Let the snagging begin!

Green_lightIf all goes according to plan (and if the weather is nice), my first game of the season will be on Wednesday, April 4 in Philadelphia. What about you? When is your snagging getting started?

In other news, a freelance writer who’s doing a story on my collection for a Japanese magazine just emailed me a bunch of questions including “Could you let me know which Japanese players tossed you balls?” Japan_flagAs I combed through my complete list, I was surprised to see how many there have been: Shigetoshi Hasegawa, Hideki Irabu, Kazuhisa Ishii, Takashi Kashiwada, Satoru Komiyama, Kaz Matsui, Akinori Otsuka, Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Ichiro Suzuki, Kazuhito Tadano, and Masato Yoshii. (Dice-K, where are you?) The writer’s final question was “Now you are very busy to go to ball parks all over the country, do you have enough time for dating with a girl? If so, she doesn’t ask you to stop snagging and spend time with her?” I’m not going to answer that here. You’ll see it when the piece comes out in a few weeks…


  1. dodgerdude511@aol.com


    My Snagging has already begun. I thought long and hard, but I decided that the Freeway series (Angels vs. Dodgers) Was a legit game to snag at.

    Although it is still spring training, It is mostly the 25 man roster, and it is at an official MLB stadium. The balls are also the same, So I figured I will count balls.

    On thursday I went with My brother. My first ball was while I was waiting to get in. I was playing catch outside the stadium when a ball went under the stands. I asked an employee to toss it to me. Ball # 1. I went inside and got Juan Pierre to toss me ball #2. Ball 3 was a homer to center so I asked the gardening crew to toss it up. I got ball four, when An angel batter hit one out to right. I was in left, but shouted across for the ball from an employee. He tossed it my way.

    I was decked out in Angels gear, and I had my roster. I called for #68 Joe Saunders, who was surprised I recognized him. He tucked a ball away and saved it for the end of BP, when he tossed it to me.

    5 balls. new single game record. 42 total.

    Goal for the season- 50

    I live for this!

  2. gregorybarasch@yahoo.com

    Well, as for my snagging season, I’ve decided to count my three Spring Training games in my collection, but as for the first regular season game, Thursday in Philly is a go. I already have tickets.

  3. johnjamahoney@hotmail.com

    I got my 100th autograph last night at my last hockey game, now it’s time for baseball..
    I’m still wondering whether or not that I should get snagged balls signed, I am an autograph collector, but I agree that I don’t want someone to throw me a ball and then someone else do sign it, it doesn’t seem right…

    I think my first game is going to be Yankees vs. Orioles next Friday or I might need to wait another week for the Mets vs Phillies, and Mets vs. Nationals series

  4. Zack

    Hey! I can’t find it on Neshek’s site, and the other link isn’t working, but still…THANKS for helping to get the word out.


    I agree. Those balls should count. Congrats on getting off to a great start.


    There might not be any balls left for you on Thursday if I make it down to Philly the day before. Just a friendly warning.


    Nice milestone. Congrats. I think if you snag a random practice ball that isn’t particularly special, you might as well get it signed by anyone. But maybe keep the game balls unsigned, unless you can get them signed by the guy who hit/pitched/tossed them? I hope the Nationals aren’t using cheap practice balls again this year. You’ll have to let me know if you make it to those games and I don’t.


    That’s a looooong time. Good luck surviving.

  5. gregorybarasch@yahoo.com

    Heh heh. That’s funny about there being no balls left in Philly on Thursday. But I’m not worried about that. Shall we have a friendly competition? I mean, the circumstances of our two games are essentially the same (assuming they have BP for a late afternoon game – which I think they will).

    As for the Nationals, they are using a whole lot of cheap-*** training balls. At the Spring Training game I went to in Port St. Lucie, I got three nasty training balls from them. But not the ones with green ink. Regular balls, just with the writing associated with training balls. Yuck.

  6. ceetar@gmail.com

    April 9th at Shea. Unless someone drops a Yankee ticket in my lap for tomorrow. I’ve never caught a ball, but I’m determined this year. I probably won’t make batting practice the 9th if they have it(and my seats are upper reserved), I’m hoping to do so on the 11th though.

  7. gregorybarasch@yahoo.com

    Cool. I think there will be BP both days, but if there isn’t, we’ll postpone this until some other time. I like that we’ll be able to “compete” without getting in each others way. Sounds like fun. Good luck on Wednesday.

    As for the Nationals’ training balls, no, not those. It looks exactly like this:


    … except with the regular blue ink instead of green ink.

  8. ditzball4@verizon.net

    zack..thanks for the signed invites…got em today. where’s the “plug” on my baseballs that you were gonna use from my emails..haha..amy

  9. Zack

    How does it feel to be seven balls ahead of me? (Enjoy it while it lasts, mwahaha!)


    Whoa, it’s the blue version of that green ball? Thanks for clarifying. I haven’t seen those yet. I agree about how nice it’ll be to compete without DIRECTLY competing.


    You’re welcome. The email you sent is in the “fans” section of the “baseball collection” section on my site. Check it out:


  10. kerryrhodes@aol.com

    I was at the Yankee game today and I got 4 balls.
    One for Kyle Farnsworth

    One from Mike Myers

    One from Gary Glover

    The fourth was a homer I caught during batting practice hit by Josh Phelps

  11. frenchfryer@verizon.net

    About the Japanese players, i’m in boston and as you know we just got Dice-K and Hideki Okajima, being unexpierenced with the Japanese language, how do you ask them in japanese for a baseball or an autograph?

  12. db3par@aol.com

    Just got back from the Nats opening day game. I didn’t try to snag any balls since my dad and I weren’t sure if we were going until this morning. Unfortunately, the Nats lost. Two home runs were hit in the upper deck near where I was sitting. Both times by the Marlins, and everyone was yelling, “THROW IT BACK, THROW IT BACK”. And of course they didn’t throw it back. Who does?? So far this season, 0-1

  13. johnjamahoney@hotmail.com

    Thanks for the advice and if I go I’ll let you know, I was just going through your list of players who have thrown you a ball, didn’t know that the next new player/coach will be the 800th, congrats.

  14. johnjamahoney@hotmail.com

    Have you ever got lineup cards from Willie Randolph, I think I’ll try..

  15. gregorybarasch@yahoo.com

    Yeah, I had never seen those blue training balls either. Now that I think about it, every training ball I’ve ever gotten has come from the Nationals (except for one, which was used during a Mets BP session the day after they finished a series with the Nationals — the ball had obviously gotten into the Mets balls during Nats BP). Stupid Nats.

  16. sgc90ace@yahoo.com

    ya zack i already went to the two on-deck series in philly vs. sox and i kno u wanted a ball thrown by manny but actually when he was done having a catch he tossed me the ball… anyways i got 2 balls in 2 days but i more go for autographs and you can read about it on


    thanks and u have a great site

  17. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    hey did anyone see the guy who caught tejada’s homer in minnesota throw it back on the field?

  18. linville@gwu.edu

    I think that is very very funny. (The dating question… not the Japanese part)

  19. Zack

    We’ll see about that.


    I hate making predictions. Don’t make me make predictions, okay? I’m never right. I think the Devil Rays will win the World Series. See?


    Four balls on Opening Day in the Bronx?! Nice.


    I don’t know how to ask for an autograph, but to ask for a ball, it sounds like “cho-toh, bo-oh-roo oh na-geh-teh ku-da-sai.” There are all kinds of inflections that are impossible to describe. Best advice: find someone who speaks Japanese and get them to say it for you.


    Well, at least you SAW some baseball.


    Thanks. I’ve actually never gotten a lineup card in NYC. Willie has never given me one on the road either.


    Yeah, why couldn’t the Nats have left some of their 2005 “Inaugural Season” balls with the Mets?


    You know how to make a guy jealous.


    I missed it.


    Yup. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this Japanese mag is going to do.

  20. bergin42@msn.com

    hey, i cant believe its already here..my first game is tomorrow brewers dodgers and after that its brewers cubs on saturday sheets vs. zambrano!great matchup sadly both on my fantasy team..i went to spring training a couple weeks ago and i got a ton of autographs at 7 games..66 cards and 8 balls by konerko, pierzinski, samardja, derek lee, eric chavez, huston street, and my two favorites of the trip Kirk gibson, and George brett…those were real nice and i conveniantly snagged 4 balls, i almost got sosa and michael young , that would have been nice but oh well…it was nice to see some a.l teams finally!ill let you all know how i do tomorrow..hopefully nomar..

  21. druhl@zoo.com

    My snagging starts on April 9 vs. Philly, and I’m only 8. I, thanks to you, caught 15 balls at games last year

  22. gregorybarasch@yahoo.com

    Exactly, where were those commemorative balls?*****, I never got one of those. Hey scientists, how are those time machines coming along?

  23. Zack

    …and THAT, my friend, is why I’ll never play fantasy baseball. Very cool that you got Gibson and Brett. Good luck today.


    Thanks for letting me know. I’m really glad to hear that I helped. Good luck on the 9th.


    That’s a looooong time.


    You should’ve gone to RFK that year. Those commemorative balls were used during all 81 home games.

  24. mike.los@lhsc.on.ca

    Hi Zack:

    Sorry I’m late, but I got held up by an ambulance, a garbage truck, a UPS courier blocking my car, and three flipping red lights. Anyways, having said all that — I love your version of let “The Snagging Begin”, bring it ON!

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