Gustavo Watch, Part 10

It’s not even Spring yet, and the Hample Jinx is already wreaking havoc.
You_are_jinxedLast season, you might recall, during batting practice at Yankee Stadium, a Blue Jays pitcher named Gustavo Chacin knocked a ball out of my glove as I was reeling it in with my glove trick. His actions were rude and intentional, not to mention completely unprovoked, so I unleashed the Jinx. Over the next two months, he suffered through two different injuries, pitched horribly in the minor leagues, returned to the majors with forgettable results, and failed to reach the post-season.

Well, the ball thief has once again fallen victim to the Jinx, this time in a much bigger way: yesterday, he was arrested for drunk driving.

Welcome to 2007, Gus.



    The curse will be broken soon enough and Gustavo will lead us to post season glory.


    So how exactly does the jinx go?
    Are you just like ” You have the Hample Jinx” or is there some secret method..?


    Z –

    Out of a sense of fairness, and eager to hear Chacin’s take on The Hample Curse, I phoned the pitcher and asked if he had anything he wanted to say to you.

    “Yesh there ish,” he said, “HIC!”

  4. Zack



    The jinx is so powerful that there’s no method needed. I simply decide who’s jinxed…and then they’re screwed.




    It’s too…”something.”


    Wow I never really belived the curse until now. But it doesnt surprise me that it was Gustavo he didnt seem like a nice guy when he signed autos and stuff. I wish I found out about this before I went to the game I owuldve asked someone about it lol. Anyways hopefully things get cleared up and he has a solid season.

    I also sent you an e mail which you haev prbably seen by now. But for everyone else who helped me and would like to know about my sprng training experience … the collecting part ******!


    0 balls

    Halladay Autograph (2X)

    Sergio Santos

    Adam Lind

    Jeff Cirillo

    2 games (twins vs cardsrecord attendance at the stadium)

    OTher game jays vs reds was rained out and cancelled.

  6. Zack

    Don’t worry. I think you’ve cemented your place on my good side, and anyway, I only use the Jinx on players.


    Do not doubt the Jinx. I did see your email. Sorry things didn’t go better for you. If you want to copy-n-paste your email here for everyone to see, feel free.


    Kk heres my spring training stories explained.

    I got tickets to the Twins vs Cards on Tuesday… the seats were decent 1st row and in the handicap seats because they were the only ones not sold out. (It was record attendance of like 8500) For the most part i watched the twins practice on their other fields there were liek 3 or 4 of them and each field they were working on something different (bunts flyballs covering 1st) it was cool to watch cause you got so close but no balls or autos. So when the stadium finally opened i had no luck. Cardinal fans were everywhere and no cards signed autos. I was lucky enough to get a Jeff Cirillo autograph just before the game. The game was decent no foul balls in my direction though the seats werent far enough down the line to get any of the foul ball grounder pulled down the line. Santana did pitch and the twins and cards did play most of their starters so that was nice. Snagging and collecting wise the game was a failure.

    After that though I wasnt to worried cause I knew I would have better luck at the jays vs reds game which I had been prepared for a long time. The day turned out to be a disaster. I got there an hour late (arrived at 12 and gates opened at 11) and it was pouring rain, the only day of the week it rained. So the game was origanlyy delayed and there wasnt a player in sight. However once it cleared up some players made an appearance. I got an auto from a no name jay I have no idea who it was… i think it was sergio santos , I got one from Adam Lind who is a reeeeeeeealy nice guy I think he knew a few people because after the game was canceled he was in the concourse talking with a few cinncy fans dressed in his street clothes. Before that though Halladay was scheduled to pitch so he warmed up and threw a bit and then signed so i got 2 halladay autographs… but after that the game was cancled and I was forced to leave :(

    I gotta get my game in shape befroe the season starts haha


    Oh and also I went to the Rawlings store in orlando and got a whole bunch of stuff. They had a whole like shelf of special balls like the 2005 world series ball, the inaugural busch stadium ball, 2004 all star game, the home run derby ball, the gold ball for the hume run derby and a bunch of crappy balls with a team logo on them) the world series ball was like $12.99 and the logo balls were like $3. I didnt get any though only the crappy team balls lol. It was cool though to see all the different balls from the past.

    People pay for them and you get them so easily lol


    This supervillain, commonly known as “the Machine”, is really a nice guy and you really should give him another chance… Who knows, maybe he will give you a years supply of cologne — if you promise to reverse the “Hample Curse.”

  10. Zack

    Thanks for sharing all those details, especially about the balls.


    This WAS another chance. Gustavo was also snotty in 2005. The only way the Jinx will be reversed is if he gives me a replacement ball and apologizes.



    Forget about a replacement ball, not going too happen, next time barter for a pair of his “Elvis” designer sunglasses!


    Okay, so I’m back from Spring Training. I had a great time collecting baseballs and visiting four different team complexes in South Florida.

    First of all, I’d like to mention that the Mets are using a whole crapload of 2006 All Star Game balls, and I was able to snag two of them, along with five 2005 All Star balls.

    In total, I got 16 balls in three games and 14 balls from Minor Leaguers at the Mets complex before and after the first game. Let me just run down all the balls by game.

    GAME 1 (Friday, Mets at Marlins, Jupiter FL)

    Ball #1 – Batting practice was rained out, so the first hour after the gates opened was a complete wash. But about ten minutes after it stopped raining, some Mets pitchers came out and started throwing in left field. I jogged over there and out of nowhere, without me asking, the Mets’ new AAA pitching coach Dave Brewer (#87) threw me a 2005 ASG ball.

    #2 – I wasn’t getting any bounces for the next half hour, but when that night’s starting pitcher Yusmeiro Petit finished his long-tossing, he threw me the ball. By the way, Marlins coach Pierre Arsenault totally snubbed me: he was the one warming up Petit and when they were done, I asked him nicely for the ball, by his first name, while wearing my Marlins hat and holding my glove up and he just ignored me. Luckily, Petit was nice and threw me the ball when he got it back.

    #3 – During the 7th inning, the outfielders were warming up and Lastings Milledge threw the ball from left field to the Mets bullpen in right, but the ball skipped away and I was there.

    GAME 2 (Saturday, Nationals at Mets, Port St. Lucie FL)

    #1 – During BP, Nationals reliever Mike Bascik threw me a ball he caught off the bat.

    #2 – Similar circumstances, but this time with Jon Rauch.

    #3 – Cup-trick in left field.

    #4 – Cup-trick again (2006 ASG ball – woo-hoo!)

    #5 – After Chan Ho Park warmed up in the bullpen, bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello threw me the ball. (What a nice guy – this is the third or fourth time he’s thrown me one.)

    #6 – After the game, I headed out to the berm (a grassy seating area in RF) to see if I could reel up a couple home run balls that had been hit during the game and had landed in a gap behind the outfield fence. The berm is a separate section, so I couldn’t get in, but I noticed that the ushers were picking up a bunch of balls back there, so I waited around and ask one of them if I could have one, and the guy walked right over to me and placed it in my glove.

    GAME 3 (Sunday, Mets at Cardinals, Jupiter FL)

    #1 – A foul ball that skipped off the warning track during BP.

    #2 – After Lino Urdaneta finished tossing in the outfield, I asked him for the ball and he tossed it nicely to me.

    #3 – Scott Schoeneweis picked up a ground ball down the left field line during BP and flipped it up into the stands. Naturally, I was there to catch it.

    #4 – Another foul ball skipped up off the warning track, initiating a scramble which I won. I really gashed up my arm diving for it, but it was worth it.

    #5 – As BP ended, the Mets walked back to their clubhouse behind left field. As they did this, I noticed that David Wright had a ball in his glove and persuaded him to throw it up. I made a nice leaning catch on his high throw. Another 2006 ASG ball. That was it for BP.

    #6 – After an inning-ending flyout to center field, Carlos Beltran threw me the ball at the dugout.

    #7 – When the game was over, I followed a couple of Mets pitchers down to the left field corner, where they did some running. I noticed that something was propping Jorge Vasquez’s glove open. So I waited around, hoping it was a ball, and sure enough, when they finished up, Vasquez tossed me the ball.

    So all in all, a great weekend. I didn’t reach my goal of 20 balls, but if there had been BP on Friday I would have almost definitely been able to do it. Sorry for the long-*** description.

  13. Zack

    I’ve never gotten a pair of sunglasses from a player. I’ll work on it.


    First of all, don’t apologize for the length of your post. That was FUN to read. Secondly, you’ve given me hope of getting a 2006 All-Star Game ball. Third, I’m impressed by your snagging skills. Fourth, I’m jealous that you went to Spring Training and I didn’t.


    Hey, this is for Greg…congratulations on your spring training snagging…I agree with Zack…it IS fun to read.It’s also got me itching to get to an April game at Miller Park to get my 1st ball of the season! can’t wait” -Dave


    Thank you both, and good luck getting a shiny new 2006 ASG ball early in the season, Zack.

  16. Brady

    ROFL Zack, this is classic.
    I’m unleashing my Holzhauer Jinx on Ozzie Guillen, for his rude comments about the Cardinals after the World Series.



    It’s not gonna be the same this year… My brother (Nick) can’t go with my dad and I to the Orioles or Nationals opening day :(. He has baseball games so I don’t think I’ll do so hot on snagging. Maybe I could steal some of his balls and add them to my nine(?) ball collection. One of which was from eating a hot dog and the ball fell right in my seat!!!

  18. Brady

    he said something like how did the cardinals win the world series? we beat them 20-6 during the regular season in one game, we swept them. how did they win, that is stupid…not exact quote but same meaning.

  19. Zack

    Never steal a man’s balls, even if that man is too young to vote and happens to be your brother.

    BRADY-******! Seriously? Jinx away, dude.


    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!! This guy better wake up and smell the Kharma! You know me Zack how I feel about this guy too and my nephew Jeison is not too far behind.

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