Rosie O’Donnell (part one)

For all of you who missed it eight years ago, here’s my first of two appearances on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.”

I’ll upload the second one soon…



    Haha Zack!

    Awesome job!

    you were actually a good host!

    I think you mentioned it before… and I guess I’ll see in the next video, but did you get those 6 balls? haha

    lookin forward to part 2!


    cool, but i HATE susan waldman, who was the next guest on the show. she states the obvious, and is BORING. the yankees have millions, and they cant get a better color commentator?

    lookin forward to part 2


    Hey Zack,
    It is the first time I post on your blog. I accidentally stumbled on your blog and I LOVE IT. I have learned so much about baseball and am totally amazed by your glove trick. I attend ball games alot and love to collect autographes. I tried the trick yesterday at Angel Stadium and I snagged 2 balls!

    Also, I love your book “How to Snag ML baseballs.” At first I couldn’t find it on amazon, ebay or just about any places on web. Good thing is that I used Google book search it is avaliable in my local library~I actually applied for library card just to rent your book!!!

    THANK YOU ZACK, YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL and the video is very cool, too!!!!!


    That was awesome. Thanks for sharing that, Zack… the reactions by Rosie and the crowd during the glove trick were just priceless :)



    Quick question about the glove trick….

    How do you make sure that the string doesn’t get tangled?

  6. Zack

    Thanks, but I’m not gonna give anything away in Part Two. You’ll get to see it soon enough. When using the glove trick, the string sometimes DOES get tangled, but the best way I prevent this is to fully uncoil it after each use and then recoil it neatly, in a tight little ball.


    I’m not a fan of her either. Bleh. Who’s your favorite announcer? Jon Miller is up there for me.


    Thanks so much. It’s good to hear from you, and I’m glad that my trick helped you snag a few balls. So many people have been asking me lately where they can find my first book. I never thought of suggesting libraries.


    Heh. I appreciate it.


    Speaking of your first book…

    I ordered it off of some used book site, but haven’t received it yet….. do you have a site that you’d recommend?

    And bad announcers?

    The White sox’s Hawk Harrelson (sp?) is the worst I have EVER heard…

  8. Zack

    Which site did you order it from? I’m surprised you were able to find it at all. is pretty reliable when it comes to ordering out-of-print books.

    I’ve never heard of Hawk. What makes him so bad?


    well, does bob shepard count?? no probably not, but he is my favorite lineup announcer. i dont really have a favorite announcer. im a kid, and i dont watch enough baseball(other than the yanks).

    i went to a Staten Island Yankees game yesterday and it was great. i stood in the sun in foul territory in right field. i got one foual ball, and would have had another, but i moved for a half inning to sit with my dad. it was really cool cuz you have a PERFECT view of the city, and the statue of liberty, and I was sooo close to the players. they just left theor gloves lying around where anyone could take them. then they all rode the ferry to Manhatten, then back again after the game, just for the view. i wish i was there when the WTC was up. would have been beautiful.

    but i got into all of that because i remember someone saying something about their balls havin ECO4 CHINA on them, and both balls i got had that. i think their a cheaper to make.


    “Hawk” (His real name is Ken)

    Is this Hillbilly announcer that has so little baseball knowledge, that I almost feel sorry for him….

    He’s a whiner, and a crybaby. After the crazy play in the 8th inning, he went on and on about

    “YOU’RE DAGGONE RIGHT WE’RE PLAYING THIS GAME UNDER PROTEST” When Juan Uribe was blocking the basepath, and Angel Pagan ran into him…

    He thought, before the umpires made the decision to load the bases, that they were gonna call it a triple play, when DeRosa was NEVER tagged out to begin with.


    well the luxury boxes at Yankee are starting to go up.

    zack, if ur heading to the stadium, and you have 10 minutes to spare, ride the subway past the new stadium, and look down into the construction site. its really cool. the subway platfor is so close to the stadium, i think they should have connected the two, and have an upper deck entrance.


    I can’t believe its been 8 years already since you were on Rosie’s show, incredible how time flies. Great to see the clip again. Thanks!!!

  13. Zack

    No, unfortunately, we only got to mud-wrestle (off camera).


    Bob Shepard is the greatest. What will the Yankees do when he retires? The Staten Island Yankees game sounds amazing, but too bad the team uses those cheapo balls. What’s the next subway stop past 161st street?


    Yikes, he sounds like a nightmare. (“Daggone”?!)


    I know. It’s nuts. At least it hasn’t yet been a full decade.

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