Rosie O’Donnell (part two)

…and here’s my second appearance on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.”



    I cheated, I saw this early..

    very awesome none the less!

    you should try to get up front with the “I was on rosie” trick now-a-days and see what happens!!!!

    and what a wild finish in Chicago!!! WOW


    This was my favorite Rosie O’Donnell episode ever. Not only because you were in it, but because I shot most of the poloroids that you were showing her. LOL!!! Good photography, huh? LOL!!! Zack, you are truly the man, I am just a willing assistant.

  3. Zack

    Ahh yes, I posted this on YouTube a day before I posted it here, just to make sure everything was loaded up properly. I think if I tried the “I was on Rosie” routine now, I’d just get punched in the face. That WAS a wild finish in Chicago.


    Stop saying all these flattering things. I’m getting embarrassed. YOU are the man. I couldn’t have done lots of the stuff I’ve done if not for you.


    It’s looking pretty likely that I *will* be filmed tomorrow in Philadelphia. Still need to get the final confirmation from the producer.


    Zack, nice part 2 of the show. Did you get a chance to meet Kelly Ripa when she was on part 1?

    Have you uploaded your SNY Mets Kids Clubhouse appearances to YouTube yet? I’ve seen them, but I’m sure some people who do not have access to SNY would like to check them out….


    hey zack and everyone..i leave for my trip on saturday at 5:00 a.m. and hopefully get in cleveland by 2:00 p.m. and go to 2 games in clevland against the d-rays..and then 3 games in pittsburgh against the brewers and then a driving day on thursday to cincinnati where the reds play the d-backs…should be a fun trip and if anyone has any tips or comments about the stadiums or cities i would appreciate it..

  6. Zack

    Thanks. I didn’t get to meet Ripa or any other celebs…however…when I walked off the set after my second appearance on the show, some guy was standing off on the side, and he’d been watching my segment on a little TV screen. As I passed him, he said, “Hey, nice job out there,” and I realized a few minutes later that it was Matthew Perry. (I’ve always been out of it when it comes to pop culture.) I also saw Queen Latifah walk past me in a hallway, surrounded by her enormous entourage, so I didn’t get to say hi, not that I even wanted to. I haven’t put the SNY clips on YouTube. Aside from the fact that I my copies of the segments are not in a format that can be uploaded, the network would probably have a fit. “Rosie” is off the air, so I felt comfortable about sharing the footage all these years later, but the SNY stuff is still so new.


    If I get to Yankee Stadium early enough, I’ll ride the train an extra stop and check out the view. Rosie handed the ball back to me during the commercial break and insisted that I keep it. For an even better article about the perfect game, check out the story that my friend Ryan wrote on the OFFICIAL site of Minor League Baseball:


    Wow, what an awesome trip. The best spot in Cleveland is the standing-room-only section down the left field line. The best spot in Pittsburgh is the corner spot down the 3rd base line where the wall is low. You can read all about Cincinnati in these two entries on my blog from 2005:


    It has been confirmed. Comcast SportsNet will indeed be filming me tomorrow during BP at Citizens Bank Park…


    While you’ll be kicking *** at Citizens Bank tomorrow, I’ll be muttering to myself all afternoon at Shea.


    Wow, thanks for the encouragement. (Just kidding, becaus you’re right, but if I find a way to outsnag you tomorrow, there’s gonna be **** to pay … heh heh heh.)



    I was reading your old entries about wandering in stadium after a game. Have you ever gotten locked inside? And when you travel to different stadiums, do you also visit non-baseball related tourist destinations?

    For me, when I went to san diego a few weeks ago, the only thing I did was going to ball games. I had no interest and was too tired to look around other attractions at all.I am also a super baseball geek.

    I am going to an Angel game tomorrow. I will try to get the line-up cards. I just wonder, do I have better chance to ask line-up cards from the team that wins the game since the coach is coming off the field heading to dugout?

    And best wishe to your filming!!!


    I wish comcast sportsnet Chicago would air it as well..

    do you know if they will put the clip on their site eventually?


    hey bergin, are you goin to be snaggin on monday vs the brewers? mayb i’ll see you there. good luck at your other places.



    Round two with Rosie? How did you make out in the jello wrestling rematch?



    The Reds seemed stingy last night in Philadelphia…very stingy. However, Griffey, Dunn and Hammilton were launching BOMBS into 102, 103, 104 during BP.

    Philly Guy…Joe


    Hey Zack, I was reading the part of your book about the bullpen lounge at Shea and was wondering if you have any tricks like that for Yankee Stadium, because I am getting really sick of being stopped by security when there is a whole bunch of empty seats


    Well, this *****. I went out to Shea today and as soon as I got there, it started pouring, so I turned around and went home.

    Anyway, my official Coors Field countdown is at 5 days, 1 hour, 19 minutes, and 30 seconds. Awesome!


    OMG kingda ka was AWSOME!!!! i went with campt oday and it was amazing. the view was great. you should have done it zack!!

    gregory, ur goin to Coors?! i need some tips, im goin in august. good luck


    hi zack, i got home from seattle a couple hours ago so i figured id share how i did..ON monday i got there about 40 mins before the gates opened and got lucky and was second in the gates opened and i sprinted down and took the corner spot down the left field line. there were many close calls during bp but with the guy next to me being quite a bit taller than me and the sox being incredibly stingy i was shut out through bp. i was decked out in redsox gear so i couldnt ask the mariners players for balls. so anyway, its the national anthem and i see youkilis and lowell go play catch in front of the dugout. (i didnt see ur comment till today but u were definitly rite about lowell.) i hustled over and sat down about 20 rows back behind the sox dugout on the end of the aisle. They finished throwing and i got up, ran down a couple rows and shouted MIKE. he looked over and i opened my glove. He then lobbed the ball to me and i got it with out any competition. I thanked him and moved over a section because i realized that Julio Lugo and Dustin Pedroia were playing catch. I figured that Lugo would end up with the ball because pedroia was a rookie so i lined myself up with him and as i guessed lugo ended up with it. He was a section over from me but i yelled his name and he tossed it over. Again no competition. i went from 0 balls to 2 balls in about 4 minutes. i sat down from my seat down the third base line and watched the first 7 innings of the game. then with the sox down by 7 people started to leave and i went down behind the sox dugout about 15 rows back. in the bottom of the eighth i went down and tried to get the ball from the third out from youk. i didnt get it but josh beckett was standing against the dugout fence w/ a ball in his glove. I yelled his name and asked him if there was any chance i could get the ball. He turned around and tossed it to me for my third ball of the game. that was it for the first game. The second game got off to a bit of a better start. i got the corner spot again and after a couple mins in i noticed that a mariners player had rolled a ball over towards the fence so i lunged over and grabbed it for my first ball of the day. My dad then caught a ground ball from youkilis in bp which he gave to me because he hates the redsox. (he is a yankees fan) i am not counting it in my collection but it is still cool to have it since youk is one of my favorite players. anyway, about 10 mins. later i got a ground ball from coco crisp. that was the second ball of the game and that was it for bp. i could have easily had 3 other balls if they had been a couple inches towards me but i still think i did okay for bp. I went over to the sox dugout just as i had the day before after the national anthem and i got mike lowell to toss me his ball AGAIN. I couldnt believe it! so that was my third ball of the game and i got my fourth after the game at the sox dugout from some clubhouse/dugout attendant and i left with 4 balls and my dad had 1. So 8 balls combined in 2 days. I was pretty glad about the snagging aspect of the game but i was dissapointed that the sox lost both games. But anyway i just wanted to say thanks for the advice.


    It’s been a looooooooooooooooooongggggg time since I last showed up here. I have a new account now (my own). For those of you who don’t know me, I am Nick’s little brother. And Zack, I love the pictures, going old school.

  19. Zack

    I got home from Philly about an hour ago. I’m gonna get started on the entry now and keep working on it when I wake up. Hopefully I’ll have it up before I leave for work at 7:30pm, and when it’s all done, then I’ll come back here and answer all your comments. (Jon, don’t reveal anything about how I did…)


    puck collector- no i dont really snag, well not on purpose at least i have 16 balls that i have snagged but i get autographs so you’ll probably see me ill be hanging around the ballpark all day outside and in getting autographs im a brewer fan so you’ll probably be able to point me out with my johnny estrada 16 by the if you see me say hi or something..good luck!


    Greg, I was at the Mets game last night, and I stayed until 11. What a waste. At like 4:30, were you the guy that asked the usher outside gate C to check on his walkie talkie to see if BP was taking place? Some guy asked the usher that, then left when he was told there was no BP…..


    PSU – No, that wasn’t me. But I did leave at about 4:35, so you probably saw me.

    PUCK COLLECTOR – Yeah, I’m going to Coors next week for two games against the Mets. The countdown is at 4 days, 7 hours, 40 minutes, and 20 seconds.

  23. John

    Hey Zack! It was pretty entertaining watching this stuff. I should have video of the Dallas NBC stations interview etc of me from the Tuesday night before Sosa hit #600. They put a mic on me and followed me around all night in hopes of tracking down Sosa’s 600th or at least getting my 100th game HR.

    Also if you or anyone else cares I did change my MLBlog url to and will soon have up and running!


    PS Did contact you about sponsoring your MLBlog?


    So I’m leaving for Shea in a couple minutes. It better not rain again!


    haha…i wont, ill post my recap on the comment board for the actual recap…

  26. Zack

    Quick update…I’ve written the Philly entry. Now I just gotta edit and insert the pics, so it should be up within the next hour or two. And then, like I said, I’ll answer everyone’s comments. Thanks for your patience.

  27. Zack

    I’m guessing you didn’t outsnag me yesterday. Better luck tonight. Ouch.


    I’m sorry I didn’t get to answer you sooner, but just in case you haven’t yet left for the game…yes, you should almost always go to the winning team’s dugout at the end of the game. I’ve never been locked inside a stadium, but I did once spend the night (with permission) inside a minor league ballpark in Tacoma. When I travel to games, I never see other touristy stuff. The one exception was when I visited The Arch last month in St. Louis. The only reason I went there was that it provided a great view of the ballpark…oh, and because it was right across the street from where I happened to be staying.


    As it turned out, I wasn’t filmed. But even if I had been, I doubt the piece would’ve made it out of Pennsylvania.


    Round Two provided twice the fun.


    The Reds WERE stingy throughout the day, with very few exceptions. What’s up with that? Adam Dunn hit one of the longest BP homers I’ve ever seen. It flew over both bullpens and short-hopped the wall across the concourse!


    The Bullpen Lounge isn’t there anymore, but as for Yankee Stadium, you don’t need a trick like that because you can get into the field level at any time with any ticket. As for sneaking into the seats behind the dugouts, your best bet is to ask people for their ticket stubs as they leave those sections late in the game.


    You know how to hurt a guy. I *wanted* to go on that ride, but it was closed when I got there. Aarrghh!!


    Nice work. It’s fun to get a bunch of balls in a short span of time. Lowell and Beckett are both really nice. That’s cool that you got balls from them. I’m surprised Lowell didn’t remember you by the second game, or maybe he did and just didn’t care. Congrats on a very successful two-day performance. (And you’re welcome for the advice.)


    Welcome back.


    Congrats on the media coverage. Sorry #600 didn’t work out better for you. I haven’t heard from anyone about sponsoring my blog, but I see that you’re well on your way. Good luck with that.


    Much appreciated.


    thanks and it was a lot of fun to get those two balls in a short period of time. Lowell and Beckett were very nice and in bp on tuesday beckett would throw about every other ball he fielded into the stands. i didnt get one but he was still really nice about it. I am also surprised lowell didnt recognize me because i was in the same section and yelled his name exactly how i did the day before..but there was no one else even interested in trying to get the ball so maybe thats why he threw it to me again.

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