2007 All-Stars

I meant to post this before the voting ended, but anyway, here it is…my 2007 All-Star ballot, punched out with ALL the players who’ve thrown me balls:


By narrowing down these players to the best at each position, my voting went like this:

1B Albert Pujols————————————-1B Ty Wigginton (yikes)
2B Freddy Sanchez——————————–2B Luis Castillo
SS Jose Reyes————————————–SS Orlando Cabrera
3B David Wright————————————-3B Mike Lowell
C Bengie Molina————————————-C Jason Kendall
LF Adam Dunn—————————————LF Gary Sheffield
CF Carlos Beltran———————————–CF Ichiro Suzuki
RF Willy Taveras————————————RF Magglio Ordonez

My starting pitchers (if I could’ve voted for them) would be Jake Peavy and Josh Beckett. It would’ve been nice to have Big Papi, Jeter, A-Rod, and Pudge in the the AL lineup…but alas, they’ve never thrown me balls. For the complete list of guys who HAVE thrown me balls, click here.


  1. psu532@yahoo.com

    Yikes, AL catchers and 1st basemen are stingy to you!!!

    Did you happen to catch the Mets/Phils game today on Fox? Mets pitcher Oliver Perez was messing with the Philly fans by tying a string to a baseball and dangling it over the top of the dugout, then yanking it back….

  2. Zack

    Well, it’s not so much that they’re stingy. It’s that I just don’t see as many American League games, and most of the ones I DO see are at Yankee Stadium where I have almost no access to the players. I saw Perez doing that. Funny stuff.

  3. gregorybarasch@yahoo.com

    No write-in votes? Mine would be Endy Chavez and Yorvit Torrealba (of players who have tossed me balls).

    Coors Field Countdown: 43 hours, 8 minutes, 5 seconds.

  4. puckcollector@optonline.net

    well my day started out well. the flight was smooth, the hotel was nice, but then at about 3, i was walking around the outside of PNC, and Zimmerman, the 1 national that i wanted was signing, but he left as i got there, and i had nothing for him to sign. but my day got better.

    BALL 1:Someone hit a fly ball, and it was barely going to hit the wall, and i reached over right above matt capps glove and caught it!!! my first ball on a fly!!!

    then a little girl who was not paying attention, had a fly ball hit her on the top of her head. she was ok.

    BALL 2: Masimi Kuwata tossed me a ball, very simple. how do you say “can i have a ball” in japenese?

    BALL 3: Glove trick wouldnt work, cop gave me ball.

    BALL 4: glove trick. it was cool to hear all the people in that farmer accent going “OH MY GOD” when i got the ball.

    that was it for the night. i was inches away from about 3 balls, and lost 2 in the sun. i could have easinly has 6 if it had been less crowded, and cloudy.

    it was a quick game, and some pirates fans protested by walking out of the seats and onto the concourse. this is the site:


    oh, and this was funny:


  5. puckcollector@optonline.net

    oh, and i got autos on ticket stubs from jose castillo, and tony armas

    oh, and did anyone know that the pirates pickes up josh phelps. i guess when he was sent to the minors, he had to pass through waivers, and the pirates got him.

  6. puckcollector@optonline.net

    sunday day game after a nite game= no BP.
    NOT FUN!

    BALL 1:Saul Rivera tossed me a ball after his catch.

    BALL 2:Ryan Langerhans threw me a ball fter his throwing.

    BALL 3: Matt Capps made a made trwo that rolled right to the wall, and i scooped it up.

    BALL 4: Tim Tolman tossed me a brand new ball straight out of the bag.

    BALL 5: Jerry Morales tossed me a ball, which i gave to the kid in front of me. the usher said he had never seen someone give a ball away, so maybe **** let me into that section tommorrow night.

    was inches away from a foul ball. and it was kids night, so i got to run the bases after the game.

  7. hdavid_27@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack,
    its Darron from St.louis and i got two balls from the kansas city royals on june 20th and then on the 24th batting practice was cancelled due to rain but the game started on time and in the fourth it was on delay for an hour and thirty minutes so i went to the phillies bullpen and anoyed the pichers for a ball i was sprayed with a waterhose and then in the bottom of the ninth inning i finnaly got my ball it was the outfield warmup ball for the phillies makeing my ball total 11. TO every body if you want to see me with zack and read what he wrote about me read this http://snaggingbaseballs.mlblogs.com/the_baseball_collector/2007/05/52207_at_busch_.html

  8. Zack

    Oh yeah. Write-in votes. Oops.


    Wow! Sounds like you’re doing great in Pittsburgh. Sorry there wasn’t BP for the second game, but it didn’t seem to put a dent in your snagging. Thanks for the updates, and good luck tomorrow! (Funny about Proctor.)


    Comparing autographs to home runs…I love it! Congrats on getting Neshek.


    Great to hear from you. That’s hilarious that you got sprayed. (John Rocker once threw a cup of water at me.) I’m glad you didn’t get shut out that night. Eleven balls. Double digits! Just 89 more to go to reach the Century Club. You can do it…

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