Mickey Mantle’s


My new book was officially released yesterday, and there was a launch party at Mickey Mantle’s in midtown, Manhattan. Over 80 people showed up, including my parents, closest friends, parents’ friends, co-workers from the Argosy, people from Vintage (the publisher), and the media. I met a guy from Yankees Magazine who might cover my 3,000th ball if I decide to snag it at Yankee Stadium, which I think I will. No. 1,000 came at Shea. No. 2,000 came in Montreal. It’d be nice to bring the next milestone back to my hometown, especially since Ruth’s Crib won’t be around much longer.


But back to Mantle’s…I signed books for two hours straight and barely had time to eat or do anything else. It was stressful because I couldn’t talk to anyone for more than a minute or two, and I felt like I was neglecting everyone. I wanted to give more time to my friends, catch up with the people I hadn’t seen for years, and get to know the ones I was just meeting for the first time. But overall, I think everyone left happy.

Other stuff in the works…
I have another book signing this evening from 6 to 8pm, and there’s a new article about me on the Sports Illustrated web site. I’m still not sure when my NPR interview is airing, but if you have XM Satellite Radio, tune in to channel 175 (aka MLB Home Plate) this Saturday (March 31) from 8am to 10am ET. I’ll be joining Grant Paulsen on his weekly show called “Minors and Majors.” I think I’ll be on in the first hour.


  1. johnjamahoney@hotmail.com

    I’m lovin the book, it’s written
    so that it’s really easy to understand yet really informative…

    I might see you around Shea this

    year, maybe you could sign the book?

  2. dr4b@hotmail.com

    Dude, Zack, that’s awesome! I’m sure that everyone at the event was happy for you and knew that you wouldn’t really have time to hang out or whatever.

    Hopefully your book will show up in stores around here and I’ll get a copy in a week or two. Not sure if I’m going to be too busy to run a baseball book club again this season, though, we’ll see.


  3. gregorybarasch@yahoo.com

    What the **** is that Carl guy talking about? You looked dressed for the event.

    I might be going to the Braves-Phillies game next Thursday to open my regular season. Hopefully the plans won’t fall through, but it looks good for now. Should be fun.

  4. mike.los@lhsc.on.ca


    It’s going, going, gone — that one is out of the park, kiss it goodbye!

    You have just blown me away with this “awesome” blog. Mickey Mantle’s restaurant, now your talking baseball, that is certainly the perfect place for a book signing and obviously it was a hit!

    I couldn’t help but notice the glass on the table, wine or grape juice?

    Nice touch wearing an offical American League umpires jacket, I love it!

  5. Nick

    I think my copy of the book should be in the mail right now, so I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival…

    In snagging news… my high school baseball team played a game at the Naval Academy last Sunday and I got to watch Navy v. Yale play before us. Well, after the game they had a few official “Patriot League” balls lying around behind home plate, so I decided to clean up a little. My first two college baseballs…

  6. loveg30@aol.com

    Okay people, there is no such thing as a dress code at a book signing so get over it. Last night I spoke to someone about this to the point that it reached boredom. The man make the clothes, not the other way around. As usual, Zack conducted himself with class and thats all anyone can ask for. To suggest that he was wearing an American League umpires jacket? Oh perish the thought. Congrats Zack, lets all just keep cheering him on towards his quest for 3,000 and for a very eventful 2007 baseball season.

  7. Zack

    I’m so glad to hear it. That was the goal, and yes, I’d be delighted to sign your book. Just flag me down at a moment when there aren’t baseballs to be snagged…like, outside Gate C or between BP and the game.


    Thanks! The book should already be in stores. If not, you have a right to complain. Let me know about the book club. It’d be a real honor to have my book be one of the books you guys use. Thanks for even considering it.


    I appreciate it. Braves-Phillies…an interesting choice to usher in ’07. Keep me posted.


    Thank you. I’m glad that this blog is finally meeting your expectations.


    That wasn’t my glass, I swear.


    Cool. Let me know when you get it. You ordered it from Amazon? I’ve ben wondering when people will receive the orders. Do you have a photo of the college balls posted anywhere? I want to see what they look like.


    You crack me up. (And I appreciate all the support.) Can I ask who you were talking to about dress codes? Tell me the person’s intials, and I’ll see if I can guess. Oh…but you probably don’t know last names. Was it Art? I wasn’t offended by the umpires/clothes commets, so no worries.


    Within an hour or two, I’ll post an entry about last night’s signing…

  8. Nick

    Yeah I’m planning on getting my blog going again around Opening Day… I’ll put them up there along with a recap of the rest of my baseballs.

    Spring break is coming up so I’ll have plenty of free time.

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