Ball meets girl

Bonds’ 724th escaped its cube…


BTW, my Superbowl prediction is that I won’t be watching it.



    Your making a big mistake by not watching the SUPER Bowl…

    My pick is the Colts all the way and a ring for Peyton Manning!

    A new tattoo of the Indianapolis Colts and a baseball for your girlfriend may convince her to let you watch the game…



    Better yet, let her keep the BONDS Ball and she will love you 4 the rest of your life!


    No,the bears are going to win it:)Okay I really hate MANNING AND ADAM VINATERI! and the rest of the colts for that matter,what patriots fan likes the colts anyway?! I got fifty bucks on the bears with my boyfriend do the bears better win!!!!!!


    Re: PMAN

    The Colts are on a mission this year to win the Super Bowl and will not take any prisoners with them…

    Too many distractions and the death of Tony Dungy’s son last year did not help the cause…

    How, can you NOT root for “Peyton Manning” after “Ben Stiller” the actor gave an academy award performance of Peyton on “MNF” calling his plays for the Colts…

    His impersonation, was simply awesome, baby!


    I thought this was a baseball blog.

    Anyway by being a Favre and Packer fan I don’t no who to go for. I hate the bears with a passion and I can’t stand Manning because he is trying to be the best qb in the league so eventually my hate for Manning and him never winning a ring is stronger than that of the Bears. So GO BEARS GO

    My prediction 31-27 Bears


    NEXT topic, since becoming Cleveland’s full-time DH in 2004, the Indians’ Travis Hafner has put the pedal to the metal & made a name for himself as one of the games’s top three power hitters…

    His nickname Pronk, was given to him by teammate Bill Selby when he yelled, “Hey, Project. What’s up, you big donkey?” Hafner responded: “You can’t call me both!” So Selby fused the two handles, (Project/Donkey) hence the nickname “Pronk”. Everyone calls him Pronk and he loves every minute of it, in fact says his mother, “I prefer the Pronkinator”… YES, “Arnold S” now has some serious competition… The Pronkster tips the scales at as a svelte slugger who is listed at 6′ 3″ and 240 pounds…

    Move over Big Papi, there’s a new kid on the block and his name is Pronk!

  7. Zack

    First of all, she’s not my girlfriend. Second, whether or not I watch ANY game will never have anything to do with permission. Third, I’m not interested in football. Fourth, thanks for the Pronk story.


    Fifty bucks is more than I’ve ever bet on anything (I wasn’t sure about).


    Thanks, but she’s not the Scrabble type. :-(


    What’s baseball?


    Here I come…


    a quote from the times:

    It’s hard to look forward to a baseball season in which Barry Bonds has a job and Bernie Williams doesn’t.

    i agree



    yeah i know, i know…but the yankees without bernie?!?! it seems inconceivable. even you yankee haters out there gotta admit the guy had a ton of class
    happy sunday everyone


  10. Thomas

    **** Zack, I didn’t know you were that skinny! Kidding!

    I’m probably not watching the Super Bowl either.. wait.. are we allowed to say Super Bowl on here? Or should we just say the Super Game? =)

    -Stros Bro


    Listen, there’s a big difference between 007 and a weekend at Bernie’s…

    Barry will be raking in million$ for the Giants (ownership) in his quest for thy holy grail!

    Meanwhile, Bernie will be fading into the sunset as one of the class acts to ever play for the Yankees…

    Uncle George is thinking with his head and not with his heart but it’s the right decision… He has to think about the future and a competitive team for the fans when they move across the street into their new crib…

    They don’t call Uncle George the “Boss” for nothing…

    I rest my case!


    Hey Zack:

    I didn’t know you were dating that Swedish Super model “Svetlana”…

    She’s a knock-out!

    I finally put my reading glasses on and noticed her trademark snake tattoo and the “Barry Bonds” desinger belt she is wearing…

    Where can I purchase one of those belts?


    What’s baseball?

    U said whats baseball before kinda slipped on that one “Baseball collector”

  14. Zack

    As a semi-Yankee hater, yes…Bernie is one of the few guys on the team that I never root against, along with Jeter, A-Rod (who should never be booed, except by jealous goons), and Mariano.


    Cute. I did happen to see the opening kickoff. Good stuff.


    Good point about head vs. heart. Not quite Svetlana, but still…


    Always pay close attention.


    Zack a Doodle Doo:

    What’s on tap for the next blog?

    Are you still in morning over the loss of “Da Bears” …

  16. Zack

    MIKE “Raiders of the” LOS “Arc”—
    The next entry might contain the review about my book. I still haven’t seen it, tho. The Bears? Erm, no.


    Wow. Nice one.



    Nice reply…

    I love it!

    Your really getting sharp with your blog comments, “ouch”, you must have eaten razor blades for breakfast!

  18. Zack

    Razor blades with a side of wasabi.


    I should be receiving a copy of the review any minute/hour/day, and when I do, I’ll post it in a new entry…


    Check this out Zack- the coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada is a place called Snag, in the Yukon Territory. Pretty cool, eh?

  20. Zack

    Possibly within an hour or two. It’s really messed up, and I’m waiting for a certain techie friend to call and talk me through the new setup.


    For real?! I love it.



    You should have called “Nerds” on site to fix your computer… It’s never too late…

    Q: What did Derek Jeter say when he got all his teeth pulled out?

    A: Maybe I should play for the New York Yankers!

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