Gustavo Watch, Part 12

You_are_jinxed_2The Hample Jinx is unstoppable!

Boo_hooYesterday, Gustavo Chacin (who made the foolish mistake last season of knocking a ball out of my glove during BP) felt pain in his shoulder during a bullpen session and was placed on the disabled list.

C’mon, everybody, let’s all say it together. Ready? One…two…three:




    Gustavo chacin is terrible. I remember a few years ago they thought he was the next big thing. That worked out real well. I went to mets marlins on monday and freddie gonzalez gave me the mets lineup card signed by willie. I also got autos of dtrain, hanley, uggla and scott olsen. Not a bad day. All my best, zach


    Z –

    This entry is fiendishly funny. The cruel concept, the hilarious “AWWWW” and – to top off your divine madness – the box of tissues!

    SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, or some other smart testosterone publication (ESQUIRE? MEN’S HEALTH?), should engage you to write a regular column. No one else is in your league.


    **** zack this *****!!!

    also didnt get to comment on your last 2 posts but **** of a job in philly and especially at camden


    You’re doing such a job on Gustavo’s nerves that I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy.

  5. Zack

    Lineup cards?!?!?! Not ONCE in my life have I gotten lineup cards in New York City. Congrats.


    You’re too kind.


    Very interesting. Thanks for passing along that link.


    Sorry the Jinx is hurting your team, but you should really talk to Gustavo about that. It’s his fault. Don’t worry if you don’t get to comment every time. It’s good to hear from you whenever you get the chance.


    Well said.


    Also well said!


    Oh please.


    To answer your question from the last entry:

    Not really anything unusual; mostly the standard snagging day at Shea. Although Marlins reliever Taylor Tankersley did tell me to alert him if any BP balls were hit near him while he caught for Lee Gardner in left field. I did, and he rewarded me with the ball at the end. That was pretty cool.

    When do you think you’re going to your next game?


    Hey Zaccardelli:

    Your gonna need more than one box of kleenex to get over the dreaded Hample Jinx!

    Boston slugger, David Ortiz, was signing copies of his autobiography, “Big Papi”, yesterday at a Manhattan bookstore.

    Hundreds of Yankee fans waited over an hour for Ortiz to sign his book. I hope you were waiting in line for a copy and a personal autograph!

  8. Zack

    Whoa, that IS a cool story. I love it when stuff like that happens. Next game? Check out my latest entry.


    “Zaccardelli,” huh? Not bad. I’ll take it. I didn’t know Ortiz was in town. Oh well. I wouldn’t have been able to go, unfortunately, because I’m very sick.

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