Book reviews

I have a few more book reviews to share. Some are new. Some are old. I found half of them by poking around online, and the rest were sent by my publisher.

1. King Features Syndicate
2. Salt Lake Tribune
3. Ventura County Star
4. Oneonta Daily Star
6. News of Delaware County

Now…ready for the worst review of all time? I didn’t add it to my web site, but I took a screen shot so I could share it here. All you need to see is the first line (which appears below the book’s cover)…


At least my name is spelled correctly on Wikipedia. I noticed that the book was used as a reference for different types of pitches. Check out the fastball and curveball pages and scroll to the bottom.

Finally, I’d like to share my thoughts on Sammy Sosa* and his accomplishment of becoming the fifth player in Major League history to hit 600 home runs: whatever. As for the ball itself…I’m glad it landed in the Rangers’ bullpen. If I couldn’t be there to make an attempt at catching it, I’m glad no one else could either. (Does anyone else feel that way or am I the only poor sport?)



    Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only bad sport here. I always have feelings like that when a ball isn’t anywhere near me. I always hope nobody gets it if I can’t. Just take the other day at Shea. Every time I didn’t go down to the dugout, I hoped whoever caught the third out ball would roll it back to the mound instead of bringing it back and tossing it into the crowd. (I think this kind of behavior does make us selfish, but whatever.)


    Well as long as the person who gets it is in another ball park than I’m at its okay, and if the person is deserving to get a milestone ball like that so they can get rich, know what I mean?

    Well anyway I’m gonna see the Rockies 2morrow any help with them.

    As for the Dodgers I only got a ball from Andre Either and just missed Nomar signing DAM!


    Woohoo! The Oneonta Daily Star. Looks like you have a lot of writers pitching your book! Sorry, couldn’t resist!


    well, if you read the Cj Wilson link, it was about samy.

    so is he a first ballot hall of famer?

    i sya no. if mark wasn’t then he wont be either. his numbers are good enough for first ballot, but the steriods, and corked bat incidents have tainted his numbers?

    what does everyone else think?


    Is anyone else going to tonight’s Mets vs. A’s game? It’s a risky decision on my part being that it’s a Friday night and it’s Rollabana? night..


    I’m going to Mets/A’s game tomorrow. I have sweet field box seats about 20 rows up from the Mets on deck circle, so hopefully some foul balls come my way….


    im goin to mets/a’s on sunday. gat the tix free, or i wouldnt be goin. its paul loduca bobblehead day, TONS of kids. any tips on good throwers/signers from the a’s? i hope piazza is there!

  8. Zack

    Congrats on your “first commenter” status, but you DO realize there’s no prize, right?


    Good to know I’m not alone.


    I hear ya. Sorry you missed Nomar. For the best info on the Rockies, you should ask a fellow MLBlogger named Charlie who’s got a whole blog about that team:


    Man! What a cool ball! I love seeing stuff like that, but it also breaks my heart to know that it’s out there, and that I’ll probably never snag it.


    Oneonta, baby! Represent!


    I hadn’t yet seen that post. Thanks for pointing it out. C.J. is the man. The more I hear about him and read his blog, the more I like him.


    Yes, but do *I* want you to read it?


    Not a first ballot guy. I support the argument that Bonds would be a Hall of Famer without steroids, and that McGwire and Sosa probably wouldn’t be.


    I’m not going. Shea Stadium is not my friend right now.


    I hate to say it, but most foul balls will probably be flying back well over your head. The closest seats are not the best for balls, unless you’re right behind the dugout.


    That’s going to be a tough game. Mark Kotsay gets my vote for “Nicest Guy on the A’s.”

  9. Howie

    Hey Jack,

    There must be Idiots writing these reviews, because your name is right on the cover. lol


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