Last night I did a book signing at an auction house in Manhattan called Swann. Beautiful space. Good food. Nice crowd. I’m not sure exactly how many people showed up. I’d say there were around 70 or 80, and nearly half were from my writing group:


My brother Henry was there with his fiancée, whom I hadn’t met before. (I approve.) She bought four copies of the book including one for her nine-year-old son and suggested that I sign it “…from your soon-to-be uncle.” Fun.

I’ve been cataloguing signed books for years at the Argosy Book Store. After working with thousands of signatures and inscriptions from REAL celebrities, it felt great to scribble some of my own.


Speaking of celebrities, the most well-known person at the signing (using Google results as the gauge) was an illustrator/designer named Seymour Chwast. He’s in the photo above, reading the book at the end of the table.


  1. carl444@comcast.net

    Well, at least you dressed better this time.
    But do you ever take off that hat?

  2. Zack

    I look better without hair than most people look with it; the hat is merely a baseball accessory.

  3. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    i hadn’t been informed that there is a new arbiter of world fashion, taste, style and culture named carl. or perhaps he only THINKS he is.
    mike (bald)

  4. linville@gwu.edu

    Congrats on all the early success Z. I wish I could have been there. Thanks for posting the pic though as a reminder of the great Manhattanites I miss. It’s keeping me motivated for a trip back to the city :-)

  5. Zack

    You hadn’t heard? I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy traveling AWAY from the best city in the world.


    Thanks, babe. I hope there’s a writing group meeting during your visit.

  6. loveg30@aol.com

    Again with the dress code comments? Lets leave it alone, caps are cool and baseball is even cooler.

  7. psu532@yahoo.com

    Carl, don’t be a player hater, seriously….

    Congrats on the book signings Zack. If you have any on a weekend in NYC, I will try to make it there from Jersey.

    Have you ever heard of Stefan Fatsis? The Uniwatchblog did an interview with him today. He is a writer also. (He wrote a book on your game, scrabble, already). He had a tryout with the Broncos last year as a goof (and even suited up for a pre-season game), and he wrote about it. Sounds like a cool concept.

  8. Zack

    No no no, *you* are cool.


    Do I know Stefan Fatsis? Let’s just say that the last time he and I played Scrabble, I won. His book is called “Word Freak,” and it’s fantastic. I highly recommend it to ANYone, even people who don’t give a **** about Scrabble, because it’s accessable on so many levels, and he’s really writing about people. Anyway, thanks for sticking up for me, and if I have any signings planned on a weekend, you’ll be among the first to know (if you keep checking out the blog).

  9. thechuckster8@gmail.com

    Is your signature more complete than the scribble most major leaguers lay down these days?

  10. Zack

    Perhaps “scribble” was a bad choice of words. I write every letter of my name, and it looks niiiiice. Next time I see you, we’ll compare our respective autographs.

  11. carl444@comcast.net

    A ‘Player Hater’? What’s that supposed to meen?
    I do have great fashion sense, FYI. I just bought a $40,000 suit yesterday.

  12. psu532@yahoo.com

    Carl, ease up. Zack felt like wearing a hat to the book signings. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.

    Zack, I figured you’d know Mr. Fatsis. Any thoughts on the Mets-Cards game on opening day Sunday night? Can the Mets pull it off?

  13. loveg30@aol.com

    If you paid $40,000 for a suit you are a fool and it doesn’t make you any more fashionable than the rest of us. Why don’t you just keep looking at yourself in the mirror.

  14. psu532@yahoo.com

    Zack, I noticed the next member of the 3,000 hit club will most likely be Craig Biggio, who has 2,930 hits. Do you think you’ll snag baseball number 3,000 before he gets hit number 3,000?


    I saw in the SI.com article that you sometimes compare your foul balls to moving up the hit list, so I was curious if you thought you could beat him to 3k….

  15. Zack



    No offense taken on the fashion comments. I’m sorry people are snapping at you, and I’d sure the suit you got is exquisite.


    Yes, good point, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Some people, however, like to examine every little detail, and actually, I happen to be one of them, so if the worst thing than anyone has to say about me this week has to do with my (admitedly so-so) fashion sense, then I feel pretty fortunate. I’d love to see the Mets kick some heinie on Sunday, but if I were a betting man, I’d have to go with the Cards. As for BALL3K, I’ll definitely get there well before Biggio reaches 3,000 hits. Guaranteed. There was a time last season when he and I were leap-frogging each other, but now I have him. (Of course, he’s in the majors and I’m not, so he really has me.)


    You know I think you’re cool, but c’mon, ease up a little on the guy, eh?

  16. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    hey everyone, i just finished reading zack’s book. it was full of interesting facts, easy to read and completely entertaining. i’m sure all of you will really enjoy it

  17. db3par@aol.com

    Zack… Love the book man!!! I’m only to the part about the two scientists using a supercompter to find out how to throw a Gyro ball. That was interesting. Again, I love the book.

  18. db3par@aol.com

    Something else I would like to note about this book. I like how I don’t have to read it cover to cover to understand it. I already have knowledge of the game so I can skip around to things I didn’t know before I read the book. Great work Zack.

  19. drosenda@msn.com

    Hey Z,

    Been a while, but no games to brag about, until last night.

    Yeah baby, it was a Zackworthy night at The Rangers Ballpark (another new name, BTW). Exhbition game between the Brew Crew and Texas.

    7 balls, oh yeah 7. One HR on the fly (#7 for the day), one from COCO Cordero, and 5 by other means.

    No details, I gotta run, but let the games begin.

  20. Zack

    Thanks for spreading the word. Really glad you enjoyed it.


    Thank you, too!


    Probably not unless I have a client, and it will probably take a while before that gets going.


    Great to hear from you again. Seven balls. Very nice. Can’t wait to hear more of your snag-ventures…



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