This Week in Hair

Look what my girlfriend did to me…


Actually, I asked her to do it, and yes, I’ve been out in public…


(Don’t worry, Brad. I won’t show up in San Francisco looking like this.)




    there was a story on a guy at the ballpark who caught 10 Home Runs in PNC Park. But alas, he also caught on in his teeth.

    John, funny that you wrote about an idiot running over a kid for a ball because a teen knocked a ball out of like a 5 year olds glove yesterday


    hey zack i found this story today and i wanted you to see it becuase i think its a lie so here it is from darron


    i got Prince fielders auto outside of their hotel today. he is shorter in person, and doesnt look that fat as opposed to his 6 ft 260 playing size


    need everyone’s help!!! I know he is a Twin, but Pat Neshek needs your vote on right away. Please help send Twins’ set-up man Pat Neshek to the 2007 ALL-STAR game! He is one of the 5 finalists that all fans can vote for online until Thursday 7-6-07.

    Neshek has his very own website ( and is very fan friendly, besides being a super talented pitcher! He is bound to be in the top vote getters, but the race will be very close with Boston’s Okajima. I know none of you want to see another Red Sox player on the squad, so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen and VOTE FOR NESHEK:)

    Voting is unlimited & you can even vote on your cell phone via text message. How cool & easy is that? I know he’s a set-up man and they’re often overlooked, but stop over looking: Pat has allowed just five earned runs in 35 2/3 innings. He’s 3-0 with a 1.26 ERA. Plus, he throws with that way cool submarine-style delivery. Keep voting & tell everyone you know…thanks in advance

  5. Zack

    Don’t be frightened. After all, it IS just hair. I checked out your bog, and MAN, that’s awful what that fan did to the kid.


    Congrats on the Prince auto. I hope I can get him someday. And I hope you gave that idiot teenager an earful.


    Yeah, as PSU532 said, that’s an old article. Don’t ever take anything seriously on Deadspin. The guy behind that site just tries to make fun of people and gets his readers all riled up over nothing. Glad you like the hair.


    I don’t know if I can vote for a player who tried to throw me a ball and missed! But okay, maybe I’ll make an exception this time.


    i would like to see another redsox in and i think okajima has had a better year anyway


    Hey Zack, This weekend I went to a Staten Island Yanks game and had my best game ever. I got 5 balls before the game started but then I got 6 more balls during the game. I was sitting in the first row behind the dugout and it seemed like there was no competition. My section started yelling at me and when I got my last ball I got booed, but I didn’t feel bad because nobody else had a glove.


    wo, zack, im beat up. im a catcher, and i take a beating, but never like today.

    as i was havin a catch with my dad, i noticed people inside the stadium. i looke towards the center field gat, and it was open!! as it turned out if you have season tickets(and the people we got our tickets from did), you can enterthe stadium a half an hour befor everyone else.

    BALL 1: Ian Snell tossed me a ball

    BALL 2: Someone hit a ball into the seats, and as i fell on my but, i grabbed the ball.

    i hat that they added backs to the bleacher seats. it makes it difficult to move around.

    BALL 3: Matt Capps tossed me a ball.

    BALL 4: A ball landed on the track, and Damaso Marte picked it up, and i opened and closed my glove. He was like “Another one?” i shrugged and he flipped me the ball.

    BALL 5: Prince Fielder hit a shot that landed over my head, and i picked it up.

    Prince Fielder, J.J Hardy, and Geoff Jenkins were CRUSHING the ball.

    BALL 6: Derrick Turnbow flipped me a ball.

    BALL 7: i was waiting behind the bullpen, and i asked Billy Andrade if he could spare a ball (i think thats hs first name. its not on the pirates site)and he flipped me one.

    I leave tommorrow. (Sigh)

    Neeshek is in third behing Bonderman, and okajima.


    Pat Neshek is a very nice guy. I got his auto at Angel Stadium a few weeks ago. He signed for everyone until the last person. He even asked me if I want it on sweet spot. Afterward, I said “Love your blog.” He was laughing.

    But I think Okajima will be voted in. For the simple reason that he got the entire nation of Japan voting for him

    And to Zack, is the reason Neshek missed because he sidearmed you the ball? That would be pretty funny.


    Puck Collector, the Pirates bullpen catcher is Heberto Andrade. Billy Andrade is a golfer. Btw, clean up your spelling and typos.

  11. Zack

    Yeah, Okajima has slightly better numbers, but Neshek is super-duper-nice.


    You got SIX freakin’ balls during the game? Incredible. Sorry you were getting booed. That’s lame…although it is to be expected.


    I’m glad you survived. Sounds like another amazing day for you. What a trip! See how much easier it is to snag outside of New York City?


    Good point about Japan. As for Neshek’s bad throw…no, the likely reason he missed me was that he was being lazy and not trying to be accurate.


    Yeah! You tell him!


    Zack you gotta vote Neshek. Hes the nicest guys in the league by far. You know im a huge jays fan and even Im saying vote Neshek not Halladay. The Red Sox are evil we dont need another one in the ASG. Bonderman hasnt given you a ball and I doubt that he will. Atleast Pat has tried and wanted you to get one and I bet if you go to another Twins game youd be able to get one from him.

    Vote Pat!!!

    Also nice game in Philly considering the weird **** that happened with the gates.


    was that you singing?

    ive never seen something like that before to get a guy into an all star game.

    but, neshek is still in third for all star voting.

  14. Zack

    Yes yes, okay okay, I’m voting for Pat. I can’t promise that I’ll vote 500 times (nice song!) but I’ll do my part to help. He IS one of the nicest guys in the bigs.


    puckcollector-congrats on the fielder autograph…i got one from him about 5 years ago when he was playing rookie ball in the pioneer league..i live in missoula montana and we go to the missoula osprey games all the time..i got prince to sign after the game when he was carrying all the equipment to the bus..he was really nice and dropped everything to sign my ball


    Hello Zach,big fan by the way. But i was wondering if you were going to the july 25th game against the pirates because i’m going. And if you are i thought i could meet you in your corner spot and chat. so please answer back as soon as possible. Thanks.

    P.s. i was wondering if u can tell me how to get a players autograph


    i wanted to try that ‘do, but me and my family were just going to the bay area to visit my grandpa and my mom wouldn’t want me to show up with a handprint slammed in the back of my head

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