NOT chasing A-Rod’s 500th

Ohhh, man…

I was all set to go to Baltimore today (with my girlfriend) to make an attempt at catching A-Rod’s 500th career home run, but I changed my mind after checking out the weather forecast…


Specifically, there’s a 50 percent chance of rain from 4-7pm, which is right when the two teams would be taking batting practice, but there are other reasons why I’m staying home:

1) Weekend traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike.
2) Huge crowd for the Yankees, combined with “student discount night.”
3) The completion of a suspended game making everything more complicated.
4) Being insanely busy.
5) Feeling mostly exhausted.

It’s really a shame. I had my whole strategy planned out. Last night I got A-Rod’s “scatter plot” on Hit Tracker and resized it with Photoshop so it fit perfectly on top of a Camden Yards seating chart. Check it out:


Now I can only watch on TV and hope that A-Rod goes homerless for the next three days.

In other disappointing news…
I can’t find a flight to Milwaukee for less than $475. I was hoping to fly out of NYC at around noon on Tuesday, July 31st, get to Miller Park in time for batting practice, watch Tom Glavine pick up his 300th win, and fly back to NYC that night at around 1am. Would’ve been cool to get on a plane without a toothbrush or a change of clothes, but maybe it’s just as well. If A-Rod somehow stays in the yard through the weekend, he’ll be going for #500 in the Bronx on the 31st. I don’t know what to do. Can anyone find a cheaper roundtrip flight to Milwaukee?

Finally, in case you’re interested, I wrote two feature stories last night for HERE and HERE they are.

(Oh…and I plan to post my Shea entry late tonight so check back in before you go to bed.)



    Yeah, about the Milwaukee thing — we had the same problem. There are like no flights from here directly to Milwaukee, and even the ones with a connection are unbelievably expensive. So what we’re doing is flying into Chicago on United (about $220 per person round trip from LaGuardia) and driving to Milwaukee on the morning of Aug. 1st. It makes things a little more complicated, but we’re saving like $300.



    Sometimes a rain delay is a good thing and a blessing in disquise…

    A little time off and a break from the action will allow you time to regroup and recharge your snagging batteries! Never wait till the green light on your battery goes out.

    Forget about taking a cheap flight to Milwaukee…

    The cheapest way to get to your nearest ballpark is by walking, running, bicycle, canoe, and empty freight car.


    i found a jetblue flight from JFK for around 170$ to chicago and then you could take a greyhound bus to milwaukee for up to 20$.
    youd have to stay in a hotel for a night though (days inn is cheap)


    Please be careful when snagging line drives or it could be lights out. Have a grrrr-8 weekend and keep up the excellent work on your blog!

  5. Zack



    I just heard Michael Kay (the Yankees TV announcer) mention that the tarp was on the field today!!! There was no BP at Camden Yards!!! I made the right choice!!! Thank you, Now I just need A-Rod NOT to homer, and it will be a perfect day.

    I’ll answer comments in a bit…


    Yeah, well while you made the right decision, I made the absolute wrong decision. There wasn’t a drop of rain here in the city and I was stuck inside, watching the beautiful weather. Meh.

  7. Zack

    Sorry about Shea. That really *****. As for Chicago/Milwaukee, that seems like such a hassle. Hope it’s worth it.


    Thanks for looking. I’m not opposed to flying out of Newark, but $423 still feels a bit steep.


    Good point about taking a break. I feel like I’ll be supercharged and ready for the madness at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday. I never thought about taking a canoe (or a freight car) to a game. I’ll get to work on that.


    …and thank YOU as well for looking into flights. I’m really trying to avoid Chicago, though. I don’t want one of those “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” trips. (Excellent movie, BTW, and speaking of movies, I saw “Transformers” today. Lots of…destruction.) And I’m trying to avoid doing the hotel thing as well. I’d rather just go to the airport and sit around for six hours and fly back at 6am. But again, I really appreciate the fact that you checked.


    I’m not interested in Chicago this time around, although it’s not a bad idea.


    Our man walked in the first inning, and he just popped up to end the third. Phew!


    Zack, I just finished reading your articles. What is a cycle? And where do you get the information to write an article on a game you don’t attend? Just curious…

  9. Charlie

    Surfnusa: A cycle is when one player hits a single, double, triple and a homer in one game in any order.


    hey zack i was thinking about doing your baseball tour thing so email me your number

  11. Zack

    You coulda looked it up in my book’s glossary.



    You are correct, sir.


    I just emailed you.


    Excellent work tonight, gentlemen.


    Hey Zack, I just bought your book at Barnes & Noble. It was EXPENSIVE($15.01) but worth it! I am really enjoying it and I hope you the best in snagging numero 500

  13. Zack

    Thanks for supporting the cause! But when you consider that I worked on it for four years, is it really THAT expensive? Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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