I’ve been on NPR a few times before, but today was the first time that I did an interview with them in their studio. I had to check in at a security desk in the lobby of a huge office building near Times npr.jpgSquare, then show this sticker to a guard at the entrance of a whole bank of elevators. I went to the 19th floor, headed through the big glass doors marked “NPR” and checked in with the receptionist. After a few minutes, I was led into the studio–a very small room, probably not more than 100 square feet–and I was the only one in it. The host of the show was in a studio in Washington, D.C. I put on the headphones, did a sound-check with the producer (who was “on the other side of the glass”), and the interview was soon underway. It was a bit nerve-wracking, talking about the book for the FIRST time. I kinda wish I’d had a chance to talk about it on some smaller radio stations first…you know, to get the hang of it and learn what sounds good and what doesn’t. Still, I think I did okay for the most part, and anyway, this was a taped piece, so if I said anything really dumb, it’ll get edited out. I think it’s going to air during the first week of April. Hopefully, I’ll get the details soon…



    Well that’s pretty cool. Hope it comes out well.

    So I’m leaving for Spring Training tommorow. I’m going to 3 games in 4 days, and I’m hoping to reel in about 20 balls. I think that’s a reasonable goal, since I should be able to hang out at the Cardinals’ facility in Jupiter and collect balls all day without a game. Should be fun. I’ll report on the details when I got back on Monday or Tuesday.


    hey being on NPR is about as impressive as it gets…especially having simon doing the interview. i don’t blame you for being a little jittery but he’s a real professional so i’m sure it went well. anyway, congrats and be sure to give a heads up on when it’s gonna be broadcast


    Hi Zack:

    Next time, you better call “Howard Stern” for some tips on how to handle a radio interview…

    It’s a good thing that you didn’t pass out from a lack of “oxygen” — the 19th floor is certainly a long way up! You may want to consider street interviews only.


    I definitely want details on when this airs. After a year of writing very little, you have me motivated again… so keep on doing things like this so I maintain my drive :-) [and nationally so I can participate!]

  5. Zack

    I’ll try. Leyritz sure does look a lot like me…or maybe I look like him. After all, he was here first. But then again, who started shaving first? Hmm.

    MIKE #1-

    Thanks for understanding. I will indeed give a heads up.

    MIKE #2-

    Howard? Never listened to him. 19th floor isn’t so bad. I lived on a 10th floor for 23 years.


    You’re allowed to take a break from writing. I mean, marriage is a pretty good excuse, no?

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