy chavezs catch Heilman is there to mess it all up


    I got to Gate E 30 minutes early and was the only one there. I noticed one of the house rules was “Guests will sit in their assigned seats.” I missed that rule. At 4:45 an employee put out the rules for “re-entry” (hand stamp/keep ticket stub), which was a new concept in baseball for me. Then he checked everyone’s bags and let you stand at the turnstiles before the gates opened. Also a new concept to me. When I got into the left field bleachers, I realized that the first row of seats, which I would find out were ball snagging heaven, were blocked off. You needed tickets. A second later, however, a ball sailed way over my head, but the next ball landed in the first row and an usher handed it to me. Then within the next fifteen minutes, a Rockie who I couldn’t identify tossed me a ball, and then Rockies bullpen coach Rick Mathews tossed a ball to me over a pair of outstretched hands. If they had gloves, they would have got it. By now there were a ton of kids with gloves clogging the aisles. It was 5:20 and the entire Pirates pitching staff started throwing in foul territory. But because of Stupid Rule 1, I couldn’t go there until 5:30, when the rest of the stadium opened. Coors is a stadium that opens in stages. You are only allowed in the left field bleachers for the first half hour of BP. When the rest of the stadium opened, only Shawn Chacon was throwing, and one of his partner’s throws was off and rolled to about 3 feet in front of the wall. So as I was undoing my string to get the ball, Shawn finished throwing, and he flipped the ball to me as I was getting the string out of my glove. I barely had time to react and catch it because I was focusing on the string. Soon the Pirates began to take BP, and I got Ronny Paulino to toss me a ball. Left field was soon dead, so when I saw and unidentified lefty start to bomb some balls, I moved to the right field bleachers. There was a ball in the Rockies pen, but I was told I could not use the glove trick to retrieve it. Fortunately, Ian Snell soon tossed me ball Number 6. There were tons of balls in the Pirates’ pen, and I didn’t think to go to the second level to use the glove trick to get them. I couldn’t get them from the first level because they were too far away from the main concourse, which overlooks both bullpens. By the time I realized to go to the second deck ushers, who could not give balls away, had gone and collected them, and when I went to the second deck, and didn’t see any evil (AKA Greg hating), or nice ushers, I was fuming. There was not one usher there. But my rage was calmed down when Bobby Cuellar tossed me my seventh ball of the day about 15 minutes before game time. My seat was right near the ball boy, but I was not able to get a ball from him. In the 9th I headed over to the bullpens to try to get ball eight after the game. But I was standing there for a while due to stupid extra innings. My dad and two sisters joined me for the last half inning. Ian Snell threw another ball to me, but it was low and I dropped it. Then my dad called to Bobby Cuellar for a ball and after he tossed it to me he said “Didn’t I already give you one?” Hoping to avoid and awkward situation I handed the ball to my youngest sister. When I got home I noticed that the letters AB were marked on the ball. I think this is part of a bat’s model number.

    Day Two: I bought a one dollar ticket at 4:35 for Row 11 Seat 4 in the Rockpile. Then I proceeded to Gate E, and was first on line. As I was running up the steps at 11:05 (the gates opened late) an usher yelled to me “No BP!!” Shoot. At 11:30 I was still shutout. However a kid in a Broncos jersey, who I hung out with for most of BP, got a ball tossed to him, but it was over his head and landed where I was just minutes before. But soon after he let me get my first ball of the day, and didn’t obstruct when Matt Capps tossed me a ball after he finished his catch with Solomon Torres. Then later a Pirates pitcher tossed me and my Broncos friend – who is a Mets fan – a ball, but we dropped it due to fighting. As the player was about to toss it back to us, Franquelis Osaria told the pitcher not to toss a ball to me and my Broncos friend because we already had a ball. So the player tossed the ball to a dad with two young boys. A minute later John Grabow tossed me a ball which I gave to the earlier mentioned dad, so both boys will have a ball. I counted this as a ball, and John tossed me a replacement ball, which I could over my friend outstretched hands in the palm of my glove. I held my glove over the field for a second or two then opened my glove to find “Official MLB Ball” was facing perfectly towards me. After the two Grabow balls, I headed to the Rockies bullpen and Rick Mathews tossed me my fourth ball of the day, and twelfth on the trip. As I was walking back towards the Pirates’ dugout, where Tom Gorzelanny was throwing, I forgot to switch back to my Pirates cap. So when both my fiend and I asked Tom for the ball, he tossed it slightly to my left, and my friend made the catch. Soon after about 8 guys started playing catch, and although Josh Phelps walked away after my request, Jack Wilson was nicer. I stood up on a seat, made my request, and after he shook off two pitches that I didn’t call, he tossed the ball over everyone’s head right to me. As soon as Wilson tossed me the ball, and an usher picked up the ball that Matt Kata was supposed to give to me, I sprinted to the Pirates bullpen where Paul Maholm was making his final pre-game pitches. When he was done I asked bullpen catcher Herberto Andrade for the ball, but I missed that he had given the ball to Maholm. Thankfully, he reached into his bag and pulled out ball number six for me. I joined my family in the upper deck for the most of the game, and on my way to the Upper Deck, I encountered the Stupidest Rule Ever. I wasn’t allowed on the Escalator without an adult!! I’m 13; I mean what’s gonna happen? The game went by fast, and in the Rockies team store I bought a 2006 All-Star ball for 12 dollars. In the 9th I again headed over to the bullpens with my sister. She wanted a ball, so I told her to ask Herberto Andrade for a ball. She did, and I caught it for her and handed it over. Ball seven for me, ball one for her. Then after the game she asked Bobby Cuellar for a ball, and he replied “Didn’t you guys already get one?” I shouted down “That was my little sister!” He tossed me the ball with a grin on his face, and my day would end. 8 balls tied my record for most balls which I set the on Monday night.

    I noticed that when I said that I was form New York, and was a Yankee fan, every single person said something about the Rockies sweeping the Yanks. It was like they beat us in the World Series!

    Leigh: My two tips are to bring a lot of string if you use a glove or cup trick, and in BP stand BACK! The ball travels further in the high altitude so many balls flew over my head because I was too shallow.

  8. Zack

    I just noticed that you re-posted these comments on a newer entry, so I answered you there.


    You were at Funspot? Or just hanging out in Weirs Beach?

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