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Check out the latest review. It’s from last month’s issue of Library Journal.Library_journal


  1. Zack

    This particular blurb says “Apr. 2007” but as far as I know, the book is officially being released on March 27.

    Another oddity: The burb says “272p” but my final copies are only 254 pages.

    Oh well. Glad you’re looking forward.


    Zack, i’m planning a roadtrip with my friends this summer going to Citizens Bank Park, Oriole Park and RFK. How did you find the three stadiums, balls and autograph wise? Did you get tickets on the day of the game easily or did ou have to buy them ahead of time?
    Any info would be helpful



    I live in the Washington/Baltimore. It depends on who the Orioles are playing which will decide the difficulty of getting tickets. If they’re playing the Yankees, i suggest getting them really early. I’m not sure about the Nats. Usually their crowds aren’t very big.


    By the way Zack, I loved your old book. I’m sure this one will be just as good. Can’t wait for it to come out!

  5. Zack

    Sounds like a great trip. RFK is the worst for balls because (like Shea) there are no seats on the field level in fair territory. But it’s pretty easy to get down to the dugouts, and it’s very easy to get tickets on the day of the game. Camden Yards and Citizens Bank are both AWESOME for snagging. Read my entries about the games that I went there. You’ll see what I mean. And as for tickets, it’s not too tough. Like “db3par” said, it depends on the opponent, but neither place is likely to sell out. Weekends could also be crowded, so be careful.


    Thanks! I think the new book is actually much better.





    This blog is putting me to sleep…

    I’ve had more fun watching paint dry and peel.

    Please explain and ease my pain! I don’t understand the point of this particular blog entry…

  7. Zack

    The point is make you want to run right out and buy the book…except that the book isn’t coming out for another two weeks. D’oh!


    You got it.



    Listen up, when that book comes out, “I’m like a dirty shirt” and I’m buying that baseball bible… I’ll have that baby in my hands in two weeks — sweet!

  9. Zack

    I apologize for the delayed reply, but hey, thanks! It makes me happy to hear that you’re looking forward to checking out the book. Only two days ’til it comes out!

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