Book signing

I’m doing a book signing in Manhattan on March 28, and you’re invited. The actual invitation was printed as a postcard. Here’s the front:


And here’s the back:

swann_invitation2.jpgFeel free to tell other people about this. Just remember that everyone needs to RSVP.



    NO, problem Zack. Just send your private jet to pick me up and I’ll gladly be there for your book signing…

    All the best with your book signing. Please let us know if any MLB players stop by to purchase your new book.


    i’m actually gonna be in nyc to dj a party on the saturday before that…i think i’m scheduled to leave on that wednesday though…maybe i can change it.

  3. Zack

    Thanks so much. Who knows…I might end up making my way to the west coast in the near future…


    Will do. Just make sure you’re standing out on the runway in pink spandex. That way my pilot will be able to spot you. I doubt that MLB players will stop by, but sure, I’ll let you know.


    Work your magic.



    You know yur making it when u have to RSVP to a book signing.

    Anyway I am excited for baseball season to kick off, only 18 days 20 hours 47 minutes and 32 secs left.

  5. Zack

    Nah, it has nothing to do with MAKING IT. It’s just that this event is also a reception/party, and there’s going to be food, and the publisher would like to know (approximately) how many books to provide. And so on…


    Maybe you should have a little countdown until your book release, like has for opening day.


    Zack, how in God’s name do you get past the ushers at Shea??
    Everytime I tried to get down to the dugout last year they told me to leave, except for once when I was on crutches and pretended to be in terrible pain..

  8. Zack

    It can be really tough. Sometimes, it simply can’t be done. You just have to act confident, like you know where you’re going, or better yet, wait for them to leave the area to show other fans to their seats and then make your move.



    Exactly how long did it take to research and write your new book… I look forward to your reply, thanks.

  10. Zack

    It took about four years, on and off…but mostly on. I mean, there was a seven-month span when I didn’t even think about the book. That was during the 2005 season, but other than that, I’d been chipping away at it pretty consistently.


    I just emailed you.

  11. Zack

    None planned yet, but if/when there are others, I’ll mention them on the blog so keep checking in.

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