Pre-trip ramblings

I’ve been thinking about my goal for St. Louis in terms of how many balls I want to snag, and I can’t come up with a number. It almost doesn’t matter. My goal is to get at least one ball per day. How about that? This trip is more than a ball-gathering mission. I just want to have fun. I want to overeat. I want to play video games on my laptop for the duration of my flight tomorrow. I want to enjoy my semi-fancy hotel. (Usually, when I travel to games in other cities, I stay in the crappiest places possible in order to save money. Not this time.) I want to explore every corner of Busch Stadium and take lots of Next_gamephotos. I want to go straight back to my room after both games and ignore my emails and order room service and watch “Baseball Tonight,” speaking of which…

Did anyone see the #5 Web Gem yesterday? It was a fan! Some guy in Cleveland standing on the stairs just inside the wall along the right field foul line reached/lunged high over his head and snared a line drive in his glove. I was glad to see a snagger get some props from ESPN, but of course I was jealous because MY impressive snags never get caught on film.

Speaking of ESPN, did anyone see those annoying fans sitting behind the 3rd base dugout at last night’s Yankees-Mets game at Shea? You know the ones I’m talking about. You know the type. They’re the ones who know they’re in a section where they’ll be on TV so they get on their cell phones and call a friend who’s watching the game who tells them when the camera’s pointing at them so they know when to wave. YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS!!! If I were in charge of a stadium…well, there’d be dozens of things I’d change, and one of them would be preventing fans from doing that. I’d also crack down on fans who interfere with balls in play, but that’s a whole nother story.

Two entries ago, I mentioned that Sammy Sosa has hit a home run in 45 different major league ballparks, and that I’ve snagged a ball in 41 (soon to be 42). It turns out I have even more work to do; I learned yesterday that Tim Keefe won games in 47 different ballparks. Granted, this guy pitched his entire career when the mound was a mere 50 feet from home plate and, more importantly, when teams barnstormed and played all over the place. I mean, when a pitcher wins 41 games, throws 619 innings, and completes all 68 of his starts in one season, it’s kinda hard to take him seriously–or rather to compare his accomplishments to those of the modern era, but still.

Okay, it’s 9:33am. I’ll be leaving for the airport in less than 24 hours. It’s time to start cleaning, gathering, packing, dreaming…



    Can’t be worse then the fans behind me at the game. *shudder* they were screaming and chanting **** all game. Some of it was funny. “Av-on La-dy!” For Derek Jeter. But they had something to say about everything, and they didn’t shut up. ever!

    Good luck in St. Louis! Toasted Ravioli is really yummy, and Imos Pizza, although nothing like New York, is still pretty yummy. And Cheese Balls.

    I stayed at a Raddison near the arch, it’s the business district, and it’s mostly dead at night. There’s a micro-brewery called Morgan Street Brewery that’s pretty good if you’re into that kind of thing too.



    I saw those ppl waving too, man was that annoying, especially the old guy I mean how long and obnoxiously do you have to wave for, and the expression they had on their faces seemed like it was the greatest thing to happen in their lives, its not like they even tried to get on TV, and that kept on going for so long I decided to watch something else.


    Zack, I saw the #5 guy on Sportscenter yesterday. He got major props. And I saw all of the idiots sitting in the front row hamming it up for the camera. What can you do?

    Ever get a copy of the Cardinals media guide? I haven’t looked at one in years, but back in the day, they used to list where each opposing team would be staying. A few years ago my dad and my uncle went out to St. Louis for a game, and they were staying at the Phillies hotel, and they ran into Bobby Abreu and a bunch of other guys in the lobby. They talked to the Phillies trainer for a while.

    I wonder if the Cardinals will be using any leftover World Series baseballs for BP?

    This is a nice steak house, if you get a chance. He used to be on the Cardinals back in the 1960’s.

    Good luck!


    that was the adam dunn game i was telling you about. the guy was sitting in the first row on the corner…lunged upwards and made the catch. they showed him several times…also speaking of cell phones; they showed him calling up people right away with the news. i’m sure he started getting calls from his friends as well


    the pirates are definately hard to do since they have no really great players other than jason bay who im sure everyone will recognize

    but last year when i did the hotel i definately i had no idea who any of the guys were but i somehow did pretty well and it worked out—so heres what i can tell you about the players

    jonah bayliss- throws like a sidearm/sub style…has long dirty blond hair. really cool guy

    zack duke- very nice, short hair, lefty, not that big

    tom gorzelanny-lefty, also nice, bigger than duke. more built up, much more borad than duke

    grabow- incredably nice, kinda short and a bit stubby, but yet another lefty

    marte- only black lefty on the team

    marty mcleary- sorry i cant help you there

    soloman torres- over the top delivery. very dark. not too friendly though, older looking

    ryan doumit- kinda short for a catcher, usually always nice

    ronny paulino- big big latino guy, not too friendly though

    jose bautista- his ears kinda stick out of his hat, also not too firendly

    jose castillo- looks like hes 35, always jokes around. throws with bautista or jack wilson

    other than that i think everyone is pretty good…hope you have a good time


    and does anyone know where teams stay when they come to philly and baltimore? im going down in late june and i wanna do the hotels instead of seeing buildings from 200 years ago. if anyone knows please help!


    1. I saw the fan catch on Baseball Tonight — very nice.

    2. I see those annoying fans at games all the time, especially behind the dugouts at Shea. I just want to turn around and say “SHUT THE **** UP!” Or even better, I root for a foul ball to hit them in the face, break the cell phone, and bounce right to me. But that’s a dream.

    3. About the pitcher victories in the most stadiums record, I think Randy Johnson won at his 41st ballpark yesterday (PNC Park), so that must be the modern record. You have that beat.

    4. Good luck in St. Lou. I hope you have fun and snag a crapload of baseballs!

  8. Zack

    You know how most ballparks have a “no alcohol” section? They should also have a designated section (the entire upper deck, perhaps) for all the annoying fans. I’ll probably pass on the micro-brewery, but I appreciate all the recommendations. I’m definitely gonna look for all the food you mentioned. (Toasted ravioli? For real?!)


    Yeah, that old guy was the worst. Did you see him (pretending to?) fix his non-existent hair?


    The fan who made the nice play did get props, but he also got dissed. Remember when the “Baseball Tonight” guys commented on his gut hanging over his belt? And then John Kruk was like, “Nothing wrong with that.” Classic. I didn’t even think about World Series balls. Good call. If anything, I was annoyed that the Cards were even IN the Series because I knew it would make every game in 2007 more crowded. Wow. Now I have one more thing to look forward to, though I have to say that that’s quite a long shot. No media guide yet. Oh, and thanks for the steakhouse recommendation.


    Ohhhh, THAT was the game. Funny about the cell phone calls. I just got a cell phone for the first time in March, and I don’t even bring it to games.


    What a fantastic list! Thanks so much. I like how you gave physical descriptions as well as comments about their personalities. Very helpful. If only the official MLB rosters listed that info. Not sure about the hotels.


    1. Nod.

    2. Excellent dream.

    3. Ahh right, the Big Unit. He’s got nuthin’ on me.

    4. Thank ye.


    The pirates are one of the nicer teams in baseball.I had an incredible autograph weekend at shea. On saturday I got 3 glavines, matt de salvo, mariano rivera and jason giambi. On sunday was the best day ever I got Arod, 2 chien ming wangs, joe morgan, tom glavine, melky cabrera, robinson cano, johnny damon, scott proctor and another rivera. Unbelievable day. I hope your trip turns out just as good.


    What’s the best foul ball spot during games at Yankee Stadium? (I might go on Friday night and the dugouts are usually impossible to get down to, so I’ll need a better plan.)


    hey man…thanks for giving me your card…cool website…i was the kid in the gray opening day cardinals shirt asking you about the cbs interview…how is your stay in st. louis going so far? …you said you had four balls after bp…how many did you end up with? i suggest to get ted drewes ice cream and get toasted ravioli while you are here….we have a beautiful ballpark but sorry about the bad snagging scene…security is pretty tight…

  12. Nick

    Pat Neshek said over on his blog that they are using special balls for Sammy Sosa right now. Neshek said that when he faced Sammy the umpire gave him a different ball that had “60” and “SS” written on it in red pen.

    You might have to drive down to Texas to get your hands on one of those Zack.


    Yeah I heard that too, Nick. I wonder what sort of balls they’ll use when Balco Barry gets closer. He’s been in such a drought lately! I was hoping to see him at Shea next week when he could break the record, but that’s sure as heck not happening now.

  14. Zack



    Hey! Good to hear from you. St. Louis has been great. The only problem is that I’m behind on my blog, but I hope to be posting about my first game here within an hour or two, so stay tuned. I never did find Ted Drewes. Where is it?


    Really?!*****. What’s the “60” for? (If I were going to Texas, I wouldn’t drive. I’d fly.)


    You don’t think Barroids will go on a tear and hit two homers per game for the next few days?

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