QUESTION: How do I know it’s almost time for a new baseball season?

ANSWER: The media has dissed me.

The latest diss is on page 37 of the April issue of Maxim, but who cares…at least they spelled the title of my book correctly. Or did they? Check it out.

Another thing to check out: is running its own March Madness tournament to find the best name in the Minor Leagues. Remaining candidates include Winter Polo, Ricky Bambino, Henry Henry, Bronson Kiheimahanaomauiakeo Sardinha, Jung Bong, Jorge Poo Tang, and more. My friend Benjamin Hill wrote a whole article about it with a link at the top where you can vote. Second-round voting ends today, and then it’ll be down to the Sweet 16.



    what the**** is Maxim? a third rate magazine catering to straight losers?…i bet they dont carry it at the Argosy :)


    Zack, don’t sweat it. A sh*tload of guys (2.5 million according to Wikipedia) read Maxim. If .001 (one tenth of 1 percent) buy your book, that’s 2500 books!


    well the good news is…noone who actually buys a maxim’s intent is to read anything out of it anyway (if you know what i mean)

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