New Shea construction

I went to Shea Stadium this afternoon for a peek at the new ballpark…


This was the first time I’d ever seen an accumulation of snow on a major league field.


The new ballpark–Citi Field–is scheduled to open in 2009.


Just six months ago, construction was still in the “site preparation” phase and had barely gotten started.


It was fun wandering around and pretty much having the place to myself.


That said, I’m ready for the madness…



    Yeah, I saw Shea from the plane as it was approaching LaGuardia Airport, and it was covered in snow. It looked so nice! I had never seen an MLB stadium covered in snow either.


    To mstadlen

    I believe NYC Laws prohibit an implosion like The Kingdom or The Vet.

    Shea i think will be taken down slowly piece by piece i think.

    I’m sure Zack probably knows the answer for sure more than me.



    Excellent photos! I didn’t know that the Mets were building a new stadium. How many fans will the new stadium hold?

  4. Zack

    I have no idea. Can’t be before the 2008 season is done, right?


    With all the flights I’ve taken, how come I’ve never seen Shea or Yankee covered in snow?

    SKY KID-

    You know more about this than me.


    Yes, and with all the money they make, they’ll be able to lower ticket prices at Citi Field. (Ha!)


    Thanks. Citi Field will hold about 45,000, which is way too small in my opinion.


    great pix thanks…i was wondering how things were coming along out there


    Great pics Zack. I can’t wait either.

    I was curious as to how they were going to sell all of the seats and other things. I just looked up how it was handled in St. Louis.

    The Cardinals sold more than 20,000 seats at $450 a pair! I bet the Mets will be even higher. I just have a bad feeling that Steiner Sports will have a big part in the sale of seats and other items, and they’ll be like $400-$500 for one seat.

    Zack, going to try to purchase 2 green seats from your favorite level, the mezzanine?


    You know, Yankee Stadium is also going away after the 2008 season. They’re probably going to rip off fans on seats and other items also! This will really show the true colors for each team, to see how they handle the liquidation of the seats and other items…….

  8. Zack

    Thanks and you’re welcome.


    Interesting. I had no idea the seats sold for that much money. Jeez.


    Sign up for ESPN fantasy baseball: the league is the N.L. knuckleheads drafting tonight at 9:15 eastern! I need 8 more to sign up!


    Zack…it’s cool seeing the Willets Pt.-Shea sign. Takes me back to the late ’60s. Me and my friend John would pan handle on the el platform at Woodside/61 St so we could make some money for tickets(we’d tell people we lived on the Island and didn’t have enough $ for train tickets to get home). We’d get enough to buy general admission seats WAY up. Those cost $1.25 back then. We’d get off at Willets Point and go see cleon jones, tommy agee, eddie kranepool, and if we got lucky, seaver was pitching. Gil Hodges would bring out the line-up cards and we were ready to go. PLAY BALL! I might have to think about getting back to Shea one more time, ride #7 and hop off at Willets Point. Question…what will $1.25 get me these days? -Dave


    Cool. I keep meaning to head over there and take pictures and check it out. I never did though, I’ll be there the 9th though. and Probably the 11th. and the 14th.

    I’m 99% sure they can’t demolish it explosion style in New York. Whic means parking will still be a nightmare in 2009 with Shea being in pieces. I was there when they started wrecking Busch with a wrecking ball. Wasn’t real exciting to see.

    So when do you think they’ll get around to changed it from the Willets Pt.-Shea stop to the Willets Pt.-Citifield stop. 2013?

  12. Zack

    I’ll probably be at Shea on the 11th (if the weather’s good). I wonder if the subway signs will get sold off with other Shea artifacts.

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