The Psychology of Baseball


My entry about last night’s game at Camden Yards isn’t close to being done, so I thought I’d quickly share this in the meantime…

Six months ago, I received an advanced copy of a book called The Psychology of Baseball. I was asked to take a look at it and give a quote if I liked it (just as Keith Hernandez was asked to look at my book before it came out).

A month later, I gave a quote and soon got swept up with my own book and forgot about the whole thing.

Just the other day, I walked past Barnes & Noble and thought, “Hey, whatever happened with that book?” so I went inside and headed up to the baseball section and found it and couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned it over and inspected the back cover…


Okay, back to blogging about Camden. Not sure when the entry will be up. I have to leave for work in a few hours, and I’ll be at Yankee Stadium all day tomorrow.



    hey zack

    sorry I forgot to properly introduce myself lastnight. My name is Mick. Haha My friends all call me “Pigpen” as a nickname. I only got that 1 ball but should have had 3-4 if it werent for nationals players air-mailing them over my head. Brian Schneider threw 2 over my head and he was throwing them to me. And I am jinxing Billy Traber for fake throwing one to me. Can’t wait to see your entry.

    Mick aka “pigpen”



    Glad I got a brief chance to meet you after the game. I knew where you’d be standing so I headed over on my way out, sorry we were in a rush to get out. I know that immediately post game is a busy time, sorry to interrupt. I love sticking around at least 30 minutes post game just to see what I see, but sadly I didn’t drive.

    I have my own unique Camden experience. It is the first time in my 29 years that I did not attend the game with a glove. It is also the first time I absolutely didn’t want a ball hit my way. With my left arm in a sling and stinging pain from sudden movements, I didn’t know what would happen if a ball came my way. So we sat 3 rows back on the 3rd base side where the infield meets the grass… so a few hard line shots our way was almost unavoidable. Millar hit a sharp liner right at our section late in the game. Surprisingly instincts kicked in and I found myself going after the ball, arm in sling and all. I missed it by about 6 off an odd bounce, but then I wondered *** I was thinking.

    Anyhow, the game was relaxing and I wasn’t worrying about positioning myself to catch a ball or two… and I hated it. Going to BP and trying to snag a seat bound ball is at least 50% of my enjoyment.

    But now that you’ve met me you can see that I share one gift with you. I look much younger than I actually am, put a hat on my head and I look like a teenager.

    So next year I can get us some nice tickets to the new National’s stadium and you can come down and take in a game with my and my baseball friends. The layout of the lower bowl looks very good for foul territory BP.


    Thats pretty sweet, your getting pretty famous eh?

    So you just saw the Nats?

    Any chance you can tell me the nice guys on the team, I’m gonna see them 2morrow.

  4. Zack

    Your spelling is not that bad at all. You should see some of the comments that other people leave on here, but anyway, no worries about the lack of a formal introduction. It was good to catch a couple glimpses of you while the ballpark was still empty. I’m surprised Schneider even threw anything in your direction. He’s not friendly when it comes to giving away balls. Jinx away…


    Same here. As I just said above to to Mick, I’m glad to have gotten to meet you briefly. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must’ve been not to have a glove. There was once a game when I didn’t have my glove, and I was still running around for balls, but it was maddening. So you have a Nationals ticket connection? Sweet! I have to warn you, though, that the first time I’m there, I’m gonna need to wander all over the place and take dozens (if not hundreds) of photos, so maybe we should wait a bit before attempting to see a game together there.


    Well, not REALLY famous, but it’s pretty cool to see my name getting out there a bit more this season. I did indeed see the Nats, and in my limited opinion, the best ball-throwers on the team are: Ray King, Felipe Lopez, Ryan Church, and manager Manny Acta. Pitching coach Randy St. Claire is the worst. Don’t even waste your breath asking him for a ball.



    Congratulations on making the back cover!

    I didn’t know that you were good friends with the father of psychoanalysis “Sigmund Freud” and the masked man on the front cover “Zorro” or is that really Nomar Garciaparra hiding behind the glove…


    Well, I didn’t reach my goal of seven balls last night, but I did snag five. But it was a disappointing five because I had two balls after 20 minutes and only had three by the time the game started. Whatever. It was still a lot of fun.

    Are you planning on going to one of the Twins-Mets games next week?


    well if my team wins our game tommorrow we play on tues. so i wont be at the mets game. watever, im not a mets fan

    and pigpen, dont be down about your speeling, becuase my comments looks like this most of the time:

    wel i mitew b at da game 2morrow, but i mite ont b cuz i have a LL gm.

    it,s IM talk combined w/ bad typuing

  8. Zack

    Whoa, that really DOES look like Nomar!


    I hear ya. Congrats on what you got, but sorry it wasn’t double that. I’m planning to be at Shea on Tuesday because Santana should be pitching. I might skip Monday’s game, and I have other (tentative) plans for Wednesday. Not toally sure what’s happening.


    I’m rooting for your team, not that I don’t want to see you at Shea or anything…


    I just got home from the Mets-Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. I hope to have my Camden entry up later today (Saturday).


    Cool. I should be there Wednesday, unless it rains, in which case I might go on Friday.

  10. Zack

    That’s funny. Of course we all know who he’s talking about—and yet That Fan didn’t catch The Ball. Incredible.


    Ahh. I’m still undecided about Friday.

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