The week ahead

TODAY: I was hoping to have a hard copy of that “USA Today” article by now, but no, the US Postal Service apparently needs more than three days to deliver an envelope three-quarters of a mile. Meanwhile, I’m feeling guilty about not working on my book proposal and getting ready to go out and buy a new shower curtain and bath mat. I’m also eating leftover Thai food, and my girlfriend just said, “Haha, you’re eating vegan food, and you’re gonna say how good it is.” Yeah, it IS pretty good, but it’d even better if there were chunks of dead animal flesh.

TOMORROW: Waking up at 9am to catch a 10am bus from the Port Authority to my friends’ baseball camp in Milford, PA. I hope it doesn’t rain because I really want to put on a hitting display for the kids. I hope my friends take pictures and then email them to me in a timely fashion so I can share the experience here.

WEDNESDAY: Interview (via telephone) with talkSPORT Radio in London at 10:20am ET, followed by another phoner with WGIR in Manchester, NH. Then, if I’ve heard back from a certain Comcast SportsNet producer and he wants to film me at Citizens Bank Park, I’ll go. Otherwise, I might stay home and work on the book proposal. Or go to Shea. Or do both. Or neither. I hope it doesn’t rain.

THURSDAY: TV interview with KTVU/Channel 2 News at 11:45am. They’re in Oakland and have a studio in NYC. It’s going to be live, which means it should air at 8:45am on the West Coast. Then I might go to Shea. Depends on the weather (I hope it doesn’t rain) and if I was there the day before. I don’t think I can handle two Mets games in two days. Too stressful.

FRIDAY: More work on the book proposal. Radio interview at 7:20pm. I forget which station. They’re out in Las Vegas, I think. Doesn’t matter. I’ll just wait for the phone to ring. Possible visit from my friend Darren who’s slowly fixing my Arkanoid machine.

SATURDAY: Going to the Hamptons with Jona (the girlfriend) to see a performance by Ronald K. Brown Dance Company. (Who?!)

SUNDAY: Writing group meeting in Central Park. I hope it doesn’t rain.



    I went to a minor league baseball game with a team affiliated with the Astros and got one of those major league balls with the H on the sweet spot


    There is no such thing as “vegan food” there is simply food that has meat, and food that needs meat.

    Vegan simply means “unfinished dinner”


    Good luck with your schedule. I hope it doesn’t rain. Btw, Jona has good “taste” whether it comes to food or entertainment…

  4. Zack

    Those “H” balls are cool at first, but after you’ve caught a few dozen, they get really annoying.


    That is hilarious!!!


    I’m not sure what the bleeped out word is, but I’m pretty sure I agree.


    Thanks. And on Jona’s behalf: thanks.


    hey hey whats good? please please dont think ive forgotten abput you…i think i already told you this but my comp at home is a piece of $h!+ and doesnt allow me to post on ur blog…anyway just checking in to say hi and update you on what i’ve been up to…

    i was at the game when arod hit #500. unfortuanetly i didnt get any balls and considering i got there at 12 for a 1:05 game i was very satisfied with 5 autos including a pair from brian bannister, and one each of grenkie, joel peralta, and joakim soria

    next was a brooklyn cyclones game after the marlins hotel on 8/11…i got 22 autos at the marlins hotel and 24 at the game (15 from the cyclones, 9 from the auburn doubledays) and i got a ball from the homeplate umpire after the game was over. i do count minor league balls in my collection bringing me up to 57 total for my career

    anyway im going to the padres hotel all three days this week and the games on wednesday and thursday…so hopefully i can rack in close to 100 autos and 5-10 balls…

    i leave for college on saturday so ill give you an update from my new laptop when i get up there



    I live in London and just wanted to let you know that Talksport Radio is one of the most listened to stations, so if you’re looking to spread the word to those in London you can’t have chosen a better sports radio station. Don’t get nervous now!!


    Stupid rain. Obviously I’m not going to Shea today, but I’ll be there tomorrow.


    I’m going to be in New York next Tuesday with my gramps watching the yanks play the sox. But in the morning we get to go on a tour of the stadium. Yesterday morning (monday) I got to catch for Tom Carroll of the ’74 ’75 Reds when they won a world series. He’s still got a good arm for being in his late 50s. You looking to go to any of those game zach?


    Oh yea, can i have a few tips on snagging spots? I don’t know if my gramps will want to get there that early, but i’m in the bleachers (wherever those are). Also, how early do they open?



    I’ll give you some snagging tips for Coors when I get back from vacation on Saturday. I only have this computer for another 5 minutes.


    Puckcollector: Awesome! Eight balls in how many games? Pittsburgh was really tough. The place was packed with Mets fans on Thursday and Phillies fans on Friday. I only snagged five balls combined (one and four respectively), but it was still fun.

    How were the ushers at Coors? You gotta write up a full report about your trip like I did in July after my trip there! (By the way, I already e-mailed Leigh all my Coors tips, but I’m sure you can add to them.)

  12. Zack

    No worries. I know you’re busy and that you’ll check in when you can. Sounds like you’re really cleaning up on the autograph circuit. Congrats, and good luck at college.


    Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t choose them. They chose me. Only about nine hours until I’m on…


    Sooooo stupid. Why can’t it rain/snow every day from November to March and be sunny the rest of the time?


    Yeah, for the new-and-improved “How to Snag Major League Baseballs.”


    You’re talking about the series against the Red Sox? No way I’m going. Are you sitting in the LF or RF bleachers? I’ve never been in either section, but I can tell you that the ones in LF are about 500 feet from home plate, right behind the visiting team’s bullpen, so your only chance to get a ball would be from one of the pitchers there. The RF bleachers are great for home runs, both during BP and the game itself. During BP, a bunch of balls will probably get tossed up to the people crowding the railing at the front, but most of the homers will sail over their heads, so you just have to pick your spot accordingly. Beyond those tips, you should check out all my old entries about Yankee Stadium for more info. I’m pretty sure the bleachers open two hours early, just like the rest of the stadium.


    you’re making a new “htsmlb”?

    very cool, I’ll be sure to pick it up WHEN (not if) it comes out.

  14. Zack

    Yup, that’s the plan. Fingers crossed. I’ll be sure to tell the publisher that I already have one guaranteed sale.



    I don’t know which bleachers but I can check. Do you not do those games because of how crowded it is? And I’ll definitely by your book when it comes out.

  16. Zack

    Delayed reply…sorry. But you are correct. It’s the massive crowds that keep me away. But really, it’s Yankee Stadium itself that I try to avoid. It’s not a fun place to be for many, MANY reasons.

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