Book Update #4

It’s been a couple months since my last book update. The latest news is that I received final copies of the book today. (It’s not officially coming out until March 27). Here’s the front cover. Can anyone spot the difference from the previous version?

And here’s the back. Do you notice what’s different about this?


I started my research for this book in 2001. It’s hard to believe that I can now hold the final product.



    Man $17.95 Canadian for a book. ARE YOU INSANE! HAHA im just kidding but reading the back of the book it really seems interesting. I will probably order one ;). But it is nearly 20 bucks for one of these things. Better have a few hundred pages.

  2. Zack

    It’s 254 pages. How’s that? (If we convert it using the current exchange rate, it’ll be over 400 Canadian pages.)


    i love a good trivia question…not that your book is trivial :)
    i’m guessing the difference on the back cover is the bit about ipods…i’m still pondering the front cover



    The difference on the front cover is that on the previous front cover it says that Keith Hernandez was the author of pure baseball: pitch by pitch for the advanced fan……..

  5. Zack

    The factoid about the iPods has been there for a while. Keep guessing. (If you poke around on my site, you might still find the old version of the back cover. I’ll be updating some things this evening, so it won’t be there long.) The Keith part is different. Good call.


    You nailed it.


    Hmm book semms pretty sik, might get it, might just be cheap and read it in the store.

    Well since baseball is in the air, I figured out I might as well put out some goals out there for me.

    #1- Get at elast 25 balls this year and beat my 24 from last year.

    #2- Get a lot more autos. I just got Ted Lilly, John McDonald, Livan Hernandez, Kevin Kouzmanouff, Gustavo Chacin, Shawn Marcum, Scott Downs, Pete Walker, BJ Ryan.

    #3- Get on TV again.

    Also I was thinking of a new stat, since the competition factor has a flaw since not everyone attending the game, attends BP. So how about balls per minute, to see how really good you are.

    Ex. 5 balls in 45 minutes = 1 ball per 9 minutes.

    Give it a try.


    HOLY ****! I just had the best game of Cubefield of my life! My new high score is 1,756,890! I don’t know why I’m still playing this game, but I can’t help it. I saved a screenshot, and I can e-mail it to you if you want. But now I’m working on getting it on the high score list. Woo-hoo!


    Hey Zack, how long did it take the website to verify your screenshot for the high score list?

  9. Zack

    Just kidding. You’re not under any obligation to buy it. 25 balls seems like a reasonable goal. But getting on TV? That’s not as predictable. I like the balls-per-minute stat. I sometimes keep track just for fun. But how would it work over the course of a day? Is it strictly a stat for BP? Either way, you have to admit that it’s also flawed because all stadiums are not created equally. Some are much tougher than others for snagging.


    Oh my god. You beat me?! If you submit a screen shot, it should appear almost instantly.


    Hey I can easily get on TV, I did last year with my giant Os for Overbay and even had the Jays play by play guy Jamie Campbell talk about me having it around my neck.

    Using the same thing I think he can spot me during a game again cause of the fluorescent Os and BAM I’ll be on tv agian.


    The difference on the back is the blurb(i think thats wat it’s called) idk wat words were changed but it seems different
    My goal 4 the year: linup cards, and a foul bal

  12. Zack

    That’s a reasonable goal, and I wish you well.


    Ahh, yes, the Overbay trick.


    The blurb. Yes indeed.


    We should see if B&N or Amazon would be interested in featuring new baseball books on their website homepage in time for baseball season. I know a few good ones that they could start with…

  14. Zack

    Not a bad idea there, Mister. But wait, let me see if I can think of the other book(s) you’re talking about…

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