Fortune & Smoke


Fortune and Smoke are the latest magazines to review my book. If you want to check out what they said, you’ll find links on my web site’s media page.


In other media news, I ended up doing two radio interviews yesterday, and the first was pretty simple. The host just asked me the questions which appear on the back cover of the book (minus the one about why players urinate on their hands). The second interview was longer and dealt with both the book and my baseball collection. One of the best parts was getting to take questions from callers. Unfortunately, one of them asked if I play with my balls.

In non-media news, the weather looks good for tomorrow so I should be at Shea…



    Hey I know I posted this b4 on the last post, but in case you don’t see it…

    Im probably going to the Royals/Jays game Wednesday

    soIneed a quick run down on good ball tossers/auto signers on the Royals



    I just found a little league Phillies jersey in a thrift store for tomorrow.. at least I won’t have to wear an ugly red shirt

  3. Zack

    I just answered you on the last entry, or at least attempted to. (Who ARE the Royals?) You should definitely try to get Alex Gordon. He’s supposedly going to be a superstar.


    Nicely done.


    Thx for the help,

    Yeah I’m definetely trying for Gordon that kid is gonna be amazing, but I doubt he will sign, but then again are rookies known to be good signers?

    I know Kevin Kouzmanouff was really nice.


    Wow, is it true what that guy said on the last entry about the grassy area? I can’t believe it! And there’s a lower area where you can reach down to the field or something?? I have to see this with my own two eyes.

  6. Zack

    You’re welcome. Most rookies are cool, but some of the bonus babies arrive in The Show with major egos.


    I’m nervous.


    I think my per-game average at Shea is going to be much lower this year.


    Yeah, I’m absolutely nervous. I love that grassy knoll! It provided so many balls for me last year. And of course, if this DreamSeat section really is bigger, only special people (i.e., not me) will be able to go there during BP!*****!


    hey i liked that review on the best…good luck tomorrow all you guys


    If I have a good commute, I will look for you!

    Missed you at *******!! Considering the weather it seemed you had a good time!!

  10. Zack

    Yeah, when will the powers at Shea finally realize that I deserve VIP treatment?




    You’re too much. Hope to see you in about 14 hours…


    That is so stupid, why would they put more of those seats in, how do people actually get to sit in them?


    I have no idea how people get to sit in them. Last year they randomly promoted people to sit there, but I didn’t notice anything like that on Monday.


    you guys would be having a field day in pittsburgh today…almost no fans and lots of foul balls. even a chris duncan homerun into a section of empty seats


    Hey Z

    Bet u got more balls than me, I got one, but I didn’t really mind it was #25 overall and from a Canadian 2, Ryan Braun and also got a sweet Teahan auto on the SS of the ball and just missed Alex Gordon, but his auto looked bad anyway. Got to sit baseline the entire game and got on the jumbotron 3 times and TV like 3-4 times.

  15. Zack

    Whoops…just saw this comment. Good seeing you today. When I post my Shea entry, leave a comment there (if you get a chance) and let me know how you did.


    Don’t tell me these things. They just make me sad.



    GREG & JOHN-

    Please don’t reveal how many balls I got tonight. I want it to be a surprise when I post my entry about it.


    Sounds like an awesome day. Congrats. (But yes, I did outsnag you.)


    hey, i went to that indians angels game today and it was a good game and i had great seats i couldnt believe it! they were the best i’ve ever had in the 40 something games ive been to..2nd row behind the on deck circle…only got one autograph tho..casey blake..seems like players this year are getting meaner or less willing to sign..ive only been to 3 games but only gotten 3 cards signed usually id have 10 or 2 in 3 games..well thats the way it goes..

  17. Zack

    When you were sitting that close, did you notice how FAST the game moves? How fast the pitches are, how fast guys swing the bat and transfer the ball from the glove to their throwing hand on double plays, etc.? That’s always what I look for when I’m lucky enough to sit that close. Sorry you weren’t luckier in the autograph department.


    The Angels are all meanyheads about signing stuff, except Scot Shields. Dunno about the Indians anymore.

    Zack — so I went to a Barnes&Noble store today to get your book and they didn’t have it. I asked when they’d get it in, and they said they’d order a few copies, none of which I am actually obligated to buy, apparently. So in theory I could just troll around Seattle bookstores until I find a copy of your book, making everyone order it along the way :)

  19. Zack

    Which Barnes & Noble was it? Do you know the zip code or address? I’ll let my publisher know so they can raise ****. In the meantime, yes, it sounds like an excellent idea to get all the stores to order it. Go for it. Thank you.



    It was the Barnes&Noble in the University Village out here in Seattle — so that’d be 2675 NE University Village / Seattle, WA 98105.

    See, they had a bunch of copies of Derek Zumsteg’s recently-released book about cheating in baseball, but he’s a local author, so maybe that makes the difference. A guy I used to be in a writing group with in college got a few of his fantasy/sci-fi books published in the last year or two, and they’re near-impossible to find on this coast, but back east it’s not hard at all. Which is why I was figuring I’d have trouble finding your book out here.

    But I really like buying books in real stores rather than ordering online if at all possible. (I just love book shops, I guess.) I’ll try to hit up one of the GOOD bookstores out here soon, I’ve just been swamped.

    (oh yeah, this is Deanna, I keep forgetting has me sign in with my email address.)


    yea i couldnt believe how quick it was going and the sound of the bat hitting the ball everytime someone hit it sounded like they broke their bat..even though an odd 5 or 6 times players broke bats yesterday..and just seeing vlad like 10 feet away swinging a bat was surreal..thats where the real fans should be sitting,but its opposite people in suits and ties get those seats and we sit in 5 dollar bernies terrace seats..haha

  22. Zack

    Thanks for letting me know. I resent the local favoratism, but then again, maybe that’s why one of the Barnes & Noble stores near my apartment has fifty copies in stock (or at least they did a couple weeks ago). So it works both ways. I’ll shut up now.


    So true. The most die-hard fans usually end up sitting so far away that they can barely even see the ball.

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