Book excerpt

There’s a short excerpt from the “Umpires” chapter of my book on Baseball Pilgrimages. The book is coming out in two days (!!) and I’ve been scrambling to get ready for the launch. I just realized that I neglected a bunch of blog comments on recent entries, so I’ve gone back and answered them all. More soon…



    Well sry bout the quality I’m not very digitally qualified in doing things and I taped the entire game cause I wasn’t home so I had to use my digi cam to record off the tape from the VCR which added to the horrible quality, but hey I’m not complaning.

    But the blog on you in Pat Nesheks blog is actually not harful towards you so I’d check it out some of them are asking if they can get a book signed by you.

    Who knows I feel confident about this year, not only since the Jays are getting stronger each year, but I’m going out there and saying I will get a bat this year.

    Last year was a wild year and so will this year be.

    BTW 1st comment!!


    Hey Zack, two quick questions: 1) Were you able to get some of the latest MLB rule changes (stricter scuffing the baseball rules, time between pitches, etc) into the book?

    2) Approx. how many advanced copies did your published send out to the likes of Maxim and Baseball Pilgrimages of the world?


    Hey Zack my neigbor just bought the book for me, I didn’t think it came out tomorrow. I can’t wait to read it except I have a 5 page essay on the Russian revolution in the way

  4. Zack

    I forgive you. But still, you should try to get a better version. Thanks for letting me know about the other blog…but if people want me to sign anything, why don’t they just contact me directly? I’m pretty easy to get a hold of.


    1) Anything in the baseball world that changed after the New Year unfortunately will not be in the (first printing of the) book. The Rangers, for example, JUST changed the name of their stadium in the last week or two, so in the book it still says Ameriquest. Stuff like that.

    2) I have no idea. At least a few dozen. Possibly even a few hundred.


    Wait, you mean you already got it?! Russian Revolution? No offense, but I’m glad I’m not you. Glad you enjoyed the preface (and that you even read it…I’m afraid lots of people will skip right to chapter one, but the preface should really be read first…it sets up the whole book and explains how to use the glossary).


    Wow, that’s a really funny excerpt about the mound visits. I think I’ll probably buy the book sometime soon, not sure when though. I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy it before I read that, but now that I’ve seen the style it’s written in, I think I will.


    I am willing to make the same offer as before to you Zack (or to anyone else) if you are still interested. (I know you (Zack) said you might consider it later in the season if tickets are hard to get.)

    I have 4 season tickets in Upper Reserve, and I just want to sell the games I can not attend for face value. Just e-mail me and we can work something out. I am not trying to rip anyone off, I am just trying to minimize my loss on the cost for Season Tickets.




    Well, I gues I’ll have to hand in my essay late, but at least I now know how tall Eddie Gaedel was

  8. Zack



    Thanks again, but yeah, I’m gonna hold off for now and just see how things go.


    Tell your teacher I say the late essay is okay.


    Way to go!


    One of your pictures is linked from an article. Page 2 uni watch, they talk about the Dodgers uniform changes, and your pic to Nomah from last year is linked. I recognized the url.

  10. Zack

    You’re welcome.


    For real? Do you have the uni watch URL? I’d love to see my work on the big site.


    The next 30 hours are going to be pretty busy. I’ll post a new entry soon and fill you in on what’s going on…

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