Gustavo Watch, Part 13

You_are_jinxed_3Gustavo Chacin, the “man” who stole a ball from me on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium, is still suffering from the Hample Jinx.

Last week the Blue Jays sent him down to Triple-A Syracuse to rehab his ailing left shoulder, and in his first start he lasted just three innings and got tagged with the loss after giving up three runs on five hits.

Last night, he pitched again and got the hook after just 2 2/3 innings, during which he allowed four runs on four hits and two walks.

Congratulations, Gus. After two starts in the Minor Leagues, your ERA is 11.12.



    Hi Zack….

    I have a dumb question, but you would be the man to ask it. Next year is the last year for Shea Stadium’s existense I believe. A friend and I were going to make a pilgrimage sometime next year to see it before it goes. Maybe when the Padres are in town. I’ve never been there before and I was interested in those bleacher type seats in left field. Are those seats for sale to the general public or are they just for groups? That’s where I really want to sit. If they are just group seating….do you have any kind of local hook up we could talk about to get in there? Very curious.



    Hi Zack again…

    I just read my previous post and I mistyped. Sorry. You would be the man to ANSWER it, not ask it. Geeze, I’m getting old. I also wanted to add that all the ballhawks in San Diego are salivating for next weekend. The Barry watch is on. I’m not a big Barry fan at all and I’m really just looking for a payday. That ball could buy me a house. I hope he holds out until he gets here. Wish us all luck out here everyone.


  3. Todd

    Zack … I’m heading to Ottawa next weekend for the Lynx’ series against Syracuse. Would you like me to tell Chacin that you’re the reason behind his struggles? ;)


    I know you’ve been wronged by Gustavo, but I did see him shagging balls in the outfield when the Jays came to MN.

    Gustavo didn’t throw a ball into the crowd while BP was going on, but he gradually collected balls and put them in his pockets.

    When BP was over, he turned around and picked out little kids all around the outfield wall and tossed them balls. He must have had a dozen balls to toss up before he ran in. Not entirely bad.

  5. Zack

    You know the saying…”There are no stupid questions except the ones we do not ask.” So no worries. The bleachers are for groups only, of 100 or more…although apparently there are rare chances to buy individual tickets there. I wasn’t even aware of that until my friend Greg mentioned it in the comments a few days ago. I don’t have any ticket connections in NYC, believe it or not. I mean, I suppose I could ask the editor of Yankees Magazine or the producers at SNY (the Mets’ cable network) if I ever *really* needed a ticket, but the games I go to are rarely sold out, so I’ve never had to ask for any favors. I might need to use those connections in a couple years when the new ballparks open. Anyway, go for your payday. No shame in that. If Bonds wants the ball enough, he should give away one of his many millions of dollars for it. I’m already thinking about what I would/will do if/when I catch A-Rod’s 500th, and selling the ball is certainly a possibility if I don’t get the right offer from A-Rod and the Yankees. My friend Brad in San Francisco deserves to catch the record-breaking Bonds homer as much as anyone, so I can’t say I’m rooting for Bonds to break the record on the road, but if he does hold out, I’ll be watching and rooting for you. You’ll be sitting where, exactly? In the front row in straight-away left field?


    Are you serious? Do you really think you’ll get a chance to talk to him? And would you tell him that? Sure, go for it. I will happily lift The Jinx if Gustavo ever apologizes to me and gives me a replacement ball, and if that happens, I won’t care what prompts it. It’s not like I need for him to discover the error of his ways on his own or anything.


    I’m shocked. Good for him. That’s a wonderful thing to do, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s Jinxed.


    Poor guy. He knocked a baseball out of your glove. Grow up & get over it.

  7. Chris

    Nice entry Zack! I just heard that news with Chacin. What other players are really really mean for throwing balls??




    I am in straight away left field. Row 2, but on the aisle. The people in the front row usually have no clue and are just in the way. I’m quick though so I usually can catch anything close no matter who’s in the way.




    I just had MOST UNBELIEVABLE night at Angel Stadium. (The game is nationally televised by ESPN) THANKS TO YOU, ZACK, I GOT MY FIRST PAIR OF LINE UP CARD!!!!!!!

    More than that, I got 7 tiger autographs and snagged one ball. This is by far the best performance I have ever had!!!

    7 autographs:

    *Todd Jones- I got him near first base side right after he walked out of dugout to play catch.

    *Gary Shieffield- I got him after him finished BP. I threw the ball to him near dugout entrance

    *Placido Polanco- I got him near 1st base side. Some fan was waving his jersey. I got signed after that.

    *Omar Infante- I got his after him finished playing catch walking back to dugout.

    *Craig Monroe- Got him signed after BP near foul pole

    *Nate Robertson- Got him the same place as Monroe

    *Joel Zumaya- Got his 5 minutes before game time. I threw the ball to the dugout.

    Pic of my autographs

    Snagged ball:

    Tiger backup catcher Mike Rabelo intentionally let the ball bounced back the wall while playing catch. I caught to ball after the 3rd bounce.

    Line-up card:

    I was waiting right behind Angel dugout entrance. Garrent Anderson threw his wristband to my directoin. Too fast, I didn’t react. Then batboys started to throw ball to fans but not at my direction. After 5 minutes, some batboy threw the line-up cards right toward me. I literally jumped and made a diving catch, full arm extension. My timing was impeccatable. I just got my first pair of line-up card. Of course, there were kids near me also jumped. I am glad that I am 6 feet tall.

    Here is a pic taken by usher right after I got the cards.

    Line-up card in close up

  10. Zack

    Just having some fun. Sorry you don’t see it that way.


    I’m glad you can appreciate it even though you’re a Jays fan. The Mets actually have two of the biggest jerks right now: Aaron Heilman and Pedro Feliciano. If you look back at my archives, you’ll find an entry from September 2005 called “Who’s NICE, Who’s RUDE.” Barry Bonds made that list, of course, as did John Rocker.


    Ahh, okay. I’ll be looking for you (not the clueless people) for sure.


    That’s awesome! Congrats. I’m so happy for you. Great pics. Great stories. Thanks for sharing everything here.


    I sure hope that Gustavo is reading your blog and figures out that installment #13 of the dreaded Hample Jinx Watch is definitely bad luck. Wake up Gus and toss a ball to Zack!

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