St. Louis, here I come…

Just booked my trip to St. Louis, including tickets to two games at the New Busch Stadium on May 22-23. Oh baby.St_louis_arch
Normally, I don’t buy tickets ahead of time, but I’m afraid these games will sell out. Normally, I wouldn’t even go to a game that might sell out, but I don’t want to wait years to visit Busch. Once I’m there, I will have been to EVERY major league ballpark (plus another 12 that no longer exist).



    every ballpark. I’m envious. I’ve only been to 10.5

    the .5 was that I was in St. Louis in November. For the demolition of the last stadium.

    Unless I get .5 for the old Busch and .5 for the new Busch? I actually have a pretty cool picture of part of it being demolished from the top of that silly arch.


    I’m just about finished reading all your back entries, and am going to post my questions here rather than emailing you.

    When you run back and forth in the Loge for different batters, why do you run into the concourses? Is this really faster then staying on the path in front of the seats? I notice you counted steps once, have you ever measured your stride length(measure out a fixed distance, count the steps it takes to walk it, divide) to figure out how far distance-wise you walk while runningback and forth?

    have you ever considered going to the bleachers for bp for the homeruns, and then entering the stadium after that?

    Why do you say Shea has the most boring batting practice? Is it just the lack of fair/homerun seats? (woo hoo, Citifield!)

    With both the Mets and Yankees likely to draw 4million fans each, you’re really going to have to **** it up and goto busy games aren’t you?

    Be thankful you don’t live on Long Island like me and have to deal with driving/parking at Shea. what a mess.

  3. Zack

    Excellent questions.

    It would be much faster to simply run through the main aisle, but I take the extra time to use the concourse so I won’t block anyone’s view. There’s no reason why ANYONE should walk through the seats if they’re going more than one or two sections.

    I never measured my stride length, but I would be interested to know how much I move each game. It’s gotta be several miles.

    I wish I could hang out in the bleachers during BP, but that section is only open to groups. In addition, there’s no access between the bleachers and the rest of the stadium, which I think is lame.

    Boring. Yes. You nailed it. I hate having to beg players for balls for 100 minutes and MAYBE, if I’m lucky, have a chance to catch one or two balls that are hit. CitiField will be much better if/when the crowds ever die down. This season, I will have to deal with big crowds, yes. Not really looking forward to that, but at least I’ll be able to blend in better and not get hassled so much.

    I’m very thankful to live in NYC. Believe me.

    10.5 ballparks is still about 8 or 9 more than most people have been to.


    I know how you can find out how many total miles you walk. Get a step counter. There’s some in the bottom of some cereal box.


    Camden is a great stadium to get balls at. Almost the whole park is a potential place where a ball could be during BP/game. The only hard places to get a ball would be above the scoreboard and in direct center field because there are no seats there! And your glove trick would work beautifully there because there is a pathway behind the right field fence and when a ball goes down there, it’s gone forever (unless you use your super awesome glove trick).

  6. Zack

    Do those step-counters really work? I mean, are they accurate? You’re right about Camden. It’s one of my favorite places to snag.


    Hey everyone

    As I already told Zack, I have Mets Upper Reserve Season Tickets (right behind home plate) for this season. I can not go to all 81 games, and I am looking to sell the games I can not attend. If anyone is interested in buying these great seats at face value (with no stupid fees), then send me an e-mail and maybe we can work something out. Tickets for this season will be hard to buy as the Mets are getting VERY popular…

  8. James T.

    I had a $5 step counter I bought at walmart. I don’t know how accurate it was but they have them that run like a GPS and are pretty accurate as far as distance goes. Though they’re probably a little out of the price range for pure curiosity.


    I think those things are pretty accurate. Just don’t tap your or shake it when you’re not moving because it will count as a step. My friend had one in school and it was pretty cool.


    They are accurate. I’m a little obsessive so counted with it one day, and it is really really accurate. If you are jumping steps and such it might influence it, but I doubt by much. Also, if you get a little higher quality, you can measure your stride and enter that info so that it tells you your mileage for the day as well. (I only wish I had this when I actually lived in NYC and walked more as opposed to driving everywhere.)

  11. Zack

    MR. MET-
    Good luck unloading some of those tickets.


    When I was your age, I think I’d only been to a couple ballparks. You got time…


    Yes, it’s the whole Necessity vs. Curiosity factor.


    How far did your friend walk in school?


    I’m afraid that even if I were to buy a fancy one, it wouldn’t give an accurate reading because even when I’m staying in one spot (like, in the runway where I’m not blocking anyone’s view), I’m constantly shuffling my feat to dodge the vendors and fans and ushers. Yay for obsessive people!


    Hey Zack,
    I’ve recently started collecting balls. I’m kind of getting a knack for it, not like you but doing alright. I was wondering if you had any tips for Spring Training games? it’s a little different because there are often times no seats in the outfield… any tips? I’ll be at City of Palms park, the Red Sox complex. If you have some hints to give me, I absolutely promise to never show up at Shea and shag balls, you can have my word.



    congrats…i’m sure it will be a really fun trip…so who are you seeing the cardinals that historic weekend?

  14. Nick

    Hey Zack, db3par is my little brother, he’s 13. He picked up snagging from me last year and actually “beat” me at a couple of games… your hobby is very addicting.

    What’s the release date on the book again?

  15. Zack

    Welcome to the wonderful world of snagging. A bunch of people have been asking me about Spring Training, and all I can say is that I haven’t been there since 1995. I don’t know much about the snagging scene there, but if you comb through the comments of my most recent entries, you’ll see some tips from other people, especially this one guy named Dave whose email address is something like “hitmesammy.”


    Thanks. I’m pretty sure too. The games I’m seeing are on a Tuesday/Wednesday, and they’re against the Pirates.


    Ahh, I was wondering who that was. Don’t let him beat you too many more times or he’ll probably start talking trash (if he’s not already). Release date = March 27.


    Hey Zack (and anyone else), if you want to buy mets presale tickets, the password is FLASH


    Hey Zack

    Any intrest yet in your new business thing? The snagging lesson stuff? Im leaving for Florida Saturday so gotta ask everyone for last minute tips haha. Who are the good guys for balls and autos from the reds? I already have a prety good idea about the jays. It ***** cause I bought tix along the first base side assuming thats where the jays dugout would be (thats how it is at rogers centre visitors on 1B side) but later found out that iw as along the reds dugout which ***** but w.e.

    Once again any help is good help.


    Zack, on your website in the photos section- 1996 taking a lead of third base, were you playing in Uniondale, I think I recognize the buildings in the background


    I finally got an account on my gmail. I find it hilarious that you’re whoring yourself out. No offense, but the FAQ section of your website sounds ridiculously sketchy. And I quote: “I can even pick up your kid after school and bring him/her home after the game, at no extra cost. Anything’s possible” ” Sure, house calls are always a possibility.”

  20. Zack



    That stinks about your seat location. Sorry. As I’ve been saying, I know very little about Spring Training, so I’ll leave it up to others to help you out. I haven’t heard from too many people yet about my new business, but I suspect that’ll change once the book is out. One person, however, has contacted me with a potential offer to attend this year’s All-Star Game and Home Run Derby in San Francisco. Still working out the details…


    I don’t remember for sure. It was somewhere in Queens or Long Island, I think.


    Sorry you feel that way. The way I see it, I’m just exploring a potential business opportunity. It might fail. It might catch on. I have no idea, but it seems like it’s worth a try.


    I think it’s actually a pretty good idea, its just that the FAQ may rub some people the wrong way. Would you charge your dad to go with you to a game?


    That’s awesome that you might get to goto the All-Star game. I had such a fun time last year that I’m bummed the Giants don’t seem to be offering anyone but Giant ticket plan owners a shot.

    Whateverthehellthenameofthatparkis seems like a pretty decent place to get homeruns. At least for righties.

  23. Zack

    It really is awesome. I’m psyched just THINKING about, but it’s still only 50/50 at this point. If this plan works out, I’ll be sitting in right-center, about 410 feet from home plate in the front row. Amazing spot, but my snagging would pretty much be limited to lefties.


    You wouldn’t count these balls snagged at the HR Derby/All Star Game as official balls, would you?

  25. Zack

    I tweaked my FAQ section. I think you were right and took out a couple things.


    Ooh, St. Louis! That stadium looks sooooo nice! Good choice, going to games against the Pirates.

    So are you going to go up the Arch? It’s really cool. You could take some great pics of the stadium.

  27. Zack

    Not sure if I’ll make it to the arch. I’ll only be in town for a couple days, and my schedule is going to be TIGHT. I suppose I could make it there early in the afternoon on May 23, but I’ll probably be exhausted and/or busy blogging about the previous night’s game. To be determined…

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