It’s nothing dirty. It’s actually quite tasteful. There’s a professional cast and a well-respected producer, so don’t freak out (or, as the case may be, get too disappointed). Here’s the deal…

There’s a small theater on Broadway called Symphony Space which hosts a political cabaret called “The Thalia Follies” every few weeks. Each performance has its own theme, and the one taking place today happens to be about baseball and sex. As an expert in both fields, I’ve been invited to join the cast and perform two pieces from my book.

First, I’ll be sharing the poem at the end of the hitting chapter. It’s a collection of verbs that are used by announcers to mean “hit” and the first two (of 20) stanzas go like this:

Squib, squirt, nub, chop,
Drive, line, send, pop.

Lift, loft, lace, lash,
Scald, slice, serve, slash.

Later in the show, I’ll give the audience a formal explanation (and demonstration) on why players are always grabbing their crotches.

Get ready, folks…



    Zack, make sure someone videotapes it, so it can be on Youtube later this week!



    I forgot to mention my game on Saturday. My feelings I had were right indeed. I did get shutout by the Tigers, cause of the numerous Tiger fans, but I did get 2 from the Jays. One pretty early from John McDonald and then George Poulos the head trainer. Got some balls signed by Jamie Cambpell the Jays play by play guy, Lyle Overbay and Justin Verlander.

    Whats with Verlander not signing on the SS of balls, I asked him and he said he doesnt sign SS. Probably thinks I’ll sell it.

  3. Zack

    The second performance was taped. Uh-oh…


    Nah, I posted it before I went to bed last night.


    Yank thou.


    Please, no YouTube.


    Glad you didn’t get totally shut out. That’s lame about Verlander.

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