Mystery autograph

I just received the following email and photo from a woman in Canada:

“My dad just gave this ball to my son (his name is Zak also) and he doesn’t remember who signed it. It was also given to him by a friend… Can you help? I’m assuming that the ball comes from a Montreal (Quebec) game.”


I’m stumped. Does anyone have an idea who signed this?




    I got a hot tip from my good friend “Harry Callahan”! He says the ball is signed by either the “Big Cat” Andres Galarraga who played for the Expos or “The Hawk” Andre Dawson who also played in Montreal…

  2. Jason

    I have Andre Dawson’s autograph and it doesn’t look anything like that, so maybe’s it’s Galarraga? Unless of course he changed up his signature.



    the top word looks kinda like Sanche.. The bottom right word kinda looks like Joel

  4. Zack

    I’m thinking the first word begins with an A. Doesn’t it look like it’s crossed? I don’t think an S would have that horizontal line.



    Try looking up ballplayers with two words in their last name (Like “Van Helsing”). That last name is either two words, or the big letter in the middle is an “f.” Looks like “Barfield” or something.


    I’ve got to say, that is one of the most disgusting looking autographs I’ve ever seen

  7. Zack

    Or Billy Jo Robidoux?


    I’ve seen much worse. At least we have an idea of what a few of the letters might be.


    It does look like Barfield…but the first name doesn’t look like Jesse.


    The more I look at it, the more I think:

    1st line – Andrew

    2nd line- From Joel.

    Looks like whoever wrote it was used to making “Joel” look nice, maybe he wrote it often, would make sense if it was his name.

    Birthday present of a baseball from one kid to another, perhaps?

    By the way, I’m not a handwriting expert.


    Hmm looks like a no namer

    I’d guess some random guy. How about…

    Josh Labandeira


    i just looked up a andres gallaraga autograph and it doesn’t look the same. not saying that you don’t know what your talking about, it just doesn’t look similar. i looked this up on google images in case anyone is curious.

  12. Zack

    I’m even having second thoughts about “Barfield.” It really does look like two sepaarate words.


    It does kinda look like that, but I can’t imagine anyone would only sign their first name.


    Where do you see “Labandeira”?

    RED SOX-

    Good thinking. And now we’re back to square one…


    I’ve been looking at Images of the cursive alphabet, and I still think that first letter is an S. it’s the only one that seems to make sense.

    I’m pretty positive that the bottom is all one name, and that the pen stopped writing for a sec. It looks like it ends with Jol. that big letter can only be a j with that loop at the bottom followed by a sloppy o and l. He then moves the pen back to ‘dot’ the j, and then underlines his name.

    unfortunately, I looked at the 2004 expo roster and see nothing that fits.


    Is there a time frame on this? Ask her what season and we’ll figure it out.


    A kid wouldn’t sign their surname on a present to a school friend, surely?

    Not saying it’s a sure thing, but I think it’s a real possibility. Can we find out the name of Zak’s dad? This would confirm/reject the Andrew – From Joel theory.

  16. Zack

    Hmm, maybe it’s Albert Pujol?


    Just heard back from her, and she thinks it was signed “more than 15 yrs ago.”


    I’m with you.


    It wouldn’t be Zak’s dad, right? It would be his grandfather’s friend. Oh my goodness.

  17. Zack

    More info from the woman in Canada:

    “my dad (zak’s grandfather) name is Roger and the man that gave it to him is Jacques Demers… no Joel…”


    And wasn’t he also illiterate, that may explain why the signature so bad

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