Contact cards

Last season, so many people recognized me at games and asked if I have a web site that I finally printed little slips of paper with the URL. The slips were ugly and unprofessional, so I’ve upgraded to contact cards:


Nothing fancy, but hopefully they’ll still do the job.



    First comment, I guess. Good on the cards. It’s snowing like crazy here in Toronto. Sleet this evening to rain overninght. Yikes!

  2. Nick

    Well then they would be worth something, can’t be giving out money.

    We are about to have a bestseller on our hands…


    hey zack

    everyones best friiend Gustavo Chacin is starting tommorow against the sox :) Im prety excited to see how he does because the 3 4 5 spots in t.o are up for grabs. (Gus basically has the 3rd spot though)

    Oh annd are you big on fantasy baseball? I was thinking of making a league for everyone who posts here.

  4. Zack

    Congrats for making it to the top, and thanks. It’s supposed to rain like crazy in New York City tonight. There’s a flood watch and everything. Luckily, I live on the 4th floor.


    Good point, there certainly IS space for me to sign the cards between my title and URL. Hmm…


    Yes, my autograph would double the value. Instead of being worth three cents apiece…


    Gustavo is going to have another terrible year. I hope he stays healthy so he can become the first 30-game loser in the modern era. As for fantasy baseball, allow me to quote my own FAQ section:

    Do you play fantasy baseball?

    Never! First of all, I don’t have enough time, and secondly, I don’t want an abstract game to dictate who I should root for in real life. That’s not meant as a dis. I’m just saying it’s not my thing.

    So yeah, there you have it, though I appreciate the invitation. It’s a great idea. Maybe you can get some other people here to join you.


    Gustavo Chacin beat my sox too all I have to say is that wont happen in the REGULAR SEASON:)


    Dude you’ve gotta put some colour in that card.

    Anyway in ST all teams play without half of their teams.

    No Glaus or Thomas last game for the Jays and Halladay is one of the best pitchers in the league, and he will go like 6-0 with a 2.43 ERA vs the Sox this year. Mark my words.


    re the card…
    “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

    Da Vinci


    It’s a little simple… I think that it should read baseball collector and writer instead of the other way around. Knowing you, you gave careful thought to the wording :-)

  9. Zack

    I don’t know what “colour” is. I only know what “color” is. Anyway, it wasn’t cheap to make the cards, and if I had added color or images or graphics, it would’ve been more.




    Yes, I thought of various titles and phrases to put under my name (including “deeply serious geek”) and ultimately chose this one for its directness and simplicity. Right now, because of the new book, I think the fact that I write is more important than the fact that I collect balls…and yet, by putting “baseball collector” alongside “writer,” it gives nearly equal weight to my collecting. That was my logic. I’m not a graphic designer. I never studied business or marketing. I just did what felt right. The most important thing is being able to hand something to someone that will enable them to find my site, and I think I did it. And by the way, I made 1,000 of these cards, so they’re not changing anytime soon.



    I figured as much with the book. I guess you really are banking on this new(or refound) celebrity thing. 1000!!!

  11. Zack

    20 games this year? 50 cards per game?
    40 games? 25 cards per game?

    It’s not really THAT many if you think of it like that, right?


    Zack, you should number the business cards (#1-#1,000), that would be interesting (but way too time consuming).

    Are you planning on selling your book on your website also, or only on Amazon?

    Have you worked out any book signings yet? (Setting up a tent outside Shea on Opening Day would be cool, if the Mets allowed it)

  13. Zack

    It would be interesting to see which numbers end up where, but yes, a bit too time consuming, I’m afraid.

    I’m not selling my book on my site…just giving people more info about it. In addition to Amazon, it’ll also be available on the Random House site and in stores.

    There’s already a signing/reception planned for the evening of March 28 in Manhattan, and when the details are finalized, I’ll share the info here. (Everyone’s invited.) Beyond that, nothing’s definite. I like the Opening Day idea, but I doubt the Mets would allow it. There are all kinds of licensing issues which prevent people from just showing up and selling stuff.


    Don’t you think it’s badluck to note you’re 3000th ball already in your bio?


    Hi Zack,

    I have unfortunate news. I don’t know if you the blog of the “ultimate baseball collector” at, but he is a bit of a copycat. Actually, “bit” doesn’t do justice to how much this person is trying to be “you.” First, check out his baseball “business” card, posted a day after yours. I can’t help but to see some resemblane.


    Don’t worry I single handedly might have solved the problem of the copycat with my glorious post.


    Stop copying the baseball collector u F_U-C_K_ing Idiot!

  17. Zack

    I’m glad you’re getting some responses about fantasy baseball.


    I recently discovered that blog, but I hadn’t seen the kid’s business card until you pointed it out. While it’s frustrating to see him stealing my ideas, I suppose it’s a compliment that he likes what I do and wants to do it, too.


    I very much appreciate your support, but in the future, please avoid using “offensive” language. Even if you can cleverly slip things past the filtering system on MLBlogs, people might still get offended. MLBlogs is actually experiencing some technical difficulties right now or else I would’ve deleted those four capital letters.


    Not trying to start any “name calling” last time, but looking at the blog, might this be Jaysfan?? First of all he’s wearing a Jays jersey and it’s just a kid, and people thought Jaysfan was a kid…….
    Again not trying to start any arguments just throwing it out there


    I dunno cause some Jaysfan guy posts on his site. Anyway that kid is trying to threaten me or soemthing…

    Check out this email he sent me.

    ‘I have reported your site to the proper authorities.’



    wait…Jimmyjoejoe, what site? This site? If the “proper authorities” are not like his father or some other biased person, then there is no way he can threaten you. Firstly, your business card was posted 1 day before his…it says the date of when it was posted. I don’t know but to me that is a huge red flag that this guy is trying to “be” you, even though he’s not actually “being you”…I mean, he’s not claiming that he’s Zack Hample.

    Anyway, you’re right, you should be flattered. He wouldn’t try to be you if he wasn’t jealous.

  21. Zack

    Interesting theory. I wouldn’t be surprised.


    I’d suggest ignoring him. In general, copycats want attention, so don’t give him what he wants.


    No one’s threatening me. I think this whole thing is being blown out of proportion. If this other guy were actually claiming to be me, then we’d have a serious problem. But to me, it just seems like some kid is trying to have some fun on his blog, and unfortunately, he lacks the creativity to come up with his own material. I think we should forget the whole thing and move on.


    I was just about to write what you just did……
    “Great minds think alike”


    We read articles in the newspaper every day that are almost identical to those written by other reporters…



    Everyone has a mentor and a role model…

    Keep up the excellent work on your blog!

  25. Dewayne prewitt

    I have some old baseball cards I needs too sell I would like u too look at them and let me know if they are worth anything if u can’t can u point me in a direction so I can sell them

  26. Zack Hample

    I haven’t collected cards since 1995, so I’m *completely* removed from that whole world. I’d just suggest getting a price guide and selling them on eBay or at a card show, but I’m really not sure. Sorry.

  27. Rachel

    Hi, my name is Rachel and I was at Comerica Park on May 17, 2016 and you gave me and my friend a baseball but at the time I didn’t know who you were. I was wondering when you will be at Comerica Park again because it would be fun to meet up with you and get a picture. I hope you reply.⚾️

  28. Zack Hample

    Hey, what’s up! Thanks for tracking me down. It would be nice to meet again, but right now I don’t have any plans to be back there. I’m not sure if I’ll make it back there this season.

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