Batting cage

I’ve been invited to make a guest appearance at my friends’ baseball camp on Tuesday, August 21, so I went to a batting cage this afternoon to make sure I hadn’t forgotten how to hit…



Oh yeah. I still got it.







    … >_>

    wow I hate the yankees


    can you hit a homer that stays in the air long enough for you to circle the bases, then run into the bleachers and snag it?




    Zack Zonks one after the melk man delivered, and a Damon dinger.

    John Sterling and Suzan Waldman:

    Glue your lips together, and the world will be a better place.


    Puck Collector…

    Are you going to Coors Field soon or have you already gone? I’m going to Coors for the first time on Sept 7-9 Rox vs Padres. Do you or anyone else out there that’s been there have any tips on gates, gate opening times, good snagging areas, good places to eat at the ballpark etc?




    from my experiences, the left field gate opens 2 hours early while the rest of the park opens 1.5 hours early.

    when I went there was no BP so I can’t tell you any good spots.

  6. Zack

    MR. MET-
    Very nice. You started a trend.




    No earliness involved. I believe I had it just right (although I was only swinging with about an 80% effort…didn’t want to make myself COMPLETELY sore).


    Yes, formerly known as Frozen Ropes. It’s on 74th between Broadway and Amsterdam.


    I haven’t tried yet.


    You forgot “a thrilla by Godzilla.”




    Yep. Right in Manhattan, just a few blocks from my place.


    Hey, I know Frozen Ropes! I was the first ever student at that place. The basement facility wasn’t yet complete, so I was the only kid there that day. And then Bobby Valentine showed up and gave me some brief hitting tips and signed my hat. Good times.


    Hey Zack,

    I am back!(On last Monday) Good to see your ankle no longer bothers you. I had an amazing time in Texas.

    I did snag balls in the Rangers Ballpark and Minute Maid (No BP for all games I attended). I am working on my Texas travel journal. I will share with you when I am done.

    After resting from last Tue to Thur, I again went to SD. The ONLY reason I went is because I want BGO’s autograph so bad.(That how fans in Houston call Biggio)Fans there are nut about him.

    On Fri, didn’t wait before the gate open. I went for a ballpark tour. I did get 7 Astro autos during BP. I was surprised BGO didn’t sign even it is the last series he will ever play in SD. I sit with Leigh during the game. After the game, I got Loretta, and Carlos Lee. Lee is an impossible to get in ballpark. I followed him all the way to parking lot outside of PECTO park to get him signed. He was on the phone, so I held the ball two-handed and sweet spot on top. Just happy to get his.

    The next day, I arrived at 12:30. I met some autograph seekers. We are all hoping to get BGO’s auto. We were waiting under the skybridge. One auto-seeker later went to a nearby restaurat to buy water. Believe it or not, Dave Winfield was there having lunch. (Winfield was wearing his own jersey!!!) I go check it out. But didn’t want to bother him and I don’t want to miss BGO’s auto. Later we decided to wait near players’ parking lots. There were already like 20 ppl. While I was waiting, Dave Winfield re-appeared on the corner!!! He was near a tour bus. I ran over and get his auto. He later handed out postcards of his new book. He is REALLY friendly and funny. Well, at least i got one HOFer’s auto. I will go home happy. About one hour later, BGO got drop off at the player parking lot. I was in the perfect position. He first signed for a old couple, then me. THEN HE WAS GONE. He only signed for 2 ppl. I think the reason he signed for me is that I was the only person with an Astro cap on. And the item for him to sign was a BGO 3000-hit free-giveaway T-shirt last Sun at Minute Maid park. I bet him remembered the shirt. I was so happy I think I am an Astro fan now.

    (I got 15 autos in 2 days. But didn’t get any H balls. I really think I am cursed in PETCO park. I haven’t gotten a ball after 7 games there. Leigh got one on Sat)

    I am going to 3 yankee-angel games next week.


    You mean next weekend? No, I don’t have anything planned yet. But I’ll be at Shea on Tuesday.

  10. Zack

    Sounds like you had mixed success, but you really can’t complain after getting Winfield. I once shook his hand…but no autograph. Congrats on getting Carlos Lee as well. There are going to be a bunch of people from this blog at the Yankees-Angels series: you, John Witt (aka mlballhawk), and Mike (aka tswechtenberg). Hope all you guys have fun.


    Shea will be all yours on Tuesday. I’ll probably be there on Wednesday and/or Thursday. I’m thinking about going to Philly on Wednesday, but I might need the free time instead.


    You’re the man.


    my little bro wanted to go to a single a lakewood blueclaws game tonight with his friends, so i agreed to take them. then, i realized shane victorino and rod barajas were rehabbing there. it was downpouring, but we still were down by the dugouts. we each got 1 ball, and i got autos from barajas and victorino. then, they postponed the game and barajas started to walk toward the clubhouse, and after i asked he threw me his wristband, with his # 2 on it from the phillies, becasue he was wearing 38. anyway, it was cool to some mlb autos/wristband at a single a game, and i may go back tomorrow for the makeup doubleheader.



    I was just happy and satisfied after I got Biggio’s auto. It was mission accomplished for me.

    Another thing, I have a very stupid question about the Yankees. Which players sign during BP? I know very well that Yankees are known of not signing autos. But I have seen Damon, Matsui and Abreu signed in Angel Stadium. I gonna try to get Wang’s by bringing my Taiwan’s national flag, calling his name and asking his auto in Chinese. I think I have a good chance. Last thing, should I even bother waiting after the game when players come out?


    One more question, how fast is that batting cage ball?


    sammywu- i know the question wasnt to me but i went to the yankees and mariners game last year and everyone signed, i mean almost everyone, cano cabreara jeter abreu, i think even a rod signed a few, plus a bunch of others…hope that helps


    Zach (or anyone else): I remember seeing an entry about your visit to the Great American Ballpark in Cincy. Could you direct me to the link or approximate time frame that you were there so I can find it myself? I’m headed there this weekend and want to do a little prep work to set myself up for success. Thanks!

  15. Zack

    Congrrats on the wristband. Even if it wouldn’t be a winner on eBay, it’s still cool. Congrats on the balls and autos, too. Sounds like a good time, rain and all.


    I’ve never seen any Yankees sign during BP, but the reason is that I’m always focused on getting baseballs. So I have NO idea who signs. I’ve never waited after a game for autographs at Yankee stadium, and I can’t remember ever seeing the Yankees on the road, so I can’t help you out with this one. Sorry. As for the batting cage ball, it was zipping toward me at the blinding speed of 45mph.


    Really? Cool.


    You know it.


    Mid-August of 2005. Go the following link and scroll down a bit and click the dates on the left…

    …and you’ll get my blog entries.


    yeah, i was very surprised, i didnt get anyone because i wanted to hold a good spot down the line and the crowd around them was like 5 rows deep so it would have been impossible…they threw out a bunch of balls too…


    comment on the Yankee lineup
    As ARodriguez has a poor batting average with runners in scoring position and Giambi has a low batting average I would suggest the following lineup changes as an experiment.
    Switch ARodriguez and JDamon in the batting order and switch Giambi and Nady in the batting order. This implies switch one and four and five and six in the batting order.

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