Baseball camp

It rained. Of course.


I’m seriously jinxed when it comes to taking live BP. Yesterday I woke up with five hours of sleep, raced to the Port Authority, rode a bus for two and a half hours, and then had to settle for playing Wiffle Ball in a dumpy little gymnasium.


It was still fun, I must admit, and the kids were excited to meet me (thanks to the fact that my friends who run the camp had been hyping me up for the previous two days). I gave a 45-minute speech which included a glove trick demonstration, a brief session of show-and-tell, and lots of questions and answers.


A few kids asked for my autograph. Then all the kids asked. One kid wanted me to sign his shirt. (Why couldn’t he have been 15 years older and female?)


Three boys asked me to sign their muscles.


I joined all the kids for dinner, visited their cabins, said some quick goodbyes, and took the bus home. It wasn’t raining anymore. Of course.



    Did anyone go to Shea and watch my Padres give it away? What a crappy ending. Have to give it to the Mets for pulling it out. It didn’t look like there was that many people there. Might have been a good day for autos.



    Zack, just got back from my Florida trip. I got two balls the first game. One thrown by Scott Olsen and the other I found laying in the seats. The second game against the Giants I got their late and missed the first half of BP and didn’t get anything. Whenever Barry came up I went down to the fifth row in right center. The first game I went to, there were 11,000 in attendance. The second, there were 25,000 with probably about half of them in the outfield. Barry didn’t hit a homer when I was there, but the next night he hit one in the middle of the section I was in the night before. You were right about the security, they are complete jerks. I went behind the dugout after the first game and the security guard said I couldn’t go down to the first four rows while the game was going on even though there were about ten people there. Then after the last player was in the dugout after the game he started yelling at everybody to leave because the game was over. It hardly even felt like a baseball game with it being played in a football stadium and nobody there.


  3. Chris

    It sounds like you had a great time! I like your autograph! What questions did the kids ask you??


  4. Zack

    I like to write entries here and there that don’t have to do with snagging baseballs, although this one is still very much related. Thanks for reading.


    It’s terrible. I’m home right now, watching the Padres and Mets on TV. How did I manage to miss the entire series?


    What a shame that security is so strict for a team that’s struggling to survive. It almost makes me want to root against the Marlins. Sorry about the Bonds homer. Stuff like that always seems to happen to me.


    Thanks! I think I’d be a nice celebrity because I’ve spent so much time as a fan.


    My autograph looks even better on paper. (It’s tough to write on shirts and arms.) I got all kinds of questions from the kids. Who’s my favorite player? Where do I keep my baseballs? How do I afford to go to all those games? How long did it take to write my new book? Etc. I got one really funny/random question, but I’ve already forgotten what it was.

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