All-Star Week photo album

It’s up. There are 58 photos, including the one below and many other that I didn’t use in my previous three blog entries. CLICK HERE to see them all…


NOTE: The opinion expressed in this photo is solely that of the subjects, and does not necessarily reflect the sentiment of The Baseball Collector.


UPDATE: The photo album is gone. All my albums are gone. They got so screwed up when MLBlogs changed its format in March 2008 that I deleted them all.




    Great pictures.It was nice to look at them.Not having the greatest time lately.I am getting ready to undergo open heart surgery august 10th yep not fun!hehe.


    Nice pics… If glavine wins tommorrow in l.a then he will be going for number 300 wednesday night at shea and if he doesen’t win it then on sunday. Are you gonna go to it?

  3. Zack

    I still haven’t even seen a single replay of Ichiro’s homer. I only saw it once in person, and it was hard to tell exactly where it bounced off the wall.


    Oh noooo! My God. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. I hope you get through it okay.


    I might not be able to attend either game, unfortunately. I’m really upset about it.



    Tried some of your snagging tips at the Mets dugout today. Got former Padre Oliver Perez to throw me a ball. I even asked him in Spanish. “Da me una pelota por favor?” This worked very well. Got a big smile. He’s still a fan favorite here. I got another ball from former Padre Rickey Henderson as he went into the dugout at the end of BP. That was it for the day. Rickey even signed for a little while but I missed out on that. Too many people. Good comeback tonight for the Mets but your bullpen let down in the 8th. Pads take 2 out of 3. Every Mets fan I saw was well behaved today. I guess we got the nice New Yorkers visiting this time. I didn’t see the Mets toss up many balls today at all. Just Oliver Perez for the most part. Looking forward to BP with Ryan Howard and the Phillies tomorrow. When is your next in person game?


    I’ll be there on Saturday. You will be sitting just a few feet to my right across the aisle from me. Literally less than 10 seats away. What a coincidence. I’d like to say hi when you’re there. Maybe I’ll join in the autograph hunt that day. Either way I’ll see you at the game. I’ll email you some details later.


    Don’t really know you, but good luck with your surgery. I’ll say a prayer.

    To all National League fans…

    I’m sorry the Padres have lost the All Star game two years in a row. We’ll work on that next year. Why couldn’t it have been a Dodger???!!! Why???!!! Ha ha. Take care Zack and everyone…



    the yankee game was terrible last night. i got there at 5:30 and didnt get a single ball. there was one lefty that crushed two balls, and they were coming right to me, but they hit the upperdeck, and bounced onto the field. And the Jays didnt let any balls just sit on the track, so no glove trick.

    I like Pittsburgh better.


    I was at the Yankees game last night too, but I didn’t get there until after 6:00, so I didn’t even bother trying to go down by the fence. I saw someone using the cup trick in right field by the Sony logo on the outfield wall. I figured it was someone from this message board.


    Hey Zack who are the good tossers on the Mariners? Im going to the game Friday and any help would be great.


    If anyoen else knows about the MAriners let me know.

    About the all star game to bad you didnt get an ASG ball but you probably will get one eventually. I was surprised to here that you shut down your snagging during BP you shouldve atleast hovered around the evil guys and make sure they didnt get a ball.

  8. Zack

    I’m glad my fellow New Yorkers were representing well out there at PETCO, and I’m glad my tips helped you get a ball or two. Awesome that you got one from Rickey. He hooked me up many hears ago during BP at Yankee Stadium.


    You can’t get to Yankee Stadium half an hour late and expect to snag anything. But that’s still really frustrating.


    Over an *hour* late?! Dear lord.


    Ichiro never signs autographs, but he’s great about tossing balls into the crowd. I’d go for him. At the All-Star Game, it was too crowded during BP to move more than a few feet in any direction, and it seemed that everyone was riled up and acting crazy. I wanted no part of it.


    You got it.


    Hello Zach,big fan by the way. But i was wondering if you were going to the july 25th game against the pirates because i’m going. And if you are i thought i could meet you in your corner spot and chat. so please answer back as soon as possible. Thanks.

    P.s. i was wondering if u can tell me how to get a players autograph

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